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Hospital Scene in AvP2 [Updated]

I was just doing some searches on Google and came across an actor’s website. Jason Rickey will be playing an E.R. Trauma Doctor in AvP2 according to his official site. So I guess that means there’ll be a scene in a hospital. Not surprising, I guess a lot of people will be getting hurt after the Aliens are let loose.

“So far in the film world, Jason has played various character types such as an E.R. Trauma Doctor – (Alien Vs. Predator 2), Mental Patient – (Case 39), and a Superhero – (Pysch) to name a few.”

Exclusive Update: I received some information about the hospital scene. Many people start coming into the hospital who are hurt or have been killed while the Alien(s) and Predator were doing battle somewhere else in town. In another scene, the Alien(s) and Predator find themselves on the parking lot in front of the hospital and cause a lot more damage. Vehicles, Ambulances are destroyed and many more people are hurt. A few armoured vehicles appear but they came too late and the creatures have disappeared.

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  1. avpguy
    Im still hoping that before the hospital fight scene that there will be a chestburster scene cuz thats my favorite part in an alien movie and i hope there are many facehugged pasients and pred shreds only facehugged people but not sick and old cuz thats against pred honor code
    Oh, and I almost forgot...silly me... the colonists on LV-426 were "there for years and they never complained about any hostile organism" (Van Leuwen, WY - 'Aliens' )... SO why would WY order the Nostromo to land on LV-426 to acquire the xeno but let colonists be living there for years and only when Ripley told them about the xeno, Burke decided to send someone to check it out ?...   ???     ;)     8)  
    Also, the term 'xenomorph' means 'alien form' meaning they did not know FOR SURE what shape of form the Alien had... You know that scientific names are in latin, not in Greek form defining broadly the Alien as being 'alien'... if you get my meaning...?
    Of course, they knew about their existence from Alien, but it is not clear they knew of its existence or if the Nostromo were only sent to check the unknown transmission or to retrieve the Xeno... The second on is unlikely, because they would have to know what the Xeno was and where to retrieve it... which is never corroborated  in the movies... They seemed to know everything fro Ash, but the primary objective, meaning, why the Nostromo was sent off their course was to check the transmission... It is very unlikely they knew about it 150 years before and waited this long to retrieve it...
    Happily... Alien Resurrection - Ripley made from samples from Fiorina 161 - the only way to obtain Xeno DNA;  Aliens - Burke (on the Extended Edition or DC) sent the exploration order AFTER Ripley told the Review board about the Xeno - Check Ripley's talk with Burke where she angrily pushes him against the wall...  Need anything more...?
  6. Katarn
    "The Alien saga has always stated that before the Nostromo incident, nobody EVER saw an Alien or knew about it"  Can you give me a quote from 1 of the movies that said that?
    Xenomorphine, I am not assuming anything...I am criticising the setup and crew involved... I don't think all we know so far bodes well for the movie, especially if this is just going to be a VFX fest... I am applying some logic to where this movie will go and how it will deal with the problems it is going to raise, probs far worse than AVP's... Alien has always been about prevnting the Aliens from reaching populated areas, and AVP2 will do that... The Alien saga has always stated that before the Nostromo incident, nobody EVER saw an Alien or knew about it... The Alien saga is canon, AVP2 is not YET... So, right there, it is clearly proved that the Strauses' remark that continuity will be preserved is total rubbish... It is already jeoperdised... And with the foreseable clich
    Well, necrotard, you last post DOES dispense further commentaries from me, now doesn't it...? Just one correction there: Iabout th crash-landing, I was obviously talkinh about the Predator clan's spaceship, not the summoned Predator's ship...
  9. David's Creation
    Now if this doesn't have a genius story, I don't care. If this doesn't scare the hell out of me, I don't care. If this doesn't bring something new and interesting to the franchises, I don't care. If this doesn't bring me a thought-provoking, amazingly crafted plot, I don't care. Granted these things are great, but as long as I get to see a shitload of aliens killing and being killed, a predator doing his thing, some blood and gore, and possibly a predalien with an at least average story and directing... I WILL ENJOY THIS FILM out of sheer love for Giger's unbelievable creations. (And that whole last paragraph pretty much sums up the first AVP for me as well…)
  10. David's Creation
    But aren't most movies about some light convenience? Predator was hunting in the jungle.  He was probably there for those villagers.  But the man who could manage to kick the predator's ass, Dutch, and his buddies just HAPPENED to be in the area during his hunt. Harrigan tackled a predator off a roof and there just HAPPENED to be a ledge just below the drop-off that was wide enough for him to land on and survive. The Nostromo just HAPPENED to be passing by close enough to catch the signal from the Derilect. Ripley's escape pod just HAPPENED to land in the laps of a deep salvage team, saving her life. Ripley's second escape pod just HAPPENED to land on one of the few planets that actually has no weapons, but a whole lot of victims, making the setting so great for the single alien onboard.  I LOVE these films, so I'm not saying these are annoyingly coincidental to me; I'm just pointing out that the plots of many, MANY films are based around one or more big convenience like this and the "Alien" and "Predator" films are no exception.
