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AvP Omnibus Competition Results

Ah, the moment you’ve all been waiting for. The winners of the AvP Omnibus competition. Out of all the entries, 13 people managed to get 10/10. Those people are listed on the Competition Page along with the answers to the questions which are highlighted in red.
The three winners drawn at random are:


Congrats to those people. Corporal Hicks will be in contact with you for your details. If anybody who entered wants to know what score they got and what they got wrong, you can message me.

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Comments: 33
  1. Predboy
    Yeah, I got a few shotguns in my garage. I'll fly to england tonight, meet up with you, and we'll take him out when he's asleep. The hell with that splinter cell crap, Im breaking the damn door down, and Im gonna be blastin everywhere.
  2. Wolfy
    that's good to see mjacobson :P  Im not active much on forums but I keep avpgalaxy as my homepage to check news, and if theres something I can add to a thread , only then will I make a reply :)
  3. Corporal Hicks
    Don't be stupid. I think the manhunt thing you've got going is ridiculous. Stop it! Or I shall hunt YOU down SiL! I'll make sure it's YOU the one who snores and can't breath properly!  Congrats jacobson. And there wont be a Omnibus 2 competition.
  4. mjacobson
    Yeah, that mjacobson sure is a bastard...a lucky bastard!  I've been lurking on this site for a while(around the time of the new movie image), but I have nothing to contribute...except a vast comic collection! So I didn't join until after I saw the contest. Hated or not, I vow to not enter the contest for AvP Omnibus II.
  5. Dachande
    Indeed, i dont feel sorry for him. If i had been the one that joined a site just to win a book, i'd feel that the people that had been posting there for longer have a right to hate me >__>
  6. Predboy
    I think that the next time there's a competition, members only should mean, someone whos been a member for more than a day after the administrator posted about the competition.
  7. Wolfy
    I checked the registration date and it's a day after the competition started.  "AvPGalaxy members only." - this should have been more strict.  one of the other 10/10's should get the prize IMHO  Just my 2 cents
  8. Wolfy
    mjacobson has made a total of 0 posts....  I think a post minimum should have been made... :|  It's also possible mjacobson is an account a member had their friend made to make sure they got the answer right to let's say 1 question they weren't sure of.  Call me a bad loser, but that's the possibility
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