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New AvP2 Pictures In ADI Book

Look what we have here. You may remember ADI brought out a book around the time AvP was released called “The Creature Effects of ADI”. Well, they’re bringing another one out for AvP2. There’s two pictures on the right panel that are from AvP2, right? Okay, the Predator picture is too small to see anything but at least it’s something. :wink:

20070421_01 New AvP2 Pictures In ADI Book

“Alien vs. Predator: Survival of the Fittest is the upcoming sequel to 2004’s Alien vs. Predator film. In this follow-up to the worldwide hit ALIEN VS. PREDATOR, the iconic monsters from two of the scariest film franchises ever, wage war in an American Midwestern town ”” with the residents caught in the middle.”

Notice that they’re also using the “Survival of the Fittest” tagline on the book. Special thanks to Harry72 from for finding this.

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  1. aki
      ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D  :D ROCK ON BRO!!!
  2. Newsfop
    The alien has a mouth and the predator has dreadlocks. That's good enough for me. I'm fine with that!    :D   I hope it will keep my mind occupied for at least 90 minutes so I can forget about real life for a while. That's why I go to this stuff.
  3. ILovJesus
    dude, dun't be a dumbfck. How can avp aliens look like da 1 in avp2. From blck to brown. What r u kiddin me? humans hav a chosen alien form...lmfao nope its in a new settin n its in colorado. U expect aliens to travel like so far is it? Sad alien fan. U gota be a pro alien fan man cmon me.....   8)  
  4. bronconose
    I was just watching AVP again and I have a theory   :P   Alot of people have asked why no other aliens survived and only the queen did(only one that fought pred) Maybe some other aliens did survive and thats how the aliens appear at the town where this is set in.  After all the Strause Brothers did say they would expand on the AvP storyline, derive from it, or something like that, cant remember   ::)    I would like to see Grid Alien fight again   :P   Maybe kill a couple humans, or 20   ;D   then fight a good tough match against the pred but of course get beat   :(   I wanna see Runners, or at least one   :P  
  5. ILovJesus
    DANG sum of u guys r not a true alien me. I know, i KNOW 4 SURE dis alien at da top came from a human. U GUYS WANA BET??!! NP BIATCHES!!!
  6. bronconose
    =p I said that myself a couple of comments above.  That Alien could be runner or something else from another creature, though ihopr it has those holes and stuff to denote age if it is a runner, and there are young runners too, cause the orignal design with the smoothlike top was better.    :P   have my dog and bull alien ight here, hope there are bull aliens and maybe praetorian(s) =p
  7. Dzuksi
    On that new pic there was an alien. And that is chestburster-right? I looked that new pic for a some time, and i noticed - That chestburster is not come out from human (he doesnt look like one from A1,A2,A3,A4 and AVP) neither from predator(there is no that predator mouths look). Do you think that this one came out from some animal? Does this represents that option whit Facehugger attacking dog, cow or some other animal is posible. I hope that we will see runners one more time. Still it looks GREAT!!
  8. ILovJesus
    ALIENS VS PREDATOR: AVP2 is guna be a fckin great movie. The alien looks damn fckin sweet. Man da bros r awesum!!! They r true aliens n pred fans i can tell u dat. Paul is a sad bitch, he makes avp2 a PG 13 HELLO fanchises none of aliens n predators hav been PG be4. Paul is not even a true aliens n pred fan, i mean WTF TEENAGE PREDS SEEM SO BIG, BIGGERR THAN DA 1s IN PRED 1 n 2. Plus remember da part wen da little cute buster got outa da french girl, it was bleedin. Wen dat italian ass had a buster came outa him, they was no blood. Dat was jus sad man Paul pls GTFO of da avp sequels. If he comes bck 4 avp3, i m guna faint. It seems he wants to mess da aliens n preds legacy up....
  9. Xenomorphine
    'Predator 2' was set back in the days of 1997. :)  The problem with RIJ's views is that he or she has been presuming far too much, leading them to claim others are automatically giving Fox a licence to do whatever they want. I, however, have been warning against presuming anything: That goes for people who assume it must be good, as well as those, such as RIJ, who feel it is going to be bad, no matter what is done.  There is just not enough known about the story to assume anything about it.