  11. David's Creation
    Okay, it has not been confirmed that the predator will crash land.... It actually sounds more like it would arrive intentionally.  But your "Oh, it just happens to be located in a small mountain town that's out of the way... too convenient." idea doesn't seem right to me.  Have you ever driven from one city to another?  There's a LOT of empty space in this country, all over the world for that matter.  There's a lot of farmland/mountains/jungles/badlands/desert/etc. where there are damn near no people per square mile.  I think it would be way too much of a coincidence if they DID land in or right next to a more populated area.  And I'm not saying there's nobody with a video phone or any of that.  I'm saying cell-phone coverage and telephone service isn't reliable at all in mountainous areas.  As I said before, telephone lines could be taken down by an alien/predator brawl or as a predator's act to screw us over.  There's also the chance that a storm knocked the phone lines out... they did say a scene is being shot in the rain.  (Though I admit, THAT would be B-movie type convenience...  So I'm hoping against that...)  I'm just brainstorming here as opposed to blowing off any ideas as to how this could possibly not suck.
  12. Xenomorphine
    And again, I don't see any indication that Weyland-Yutani will be in any way involved in the story. Certainly, they might be later contacted by the military for some projects, btu that does not mean the military would automatically given them all of their knowledge.  If they did, then you would also have to account for companies like Boeing and Lockheed automatically having the same access. They won't. It would be compartmentalised information.
  13. Xenomorphine
    I'm not 'believing' Fox. I'm actually arguing AGAISNT assumption, RIJ. You are assuming a huge amount of what would and would not be in the story, when we actually have very few details confirmed.  And yes, covering things up could easily lead to not anyone knowing. I put it to you, again, how much do you know about the real events which gave 'Mothman' its brief fame? Next to nothing, I'll bet, but that involved some extremely weird stuff (including creatures flying after ambulences and the like; none of which made it into the recent film), but virtually nobody in the general public knows about these events, because they can't be bothered to read up on them.  Add several hundred years to what is going to, inevitably, going ot be a very low number of survivors and it's easy to see how virtually nobody will have a clue about these creatures.  And that's assuming the Predators don't just go and sterilise the entire place, which is probably going to be what takes place.
  14. Johnny Handsome
    I have no problem with the setting of this movie, and i have no problem with people seeing aliens running arround, OMG, CONTINUITY!!!! now the alien movies are f**ked... why? if they make up a good story in future avp films that fix up with Alien so why not? Everything from avp2 we heard so far sounds good to me, and i actually like the small town setting, thats my oppinion.
    Do you ever buy into explanations given while passing by...? This is an AVP, not an Alien movie...There won't be anu valid explanations as to why WY, 150 years after the AVP and AVP2 events, would still be obsessed with finding a Xeno...? Do you think there is any plausible motivation for a company to be obsessed with them, wait 150 years until a commercial towing vehicle like the nostromo HAPPENS to be passing by and then instruct then to go and acquire a Xeno...? 150 years after ?!? Well, for that matter why would take 200 years to make a clone of Ripley...? It is like saying that between discovering electricity and creating the light bulb it would take 100, 200 years...! So, I think AVP2 will complicate even more IF they try to do a real prequel to 'Alien', and I sincerely think  this ought to be written by the creators or a talented writer, NOT Shane Salerno... Ther is too much at risk here, not just the futre of the franchises, but of the stories' credibility as well...
  16. Johnny Handsome
    This is what i mean, maybe the story of Alien will be clear with one of the avp films, because they are prequels, and they can explain things like that, so we know why the nostromo was send there, maybe for the Alien, or maybe not, but you dont know that yourself.
