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AvP Omnibus Competition!

So you visit AvPGalaxy for the up-to-date news about Alien and Predator? Well, now is the time to give something to our loyal visitors. We’re giving away three copies of the up-and-coming AvP Omnibus Volume 1. All you need to do is answer a series of multi-choice questions. The three people who get the most correct win a copy of the AvP Omnibus each. In the event of a tie, winners will be decided by random.

The AvP Omnibus is a must have for any Alien vs Predator fan. A collection of several lengthy comics that helped launched the AvP franchise, the Omnibus is the perfect way to see how the franchise was born. I recently got my review copy and have been very impressed with it.

There are no location restrictions, but you must be a member of AvPGalaxy to enter. So what are you waiting for? Go enter the competition!

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Comments: 47
  1. Darkness
    I thought a couple of question were misleading. The q about what Machiko carrying something. Well, she's hardly carrying it for long. And the q about the clan leader. I asked Hicks if he meant the AvP movie when he asked that. Which is why I put at the top that all questions are comic related.
  2. Wolfy
    10) The clan leader in Alien vs Predator has...  A Broken Tusk A Special Clan Leader Spear One Eye  ---  Sil, are you saying that the elder pred of the spaceship doesn't have a special spear? :|  HOW WOULD THAT NOT SEEM SIMILAR, I honestly think it's been put there deliberately, so hopefully people get it wrong and there's less full 10/10's
  3. Kimarhi
    I thought it was pretty easy too.  Though I might've gotten one wrong because of the way it was asked.  Don't want to give it away.  I already have all the comics, but since I collect the stuff anyways, I wouldn't mind if I got it free. :)
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