  10. ILovJesus
    OK, i c ppl hav a question. Y do aliens hav different skulls? i dun know either, but nowadays da original alien look like da 1 in aliens hence avp2. Even in games, the drone(original alien) has not translucent cranium which i dun like. But its aliens, wad can i say. I would like aliens with SOMETIMES wit da cranium n sumtimes no cranium. it might be cool. But i read sum alien stuff in dis sight n it says wen an alien is old, it will not hav d translucent cranium. But u gota know dat its giger dat created da original alien wit da translucent cranium. HR GIGER, I LOV UR ALIENS! he created ALIEN 1 alien, alien 3 n alien 4 aliens. All of em had da translucent skulls. Stan winston made d idea of dat non-translucent cranium 4 d alien, which i like but not as mkuch as da 1 with da translucent cranium.
  11. ILovJesus
    hmm seems like dis MAYBE n i mean MAYBE be4 predator 2 da movie. Firstly, da pred looks like da 1 in pred 2. Secondly pred 2 was on earth, nnnn da alien skull was on da ship 4 pred 2 so u know. Neways da pred is da best design i eva seen.( of all preds ) Da alien is da second, cause i like da DogAlien in alien 3 better. I like aliens with da translucent craniums, it makes it mysterious n also cool. Man if only if dis avp2 alien has da skull wit da translucent cranium, dat would be fckin cool!!!
  12. ILovJesus
    hmm thinkin bout it, da alien pretty much looks badass man. I think its cause of da cranium n da mouth with da curvy feriousity. ALIEN OWNS! Looks like da 1 in aliens combined wit da 1 in alien 4....
  13. Deco
    I am also a big fan of the original comics and while I think they truely are a masterpiece - I still feel that they do not answer the call that is in distress as an actual sequel to the original movies. I really think if one were to mix various elements of the original comics into a story about the history of the original characters to form a NEW plot ripe with conspiracy and action, THEN and only then, will the greatest of all AVP movies emerge from the shadows. Im writing a pet project AVP script in which I am tackling everything I have mentioned above - the only question is, will I be good enough to execute my idea! RIJOENPIAL - I like your way of thinking,its brutal and honest and frankly seems to lie in tandum with respecting the originals for more than the creature designs. (Im not saying anyone here is less of a fan) Everyone has different opinions all of which are as valid as mine or the next persons, and for this reason, I am happy to be in the company of die hard Alien and predator fans.
  14. Deco
    Hi Everyone, I Rrarely post here but I read everyones comments and I only ever post when I feel something really needs to be said. I still think, like Ive always thought (even with regard to AVP) that FOX's approach to this movie is ALL WRONG. Predator and Aliens (widely regarded as the best or most enjoyable of the respective franchises) had great elements of conspiracy and deceit. I feel an AVP movie should act like a sequel to both franchises, their characters and the histories each frachise built. Is RIJOENPIAL the only one who agrees that if this film wasnt approached like a typical action flick than it would be the first step to the AVP film we've all wanted to see for years?????
  15. ILovJesus
    Hmm wait maybe i wil change my mind, lookin at da pic many times(the alien) seems so sweet. It looks so smooth n slimy, seems like da 1 in alien 4 n aliens combined. Man nice alien i lov it it giv it a 5/5 ALIENS 4 EVA!!!!
  16. ILovJesus
    BAh, i like da head of d alien but.....i like HR giger's original head design.(Translucent Cranium) So far da best alien 4 me is da 1 in ALien 3 da DogAlien like da guy above xD i got my mcfarlene DogAlien here not opened! i love it. But neways i can't wait 4 these avp2 preds n aliens figures to be released by mc farlene. The pred is awesum i giv it a 5/5. 4 d alien i giv a 4/5 although i like aliens better...
