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More Info on Underwater Scene

I remember way back in January, I suspected an underwater scene would appear in AvP2. Alien Experience is now reporting that it will be a big action sequence:

“The scene is just mentioned in a passing glance as one of the films shot in the Vancouver area that features underwater filming, but I’ve asked around and it seems it all boils down to one scene that features some mayham, carnage, and of course, people dying.” says Hicks.

I loved the scene in Alien Resurrection though and I wouldn’t mind seeing the aliens back underwater again. Let’s hope it’s a great sequence. Thanks to Darkoo for the news.

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  1. Banman
    So... I have an idea for Alien 5... between Aliens and Alien3, a deep space ship 'sees' the Xeno Queen from 'Aliens' floating in space and sends a 'hook' or something to catch her and bring her inside... Eheh... she starts laying eggs and that's all she wrote...the space ship returns home (Earth) and the mayhem begins...    :D    Now seriously, comics and movies don't mix... the canon for Alien and Predator is movies, not the comicbook, though Paul Anderson adapted a few aspects of the comics to the silver screen... But the breathing stuff in space is still non-canon, otherwise...The Queen might still be alive...!!! Oh no!!! We can do an Alien5 after all !!!     :D  
  2. Banman
    Oh, I get were talking about the Xenomorphs on the last paragraph...Oh, ok...  The last remark is a pretty huge assumption, not fact, by the way...
  3. Banman
    Xenomorphine, babies don´t 'swim'... swimming is a coordinaton between arms and legs to make yuo progress on or under water... That is why babies have to have their mothers holding them... They can stay under water because of the 'womb' but not for long... water is not amniotic fluid...  So, the don't 'swim'... just are able to hold their breath for a while... Swimming is much more than that...   And animals like ducks and crocodiles ar not a good example because the are NATURALLY bred for water... That is why the membranes on ducks' paws and the 'aerodynamics' and morphology of the crocodiles...  Aliens were not originally conceived to be able to swim, and you know that by studying their morphology carefully... check the paws, the claws, the general morphology of the body...  The Aliens swam with their legs, and not with their paws, if you recall...  And in Aliens we only see the Alien come above, we don't see iot swimming in any way... Just for scare effect...   About your last remark, ca you consubstantiate that...? It sounds pretty farfetched to me... We ar amphibious...? We can't breathe under water, we can't even swim under water without flippers and respiratory apparatus, so where did you read this...?
  4. Xenomorphine
    Actually, no - human babies will automatically swim if you put them in water, for the most part. It's an instinctive thing. :)  Swimming is actually one of the most easiest things for animals (at least, those who are physically capable of doing so), because we technically 'grew up' in the liquid environment of a womb or egg.  Just look at baby crocodiles, ducks or sea turtles (all air-breathing creatures and lacking gills). They don't have to be taught, they just race to the nearest water and do it! :) Why wouldn't an alien be the same?  There is zero reason why aliens would not simply be quite at home in the water, in the same way that the above animals are, which also do not need to be 'taught'. Again, remember the precedent of the one which swam to get to Newt, then dragged her under the water to travel away.  The only reason why some human beings have to be taught, is because they were often denied the skill of swimming while young and so forgot how to, because it has been so long.  In fact, the whole purpose of why they produce so much mucous might be because their natural state is an amphibious one and it assists them in gliding through a fluid environment.
  5. Banman
    All I was saying was that swimming is a learned skill for us, humans... Unlike fish, some mammals and reptiles who have a morphology adquated to those environments...  A xenomorph would not swim because of Ripley's DNA, it would have to have a built-in morphology thta would enable it t swim like it did on Alien Resurrection...  Also, all I was saying too was that Ash said that the xenomorphs adapted to any hostile environment because they had the 'strangest habit' of replacing dead cells with polarised silicon', not because they automatically knew how to swim and fly... These 'skills' are not cellular related, UNLESS they have a reptilian or fish morphology, hence the gills, membranes, etc...  We swim because we learn how to... we learn to cordinate arms and legs to swim... It is not an inate skill... That is why Aliens could never swim because of the DNA mix...  And you are also assuming that they don't... We just don't know... But we know the swimming ability for humans is not inate, deep in our DNA... It is a learned skill... So AR made a huge mistake, though the underwater sequences were kinda cool...
  6. Lycanus
    2 things: first the preds are considered the greatest and most veristile hunters in the universe, so they would look threatining in a clown suit on a unicycle. second the xenomorphs are not a reptilian or mammilian species as was noted in several comics and books so they wouldn't swim like any thing weve ever seen. i think tat i t is going to be awsome no matter how or what is shot in the movie. the only thing is i would love to hear the yautja speaking to one another in the movie with subtitiles and all. anyway later
  7. Steve
    Im all for swimming aliens but i was happy with the alien swimming motion in resurection.  I have no idea why they went with the up and down motion instead of a side to side which makes more sence and more realistic.  I remeber hearing that they got it from this lizard but i dont know of any lizard that swims in a up and down motion when they have a long flat tail as they did in resurection.
  8. avpguy
    i hope the pred can swim because i think the mask can also be a portable oxygen tank for the pred so he can swim underwater longer and the alien is a thing that adapts alot but i do think that the aliens will be like A4 but not as bad lookin. But the question is 4 me, Can the facehugger swim?Chestburster?
  9. Banman
    I remember Ash saying that the adaptation to any environment was on a cellular level, not a natural (for fish, certain mamals and reptilians) or acquired, learned skill (for humans)...  For them to naturally swin, they would have to have gills, membranes, certains characteristics which would enable them to swim...
  10. ILovJesus
    man i hope in d end da pred kills da queen, n has its skull, like da 1 in da comic book. Dat would be so COOL!!! but i still like aliens beter, even if da pred wins.... PREDATOR CARRYIN OUT AN ALIEN QUEEN'S HEAD IN D END(I WISH). DAT WOULD BE AWESUM!!!!
  11. pmaz11
    well I dont think that theres gonna be a alien and predator fight underwater neccesarily.....i'd imagine that the aliens swim or somethin underwater and the predator might do what he did in predator 1 (after dutch gets to shore and the predator jumps in the water and comes up). So the predator might do that, but i dont think aliens and predators will actually be swimming underwater and fighting at the same time.
  12. ILovJesus
    HAHA  great news, btw if da pred is in da water, HE WOULD LOSE! da aliens hav d advantage. Dis scene in my opinion will be in cause of da sewers. Aliens vs predator in da sewers, dat would be cool. ALIEN WINS!
  13. Predboy
    I think that aliens are able to swim naturally. So I'm thinking there the ones that are going to kill people. A pred underwater wouldn't be a good idea. Aliens underwater would be a good idea, like in A4. That underwater scene was hot.
  14. Hicks
    "This also raises a question as to whether aliens in general can swim naturally or if the reason they swam in Res was because of Ripley's DNA."  I never thought it that way, I just assumed they could swim naturally. Interesting.
  15. Hicks
    I can't imagine the Predator in the water either, unless this scene takes place in the sewers. I wish I had more details to go on, but of course, nobody is really talking about it. One thing I do know for sure, people will die.   ;)  
  16. Just some Alien fan
    Relating by to a post i read i belive that the pred alien grows and causes the ship to crash in the water and the preds have to get out of the water with the pred alien following them   ;D  
  17. Just some Alien fan
    I makes sense that a pred could go underwater by using the breathing mask he used in predator 2 when harriagain and good ol pred were on the roof
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