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Alien vs. Predator 2: No Peace On Earth

Jesus, just when you think things can’t get any worse, they do. Comic-Con have got the title of AvP2 down as: Alien vs. Predator 2: No Peace On Earth.

Alien vs. Predator 2: No Peace On Earth, American Gangster, Babylon AD, Balls of Fury, Beowulf, The Bourne Ultimatum, Coraline, Fred Claus, Get Smart, The Golden Compass, Hellboy 2: The Golden Army, I Am Legend, The Incredible Hulk, Indiana Jones 4, Invasion, Iron Man…

It’s arguably worse than the Survival of the Fittest tagline. I’m sure the directors will be quick to deny it if it isn’t true but Comic-Con must have got it from somewhere. It could be a Christmas-style tagline too I guess like “Whoever Wins… We Lose…” for AvP. Thanks to AB2K for the news.

EDIT: Colin Strause has since confirmed that it is in fact the tagline, not the title: “That’s not the name of the movie. Someone must of heard the tag line, and stuck it with the old name. “

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  1. SublimeDBC
    I wrote a script for AvP2 (before and proboly while this movie was being made) and am learning to become a director as of now..possibly in the future I can make a AvP film. The movie, well my script and work. Deals with the movie with no dialogue, some people think this is horrible. But AvP is ALIEN VERSUS PREDATOR, this by all means does not need to include human beings (though it always has through not only these movies but other sci-fi/horror movies). It takes place before humans, back in the Mesozioc Era when dinosaurs were still around. There are some pretty epic battles in it. Anyway to see some of my script just comment back.
  2. Danger Close
    The new Tag line is a little cheezy, but it is Christmas. I don't think it is Badass enough for the movie. But it could work, let's just wait to see where it goes. This movie will be great, I have faith.
    From all the information I have found on this movie, I am pleased with the way the Brothers have went about informing everyone. No need to rush things. I like that they are going back to an orchestra for the score of the movie. I believe they are taking this movie in the right direction. You don't need a big budget to have a great movie. Even with special effects. Look at the first Matrix movie. 63,000,000 budget. Fox knows that this series could be great, but with their mistake of hiring Anderson to direct the first, they put one foot in the grave. The Brothers shouldn't have any problem with digging that foot out of the grave and running far away from it. The tombstone will read: Here lies Paul W. S. Anderson, the man who almost killed off Aliens AND Predators. Don't assume this move will be like this first. There is only 1 Paul W.S. Anderson and he has dug his grave : )
    Myself, I don't much look into the tag line. The true fans of either series will only be looking forward to seeing an action packed, high volume of violence, bash your face in movie with Aliens and Predators. Everyone know the 1st AVP was lacking in many ways, but I still watch it to this day, just because I love them both. It was to long since we had last saw them on the big screen. It was nice to see them in action again. Though, there could have been much more action. I also dig for information like DARKNESS, though I am sure I don't have sources like he does. Think about it this way. With how bad everyone put down the first film, how can this one be worse? When your reach the bottom there is only one way to go.
  5. ILovJesus
    Avp2: Interspecies, dis should be da title 4 avp2 :) its cool n it has da word species xD but u guys know dat aliens r guna win dis right?!
  6. Yutaniditch
    Darkness,  I have read most of your posts and you don't misspeak...You just don't... Everytime you say something, it is wise, coherent and worthwhile... So most of us, including Pvt. Hicks, know you already...  I am one of those people who comes here to have the latest news about the movie and it saddens me that you are filtering what we should or shouldn't know...  Like I said, if you are taking these extreme measures (all collaborators in the know bound to secrecy), then it is not just small potatoes, is it...?   I speak for myself when I say that it is not gonna be good for any of us if there is something bad about the movie and you are siding with the studio on it... I mean, if it is something you are SURE we won't like, we will know it sooner or later (my money on 'sooner') and in the worst case scenario, your secret will make people start to think twice before going to see it...   This secrecy is not gonna help the movie at all, and your resilience in telling what you know actually is worrying many of us, probably for nothing...!  We are big boys, Darkness, I'm sure we can all take it...!     ;)     ???     :-\  