  17. bronconose
    I think the alien on here might be brown cause its a Runner (Dog) (or Ox) Alien like in the Alien 3.  I mean where would all the aliens come from they, have to be born, and they are in a town with a bunch of four legged creatures.  Though it might just be messed up lighting    :P   The pictures look awsome, i personally prefer the smooth top alien but this one is awsome too   :D   And the directors or someone, i forgot who, said there would be a wide variety of aliens when asked about the Predalien, so maybe they might put in one of the other aliens that showed up in toys, like a Superfacehugger (also in extended Alien 3), and my favorite, a Bull Alien   :P   Have my toy right here lol (plays for 30 minutes)   ;D  
  18. Xenomorphine
    The only thing not going to see this film would do is be interpreted as a sign that nobody is interested in seeing any new examples of the franchise, not that the studio took any wrong decisions with who they let helm the production.
  19. Xenomorphine
    The publicity effort has not yet begun and, it should be stressed, has no need to. Not as of yet. It's far too early!  We already have a basic synopsis of what it's about. We're not going to be spoon-fed things such as confirmation of if it's the original Predator ship which crashes, or if the outbreak occurs in some completely different way, because those are critical to the story. Those are technical details which will be discovered when you watch it.  We know it takes place in a town in contemporary times, with a very dark atmosphere. That's about as much as we knew about 'Alien' (extraterrestrial parasite break out on a spaceship) or 'Predator' (alien hunter stalks an elite military team). Unless you want to be spoiled before you see it, robbing the film of its mystery, it is better not to know much more.
  20. Xenomorphine
    I need to do a titled discussion just for RIJ, over in the forum, so that I can reply to all the accusations they've thrown at me, the last few times and which I have not had the chance to reply to. :)  For now, however, I would like to point out that none of the images have been officially 'sanctioned'. The main one was leaked out and they commented that they were surprised it had done so and would have preferred it did not, specifically because it was not lit in the right way. Here, similarly, is probably just someone at the general merchandise department in the studio, showing some random picture for suppliers who might be interested in carrying the book for purchase in future.
  21. Punk19
    About time, I can finally let that breath out. The scene in the sewer is going to be smashing. Yay the Predator takes his helmet off in this and it looks as if the Strauss's got the Mandibles right.
  22. Highland
    I know what you say has some truth behind it, but lets face it, the fact the we are all on here every 5 minutes for an update means again 90% of us will go see it without blinking an eye.   We also have to remember the fans probably make up less than half (probably even less than that) of the proceeds, other wise there'd be 1000s of us on here instead of the 100 on here.    I agree with what you are saying, but sometimes we have to let go when something is gone..   Were never going to get Alien or Predator back, and thats the truth.   But the brothers can have a dam good try!    :)  
    Actually, highland, you and all the fans have a say...  Just try to boycott the first weekend and you will see how much power the  fans have...  Fox is all about money, right? WHOSE money...? YOURS! So if you want them to respect you, demand some respect from them...  If ALL the fans would boycott the first weekend proceeds, you would seee Fox peeing their pants...! The ticket-buyers are the ones with the power, not FOX... If you demand they respect the franchises by doing wht you can, which is NOT give them your money, THEN the will learn and see more clearly...  Just try it...wait till the end of week...meanwhile, read some reviews from critics you respect... and then go see it... I am sure if the first-weekend proceeds plummett, they will stop treating fans like cattle...  Make your voice be heard... That is all I am saying...  I am not saying do not go see the movie at all... JUST wait till mid-week and then go see it if you must...   Just make them sweat a little...!   ;)  
  24. highland pred
    End of argument, if they aliens were to grow wings and start flying, i bet my house all of us on here would go see it...  Rijoenpial, you seem to forget that this franchise is owned by fox, run by them and also paid for by them.......? we have no say what so ever, we can only give our feedback...   a bit like what lucas done with star wars 1/2/3, we 90% of fans could have written 3 better movies? but we cant, because we are the cattle with the cash, just like you will be when you line up with your $5 bucks to get in.................or will you decide when the script lands on your front door......?   ;D  
    Stupidity is to go with the flow, not look before you leap... And the same person who says this:  "...the story in avp was good in my oppinion, but the creature designs werent, so this is the first thing that can make the film good, the creatures...'   ...thinks my remarks are stupid... Go figure...  Very interesting reasoning there ...      :D     And your interpretation of what I said is ludicrous... The designs are worthless without a story... It is just for show, and not what will make it or break it for the movie... It is statements like that that sends chills down my spine and prove that fans are definitely NOT the best judges... Like women discussing soap operas...      ::)  
    So, knowing what the story will be about is stupid...And they did not release any photos apart from the first one, otherwise we would be having higher-resolution ones than the tisy bitsy ones we got so far since then...  And you have to have coherence while posting your POVs... I am 'suing' the Bros for throwing sand to the fans eyes, and not be doing what they should... By now, we would be having AT LEAST a synopsis of the movie, being them so proud of it and all...   These pics are mere sideshow to keep fans contented and buy Fox more breathing space until the next rain drop they release... And that is how you manipulate fans... not rocket science there... 'Give fans what they want, but on our terms' crap... It is amazing people are still buying into this old strategy... Oh well, I seem to be the only one saying 'be careful with the precipice',  while everyone else is walking towards it looking at the sky instead...' So be it...