    The prob there is that it is a dangerous ground the Strauses are walking on and I don't trust Shane Salerno to write a story that preserves continuity or even adds anything worthwhile to it... Past history shows that Shane Salerno has not enough creativity and experience to make this a classic or even a prequel worthy of the precedent... It is just facts... The Strauses can deliver a good spctacle, but the setting and the implications, good and bad, it can have as a prequel to the Alien events, that is nothing short of clich
    The Nostromo was sent by WY to investigate an alien signal as part of the contract stipulating that 'any contact of possible intelligent origin must be investigated...' So, Ash had access to the Mother and presumably he fed them all the findings about the Xeno biology to WY, and was presumably instructed to protect the xeno at all times, because of his clearly useful biological traits, and because of the importance of the xeno to them, for the bioweapons applications, they did what any greedy and criminal corporation or  entity does: they erase all witnesses to protect their goals... The 'expendable crew' was meant to show that for WY only the xeno as important, but all this info was given AFTER Ash had more than enough time to study it... Ash replacing the former science officer could well be just to show how much distrust was between the crew and Ash, and Ash opening the outer hatch meant he was doing what all scientists do when there is anything new to investigate: they dive in without thinking about the consequences... Ash was a robot, so they follow orders, but there is nothing in Alien that clarly states that the Nostromo landed on LV-426 spcifically to retrieve the Xeno, onnly to investigate what the transmission was and where it came from... So, it is far from established what you said there, johnny...
  19. Johnny Handsome
    Yes, at the end of avp there was no evidence left, and yes, movies are just cannon and not some making ofs, but now there is coming avp2 and maybe the humans have proofe at the end of this one... All can be changed now, and when it fits with the Alien movies then why not.
    Oh, and 'Aliens' clearly contradicts your saying...  It was only after Ripley told Burke and the CEO's that Burke sent orders for the derelict to be investigated...  So, Ash was only doing the cautious advice you would give to anyone when they encounter an animal you don't know...for poisonous reasons and such... so your allegations there are pretty arguable IMHO...
    Actually, Paul Anderson's statement was not demonstrated in the movie...If you noticed, what he said in the pre-production featurette about him saying that was when Weyland came to know about Alien technology, that statement was not proved in the movie... Everything related with the project/expedition died, except for Lex, and at no time did Weyland contact anyone at Weyland Industries, which pretty much contains the movie and the events depicted to Antartica... All evidence was obliterated, the Queen sank into a bottomless abyss...   There were many statements PWA made in the Preprod that nevr made it into the film: the Cambodja prologue was not there, only a variation, and the Aliens by the thousands still contained the movie, because PWa was just making a tease-joke about 'why certain civilizations disappeared without a trace'... IN AVP, there as nothing that would imply Weyland Industries could ever know about the xenomorph, because there wasn't even time to contact anyone outside Antartica... The voyage of the Piper Maru was 'CONFIDENTIAL', meaning only the participants knew about the EXPEDITION, not the finding of xenos and preds... So, grosso modo, I disagree with you there, Johnny...
  22. Johnny Handsome
    Even Anderson said in one of the special features that the Weyland cooperation already knew about the Alien, so by setting his film in antarctica he didnt thought about the Alien continuity, in fact, he wanted it to be a scary invironment and wanted it to be close to another planet, thats why avp was in antarctica, i think the Weyland cooperation already knew about the Alien, thats why ash is trying to protect the Alien the whole movie, hell, parker could have just finished the Alien on the table when it break out, an ash is yelling "Dont touch it", because he was beeing send to the nostromo to bring the alien back, problem solved with continuity, Alien fans just dont accept that, but it was even meant to be that way in the original Alien movies, people saw Aliens before! Done.
    So, that is why the mistake they avoided in AVP, which is placing the action on a POPULATED area (even if there are only 100, 200 livng there) is just desperation and dumbness... There is nothing that can come out from this that won't be controversial and B-movie-like...  Any spaceship falling out from space would have to enter the right angle (I think is 35º) otherwise the atmosphere would do its work... secondly, any crashlanding of these proportions would kill even the toughest biological organism, which in this case is the Xeno, so there will be an awful lot of 'suspension of disbelief' demanded to see this movie... I care about the story, for most of the Hollywood movies, but after Alien resurrection, I don't expect any of these franchises' movies or crossovers to be anything more than an FX fest, nothing more...   I will be knowing everything about AVP2 by the time AVP2 premieres in Europe, so I will know by then what to expect from this Crossover franchise without even having t go see it in a theater... And, as much as I love to see an FX-driven movie in theaters, I am becoming more adult about it, namely, watch it on rented DVD, rather than spending the double or triple watching it in unconfortable mall cinemas...
