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CGSociety on AvP2 Editing

There’s a new article on CGSociety about the editing in AvP2. Most of it goes way over my head, it’s very technical. They talk about the crew using AJA KONA 3 and Apple Final Cut Pro to edit the movie.

“The Alien vs. Predator 2 editorial team modified their existing workflow to integrate with the pipeline at visual effects studio Hydraulx, setting up an Apple Final Cut Pro editing pipeline for the film that relies heavily on AJA’s KONA 3 card. Shot on 35mm 3-perf film, the setup allows Hydraulx to cut the film at a 1080i resolution, lay down previews to a D5 deck and go out to an HD deck for studio reviews before finishing the film with a 4K Digital Intermediate scan and film output. The pipeline employs five KONA 3 cards: a projection system, an editor system, a visual effects editor system, a utility system and an assistant system.

Interesting to note, they also call AvP2 an “effects-heavy” film.
Thanks to therockbottom65 for the news.

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  1. Xenomorphine
    Have you ever seen the sheer amount of raw footage a film like this generates? The number of takes for even the most mundane of scenes? :)  Until they both refine which pieces of film are going to be used and physically process it, there isn't any film - and that's what constitutes the making of it. Look at 'Underworld'. It's beautiful! Each and every single FRAME of that film had to go through a very special processing for the colour. The same applies to 'The Matrix', where they filtered out certain colours for the real world and then did the opposite for when the characters were in the simulation. If they're doing the same for this, then it's going to take some time.  The only reason people want any publicity materials is to get even more hyped up for it. There are a lot of months to go before it's in any way ready. Give them a chance to get it right, instead of going straight to the stage of making posters and so on.
  2. topman
    people are already hyped up about the movie when it was anounced that they are doing a sequel, so your a bit late there mate! plus the movie has already finished filming! all they are doing now are the final editing and making the picture cristal clear! (HD)!
  3. Xenomorphine
    It is highly doubtful that the lack of publicity has anything to do with that. You said it yourself. there are about nine months to go before it even has the possibility of being seen!  I've asked this before and nobody has answered. For those who are eager for posters and the like, what possible difference would it make to you if you got a teaser or anything else? There's no way anything particularly informative would be released yet. At the most, it might be a black poster with the right fot for the title shown on it. How would that change how great the product could be?  They're working on the film and that's how it should be. I actually found the last film to be fairly entertaining, but most people didn't - and they released tons of pictures and the like before that was released, which a large number of people felt hyped up by, only to be disappointed by.  Why would you want to go through that again?  I say, it'll be ready when it's ready. Why rush them? Finish the editing process first. If they have to go through the entire picture to tint it in some way (much like 'Underworld' and 'The Matrix' did), then they aren't going to have many finished images for a long while.  Please, just wait. Don't judge it by how many posters you see. That's why we get so many superficial films now.
  4. Xenomorphine
    No, it's not like a 'f**k you' to anyone. Seriously, you should be ashamed for making such a comment.  The site in question probably just asked the special effects people what hteir latest project was and if they could have an interview. It doesn't affect the story, so they probably agreed. There's nothing wrong with that! It probably wasn't even intended to be read by any of the fans for the film.
    That lack of news, Deco, only means one thing: they KNOW it is bad, because by now, though 9 months from now, they should already have a marketing engine running, not with scarce info, most of it is dubious at best, but with more pics, screenshots, etc... and they would surely push the 9-month post-production up a few months...They know fans are already discussing it and news few and far between get too much dissecting, hurting the movie more than it helps...'Too much hype can kill ya',  Fox... YOu should know that by now...Sheesh, why don't you sell the franchhises' rights to Warner...They did two Matrix MOvies in one year, so take a hint already...!    >:(  
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