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New R1 DVD Re-Releases

Seems Fox are also re-releasing the Alien/Predator/AvP films on DVD in the US too. Alien, AvP and Predator are being re-released on June 5, 2007 with a retail price of $11.98. They’re also releasing a new Predator Boxset at some point with a retail price of $31.98.

20070505 New R1 DVD Re-Releases

I doubt there’s anything new in them but it’s worth posting because of the new artwork. The Predator Boxset looks nice. No news on whether the other films are being re-released or not. Thanks to Corporal Hicks for the news.

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  1. MetroidMatt87
    Why must they put the unmasked pred on the cover? One of the most memoriable scenes in predator was when he takes off the mask. Now they just ruin it for new comers. Besides that I think the covers are cool, but in no way im buying the same movie again and again. F YOU FOX!!!
  2. War Wager
    I think they've messed with the Alien egg too many times, although it does look OK, the AvP case looks nice ...why is it that the cooler cases are released in the USA rather than anywhere else?
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