  7. ILovJesus
    Low budget?  yea kinda sad, but i mean look, at least they r usin like earth enviorments, not lik u know space, which might cost alot! So i think its fine, da movie is guna be like 145 mins!
  8. Darkness
    IRT: #79It really isn\'t a big deal. Was just about my concerns over the budget and I don\'t think I\'ll get over that until the teaser comes out and we\'ll all see what it\'s like.
  9. Danger Close
    Good answer! I don't quite know where I stand on That. I respect what you are doing, but you yourself are annoyed at the secrecy surrounding AVP2, so imagine how we feel, there are now 2 filters of info, what FOX releases and what you decide to tell us. The bottom line is that if the moderators of this site are withholding info out of repect for the filmmakers... then I support them on that.
  10. Darkness
    Please, forget I said anything. I feel really bad about what I said in this article. I was just annoyed at things. At the secrecy that surrounds AvP2 and Fox\'s motives. It\'s pretty obvious that we know more about AvP2 than most people. We do the research. It wouldn\'t be respectful to the directors if I told you anything and everything I find out.
  11. Danger Close
    I respect the moderators of thei site alot... that being said, I would like to know the bad news. I know that fans can get carried away, but some of us who are fans want to keep a solid reputation on these forums. I would like to know the bad news and have a responsible discussion about it. The bros. may be interested to hear what we have to say and it may influence somthing in the final product. Set up some ground rules and have some faith in us.
  12. Yutaniditch
    Well, regarding the tease from Darkness, if all the moderators are keeping alid on it, and we assume from Darkness words it is NOT GOOD, we have to fear the worse here, guys... For Darkness and co. to negate us info, it must be REALLY BAD... if it was only ARGUABLY bad, he would tell us; if it was MILDY bad, he would also...I am relatively new here, but how many times has Darkness negated info for so long (two days) and actually instituted a 'tightlip policy' involving his closest collaborators...?    ???  
  13. cockroach
    'NO PEACE ON EARTH' could work for tag line if its done right, tho def not as a title.  'ALIENs(plural) vs PREDATOR' would work for me, like in the comics. Although the logo would have to be completely different from AVP:Alien vs Predator.  Also i think the new alien life cycle is probably the ALIEN QUEEN  facehugger/egg which has never really been seen before apart from Directors cut Alien3 ... heres hoping it is as the designs in alien 3 looked hot!
  14. ArielAleXCo
    hum.... ok.  what Dual blade comments... its actually true the "something 2" or 3 or 4 ir really out dated, for example we have   "batman begins" - "the dark knight"  of course it works very well with movie like "starwar episode 1 2 3 4 5 etc.... 10" but I think marketing people could actully think a little more to get so titles like:  "warriors showdown" (yeah, I know totaly lame )   :P    or maybe a title like  ye'huta vs zenomorph (damn! i always forget there etnic names :S) YvsX (again, cant remmember initials jajaja)  something that would need a "2" or a "returns" or an extra "s" of some sort.
  15. wristblade
    I dunno guys,i have a really good feeling 'bout this one! I think Fox want heaps more mileage out of the franchise and will try hard to please this time 'round. I for one am looking forward to it!!!!!!!    8)  
  16. Dual Blade
    I don't really want ' AVP 2 ' because I would prefer THIS movie to stand up on its own merits as oppose to it being a sequel of sorts.  the number 2 nowadays is becoming dated   ;)  
  17. pmaz11
    **(Pardon my last comment)**....I meant ditto referring to the comment made by MetroidMatt87 earlier, I agree with his comment. I'd like to hear things like the taglines, date release, movie title, etc., but things that have to do with the story and specifics I wouldn't want to spoil it for me or anyone else.
  18. Dual Blade
    Look good folks lets not get excited here,   personally the tag line s'ok but nowadays it really is hard to come up with really good, griping tag lines are reeeeeeeeeeeeaaaaaaaaaaally hard to come by, most good ones are already usedfor other movies.  In the end, its all about the movie, lets all remember that.
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