    Well, There is just too much convenience...thre ship crashing or crash-landing, nobody hearing it, landing on an ISOLATED smalltown, where there aren't any cars, people with video cameras, digital or regular photo cameras....Yeah, that is WAAAAY too convenient for me...! What are they, native americans or something...?!? The moment an Alien was sighted, many people would call lines, not just cell phones... This is not some bloody village in the Amazonian jungle, this is an American town !!!
  25. David's Creation
    I didn't say we KNEW the town was isolated, but it could be.  And when traveling mountainous areas and small towns, I've personally had horrible cell-phone coverage.  Who's to say the predators won't take out their communications either accidently in the crash or intentionally to screw us over?  There are some areas in which you'll have no cell phone coverage and if you do, it's only one tower.  Honestly, this is the only reason I can see for them wanting to set the film in a small town rather than a big city.  It's easier to isolate the situation in a small mountain town.  And I still don't see a problem with a coverup.  Weyland is a corporation, not the government.  Who says the government lets Weyland know everything?  And again, there's always the idea that a predator will self-destruct and destroy all of the evidence.  (I know this has been done repeatedly already, but that doesn't really mean the directors won't do it.)
    katarn, two probs in your rationale: 1) this doesn't mean they knew what the 'organism' was... 2) they could not have known the location of the derelict in advance - no evidence to support that 3) Aliens story contradicts your findings - Burke only sent Newt's family AFTER Ripley's return...4) For WY to kno about the ALien, there would have been physical evidence, therefore no specimen needed... 5) The characters know as much as we do - They were just guessing like we wereduring the movie, so this is no evidence at all... These characters are not omniscient, they are learning as they are moving along, an Ash was STUDYING it, meaning they had never seen a xeno... If they had known wha the Alien was oer how lethal he was, there wouldn't be any need for the ' crew expendable' directive...
  27. Katarn
    why does everybody keep forgetting Alien. Weyland-Yutani did know about the aliens. That's why the Nostromo was redirected to LV-  Ash abruptly replaced the previous science officer, whom Captain Dallas had shipped out with six times before. There is a reason he went against Ripleys orders about letting them back in again after Kane had been attacked. He also didn't want Ripley going after them.  Ripley askes Mother for advice on destroying the alien, but discovers that Weland-Yutani had recognized the signal as a warning and wanted one of the alien lifeforms brought back even at the expense of the crew:   "Nostromo rerouted to new co-ordinates. Investigate life form. Gather specimen. Priority One. Insure return of organism for analysis. All other considerations secondary. Crew expendable."  And there's also this: Parker: How come the Company sent us a god-damned robot? Ripley: All I can think of is they must have wanted the Alien for the Weapons Division. It's been protecting it right along.
    And, to finish my remarks, what Colin and Greg say don't make a dent on me... Before the movie premiere, they will always say 'you will be surprised, stay tuned, etc...' It is their job to try to sell their movie...And they sure are vaine and arrogant about it...         :D     ;)  
    Necrotard, when you do Aliens on Earth before 'Alien', you are breaking up with continuity! There's no way about it... AVP was set in Antarctica because PWA knew it was necessary to keep it isolated and contained, that was also why the Piper Maru trip was deemed Classified... We DON'T KNOW the small town is THAT isolated, and they have phones there, don't they? They have cell phones, etc, so the 'Isolation' part doesn't work here... That is another problem with setting AVP 2 in present-day small town, you can't bypass reality at all... And they only way for this to work and maintain continuity is 1) kill all survivors  and/or 2) cover-up, which goes against the fact that in Aliens Weyland-Yutani CEOs (not oblivious workers), Colonial Administration, etc, dissed Ripley's remarks, not believing her story...That could have been a cover-up? I don't think so... Burke sent Newt's parents only AFTER Ripley's testimony...So, a potential cover-up now would be ridiculous, because in 150 years, after Weyland had made contracts with the military, they would have known by then all they needed to know about the Xenos... Regarding the other way out for AVP2, A Predator thermonuclear detonation is old news, quite the disappointing finale...They all end like that, did you realise that...? I would definitely not like a movie (a sequel) that coward...
