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Some Aliens FPS Info

Gamespot have given a few details away about the forthcoming Aliens FPS, developed by Gearbox:

“Development for the project is apparently well under way. “We’re working really hard on that right now,” said Pitchford… The executive also revealed some tidbits about the plot of the Aliens game, which is due on “next-gen platforms” in 2009. “Our game’s about becoming a Colonial Marine, and looking at it from the Colonial Marines’ perspective,” explained Pitchford. The Colonial Marines battled the acid-blooded xenomorphs in Aliens, and were a template for the troopers who fight alongside the Master Chief in the Halo games.”

The executive also mentions that some people from Gearbox have shared things with developers from Obsidian, who are making the Aliens RPG game. But the games are going in completely different directions. Thanks to MetroidMatt87 for the news.

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  1. Future alien 5 creator
    The hive fight would be awsome for next-gen consoles as they could make it brill, the queen showdown would be one of the greatest boss battles and the vent sequence would be terryfiying! I hope they manage to pull off an aswome game so more alien games can be released (nop ressurection or alien 3!)
  2. Cellien
    @MetroidMatt:  Don't expect it on the Wii.. at least the same version that will be on 360/PS3 as the Wii hardware is waaaaay to outdated.  I'm a big N supporter aswell, but they lost me with the Wii    :-\    Now a 360 gamer..     8)  
  3. Spoon
    2009!  next gen consoles!?   They wont be next gen at all in 2009.   Really hope its coming out on pc and using havok or at least unreal 3 engine.
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