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Chelah Horsdal in AvP2

I have to admit, AvP2 news has been pretty scarce this month. Anyway, a new cast member has been added to IMDB’s AvP2 page. Chelah Horsdal will be playing a character called Darcy Benson, apparently. Never heard of her myself… though that can be said for most cast members in AvP2.  :wink: She’s made appearances in a lot of stuff, Smallville, Supernatural, SG1 etc.
Thanks to Darkoo for the news.

Edit: I just checked her official site for confirmation and found this: “Chelah is thrilled to be playing ”˜Darcy Benson’ in the Strause brothers’ sequel to ”˜Alien vs Predator.’ Don’t ask ”˜cuz it’s all top secret. We will tell you this: There is an Alien. And a Predator.”

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    AVP2 - The Promoting...  You've all seen the pattern so far...A cast of extras and secondary, tertiary-roles actors finally get their promotions in this monster-fest-kill-the-extras-and-teen-unchar ismatic-newbies (in movies, at least) nonsense... Also, who the hell cares who survives...? A movei to stand the test of time, has to, AT LEAST, have 1 renowned actor for marketing purposes...the majority of audiences will pass this movie EXACTLY because there is no good, renowned actor as a reference... A movie like this has a very short life expectancy and if you don't have memorable acting and situations, this will just be a 'see-and-forget' popcorn movie... Even worse than AVP who had actors that ARE good, but weren't given that much space to breathe... And I disagree with you Xeno on the last one... If the characters are unidimensional as they tend to be in movies like this, and given the lack of charisma of the cast, I find it very implausible to make that matter, who survives and who doesn't...
  2. Venenoso
    I think it's awesome there's no known actors in this one. It has to be really awesome actors if they're going to pull it off well in a AvP movie, and since that's not possible with AvP's budget, I'd rather have a completely unknown cast than a bunch of semi-known mediocres like in the first AvP.
  3. Cihbar
    Wauv some news haa. It says AvP got an Alien and a Predator. And I thought we would see Freddy Krueger with his blades chopping up some aliens.  ;)   you dont have to be einstein to figure out avp consists of predators and alien but if the site is referring to a PredAlien thats something else.
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