  30. David's Creation
    One more thing...  Someone said the director mentioned that they're probably going to break away from the continuity...  Where was the said???  On the director's quote page of this website, Greg is quoted as saying, "Everyone needs to understand that Colin and I are completely aware of the continuity concerns, and they have been addressed. We respect canon, and we wont break anything that happens in the Alien time line. The toughest questions arise when the canon of the various films conflict - and in these cases its our opinion to look to the originals as the guide. Everyone will need to remain patient in regards to the secrecy that surrounds our film - details will be released when we see fit. I would encourage everyone to hold off on their negative comments until they see the first teasers....this film isn't going to be what you are expecting." and Colin is quoted as saying, "Movies = Cannon."
  31. David's Creation
    I think with a little bit of imagination, the continuity of the Alien films is nearly untouchable, at least by this installment... (unless the aliens or predators destroy the planet and kill off the human race, but I doubt they'll do that...)   :P    We shouldn't just sit back and say "Well, the movie didn't explain why this fits with the other films, so it must not fit at all.  I'm angry and the series is ruined."  The way some of you guys talk, it almost sounds like you WANT to let this movie ruin the franchises for you.
  32. David's Creation
    Back to the idea of aliens and predators fighting in view of the public...  They could throw in a government cover-up easily.  I mean in the Resident Evil films, Umbrella managed to keep the zombie epidemic quiet for a while by telling the world it was an elaborate hoax.  There's always the idea that the government or some big corporation covered it all up.  Plus, this is based in a small mountain town.  Maybe they'll give reason for all communications to be down.  It's not that hard in the mountains.  I know people talk about how there will be traces of the alien and predator corpses and battles left behind, but the government can obliterate that stuff too.  (Sure, it's not the most intriguing or original idea in the world, but it keeps the continuity alive.)  There's plenty of time between the events of AVP 2 and Alien to make up some reason the general public of Alien's time, as well as the Weyland Corporation, wouldn't know about them.
    You are comparing the incomparable...A movie's success is a fluke, especially in the eighties, when they were experimenting...even the writers and moviemakers were amazed at how successful Predator and Alien became...  And again, don't compare the eighties with today, it will sound way off... It is like comparing our father's time with our own... Like I said, it is comparing the incomparable... For isntance, AVP is built on two franchises from thirty years ago, one, and two decades the other... Alien and Pred were the giant leaps into the unknown...I wished we had more of that today, instead of this pitiful and coward manipulation and lack of creativity that drowns our times...  And again, Dual Blade, I say again that we already know better than to have faith in the Devil we know... Fox is renowned, over the past decade,  for spawning blockbusters or sequels that are light years away from their originals, so why the faith then...? Why the high climb...? So that you can fall harder..? So you can build high expectations and then , inevitably, fall hard on your tush...? I don't think so... The moment we fall for the studios' pitiful marketing mensonges, we become what we detest: a part of the Matrix...      :D     ;)  
  34. Dual Blade
    Look, I can understand your fears RIJOENPIAL but lets look at this point from another view:  Predator for example, if you didn't know a thing about the stars of the show, never seen them act or perform AT ALL would YOU  have been confident about the star of the film an ex body-builder ( actaully two, Jessi Ventura) being able to perform the way you expected him to in the movie or just crash and burn a horrible death in the cass performance? My point is that it is not just the acting but THE WHOLE PICTURE, how the entire film will feel and look, the whole mode.  Alien, Ridley Scotts first film was the Dualist, would you have even thought that he could accomplish the sucess of this movie having come from an advertising carreer and nothing at all science fiction orinated, but FOX saw the potential there.  We are ALL anxious to see more shots of the movie, lets ALL be calm guys, the brothers WILL deliver,am sure of it.    ;D  
    Hey, I don't want a re-hatch of previous movies... Aliens was my nº 2 movie, and all I want is a movie carefully crafted from the script up because there is a lot of potential there, so clumsily and hastily misused by greedy corporations..Hey, Fox DOES look a lot like Weyland-Yutani...talking about self-deprication...    :D     8)  
  36. Katarn
    Well, someone is being a pessimist    ;)    The problem with most people is that they can't accept something new added to the A&P saga. All everybody wants to see, is Cameron's Aliens with a Predator or two thrown in.
    The moment you believe Fox is being honest with you WHILE all they are doong is trying to sell their product, you are done for... When a studio, knowing full well that only a magnificent movie will give them a boxoffice hit, greenlight a movie with this cast, writer and crew, so inexperienced, it is more a gamble than an assured hit...tell me I am wrong... and they know it full well, that is why they are having the longest post-production time for a movie like this, to condition the viewers into submission, feeding them until the premiere with little info, aiming at maintaining the hype and therefore have a massive attendance...basic 'sheep herding 101' there, Xeno... I, as a fan, am unwilling to giv in to this marketing 'out of the manual' policy...I don't know about you...