  27. Johnny Handsome
    Of course the Story and the synopsis are very important if not the, the story in avp was good in my oppinion, but the creature designs werent, so this is the first thing that can make the film good, the creatures, and that is what this thread is about, the creatures... so we know the creatures are looking great in this movie, so that problem is out of the world now, now we can go for the story and all the things, but suing the brothers and fox for just releasing new pictures and not a story sinopsis and a trailer is a little stupid, and doesnt mean that the creatures look great and the rest will be shit.
    They are doing their marketing by convincing fans directly, on IMDB forums and here too...  And it seems they can save a LOT of money by doing this instead of big ad campaigns, especially because only the fans are showing willingness to go see this sequel...and it is a much easier audience to convince than the mainstream ones...     ;D  
    The designs are just the easy part: they extensively know the 'Aliens' design is more liked by the fans and they know that this Predator, without the bulky armour, will look more elegant, despite the fact he is still too heavy to seem agile and fast... The face, I don't know and don't particularly care, because this is just sideshow... I don't see any info coming out about the rally important aspects of the movie: the story and synopsis... Fox knows the December release could favour them, but could also make fans too impatient and also lose the hype and momentum if they don't let the info out in small drops... That is what they are doing and to tell you the truth,  I am not at all impressed with this 'out of the manual' marketing antics... Where is a synopsis...? Where is a trailer...? Why the late release...? By my calculations, they can do the marketing and post-prod at the same time... They are doing it already...
    Yautja Thei-De, first of all, 'you cannot deny that these 2 brothers have done a better job than Paul Anderson...'...? Man, I rest my case her and now... And you say I am the hasty judgment guy... Someone who just because of the marketing posting by the Bros, because of the pics that show less than show more, think this is a better movie than PWA's, really should talk...  Instead of contradicting what i said, you actually sank deeper... so be more careful there...   I am not the one STILL giving the benefit of the doubt to Fox after all the stunts she did with the Alien and now the AVP franchise... I am definitely NOT the one who says they are still reserving judgment AND at the same time say this 'from what i've seen, the Bros, did a better job than PWA...' And you know that how...? On the SB words alone...?   Uau, the age of innocence is still here, after all...     ::)  
  31. Vlad
    I think it's very strange no one has noticed that the alien seems to have eyes... EYES!!! Isn't that shinny thing an eye???  That would kill the alien concept, mostly... Im sure Im not the only one who thinks they are 1000% more terrifying because of the lack of eyes...
  32. JaredK21
    I think the alien is tan because it blends in well with the sewer environment. Look at the sewer the predator is in, and look at the alien. They both have that some mucky, gritty tan look. I love it.   Just like with every other alien movie, the aliens always blend in with their surroundings so they are very difficult to spot.   The directors are awesome for realizing this and making their aliens match perfectly with the look of the film.
  33. topman
    Pvt. Hicks im not saying that your not a real fan mate, its just that people think that by a couple of pics the movie is gonna rock! i mean come on! please dont tell me that some fans will believe anything that they are told! what i crave for is a good story!!!! is that really hard??? im just hoping that this is the movie to bring back the Aliens and Predator to LIFE!!! come on!!!!!
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