    Xeno, you are still making a  basic mistake: you believe everything you are told... I know a bad cast when i see one, and don't pretend that this cast assures anything more than a horror-101 cast': young, dumb and full of come... and i said that this cast is made of actors so secondary (almost extras) that they don't even register ...See IMDB's filmography of these actors and Shane to understand what i aim for... I have seen enough movies to acknowledge patterns... But that's me... The setting, which to you is not relevant, is exactly the gensis of the problem... You take the Xeno out from space into a familiar tv room, or parking lot, or whatever, you destroy the alien-ess of it... it becomes just an animal, on two ro four legs, against an humanoid masked hunter... And that's it... I am almost seeing an Alien being thrown into a living room with a TV on and all...and you tell me that is not making the characters frugal, banal as a dog chasing a cat or a cat chasing a mouse or fighting with other cats... I see wildlife fights which, in comparison, (and now they WILL be in comparison level...) look far more dangerous than this... The Pred on Predator2 looked too human in the city setting, so what do you think the As and Ps will look like...? Forget continuity, how about the mythos, the extraordinary-ness of the characters rendered banal by a «street» (and this time is literal) brawl between a Pred and various Aliens...?
  39. Xenomorphine
    What would the future provide which this would not? Continuity? But we already know the Colonial Marines were abolished and the more inept United Systems Military were put in their place. If you just want the Colonial Marines to be there (who are essentially the same as their contemporaries in our age), then you are still not going to have the question of the villains winning, because 'Alien Resurrection' showed the public were generally unaware of the creatures, by the time it was taking place.  If you want to have that element returned, then you have to factor in the USM and they were hardly professionals. At least, going by their leadership quality and behaviour in that film.
  40. Xenomorphine
    RIJ:  Glad to see you agree with me. :) Like I said, if you had judged 'Aliens' or 'Predator' purely on what was heard about a lot of characters in those, you would probably be coming up with similar conclusions. What matters is the execution of how those characters are handled.  Again, we know absolutely nothing about the story, other than the setting. Those involved in it have specifically pointed out that the script they are using is not the one others have heard of, regardless of a few of the more generic elements being involved in it (such as the setting).  And it's perfectly acceptable to compare 'Jurassic Park' with this, in the context of demonstrating why the inclusion of young characters can easily lead to thrilling sequences.  No, constructive criticism is not what you describe. It's much more balanced than what you are doing, which is essentially presuming everything under the sun, bnased on very little CONFIRMED information. You have no idea how good the cast is, other than making assumptions they can't be because you have personally never noticed them in other productions. Are we to say Harrison Ford is a crap actor, just because he was in the 'Star Wars Holiday Special'? :)  And the film's atmosphere depends on what goes on. 'Alien' is recognised as one of the best in cinematic history, but if it's analysed, very little in the way of actual story is there. Even less with 'Predator'. It really does depend.
    More FX, fights and gore don't make a good movie, not by a long shot...and I'm afraid too much time has passed for Fox to remember how to make a successful sequel... If you don't count X-Men 2, a movie that had an enourmous fanbase to make it successful, not because it was a good movie at all... Talking of soap-operish one-liners movies... So I don't need to see the whole picture to asset about what AVP2 will be or not be... I can distinguish between a good movie and a bad one just by seing previewing differences... I know a movie with a cast of OC, Smallville 'kids' is not comparable to a 'Saving Private Ryan' one...And I am not even taking into consideration the setting yet... Teh setting is ridiculous...And most o you said tha the pyramid one from the first was ridiculous, so why do you think a present-day smalltown setting, full of clich
    means (sorry..hit SEND by mistake...) ... A preview is analysing the hype or expectations, our own and others, and analyse the info available and see if that info allows for pattern-finding...This movie already gave enough info to establish a preview analysis...the concept, story, setting, cast, writer, etc...first draft script, what was maintained, what didn't...   I don't disguise my high level of expectations behind blind faith, but prefer to factualise them... I have seen enough of FOX past history in publicing and developing movies to know a decoy when I see one... When you want to make a good movie, you choose a good cast, not a 'cheap' choose a good writer, not a rewriter... and you chose a setting for a prequel that does not conflict in any way with what preceded it...  You CAN make a good AVP movie if you invst resources and brainpower in clue of that so far has come to my knowledge...
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