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AvP2 – Least Anticipated 2007 Movie

Some worrying news. There’s an article over at MSNBC about the least anticipated movies of 2007. AvP2 is listed fourth, right under Fantastic Four 2. :angry:

“I love it when a movie feels the need to name itself twice in the same title. Like the audience is so lazy they won’t be able to bother themselves to actually speak the entire thing, even when buying a ticket at the box office, so they give you an out. If you want to call it simply “AVP2” then you can and it’s okay. It’s the studios way of telling you that nothing really matters anymore and that this movie is a part of that philosophical manifesto. Will Alien prevail or will Predator? Does it matter in the end? Aren’t we all just dust in the wind?
Ray of hope: The remote possibility of brief sequences of half-way decent monster-fighting. Maybe.”

I looked at the poll results and AvP2 is currently second to Saw IV with 12% of the votes. See, this is what happens, when nobody knows hardly anything about a film. Thanks to Trioxide for the news.

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  1. Elder Predator
    honestly, the guys who put AVP 2 in fourth place must have been seriously drunk to do that!!!!!! AVP 2 is gonna be great do any of you guys agree
  2. jimmylace
    remember when alien movies were summer releases?    :(   obviously its a smart move to release this in dec given the crowded summer...but am hooping this secrecy is a positive thing and not a negative
    Don't worry, Buttzilla, there will always be critics putting it down...I, for once, am just making a negative preview from what I have seen and known so far...but i sincerely hope the Bros. pull that one off...It is the only way we will get an Alien 5 or a Predator 3, so...   ;)  
    AVP was good is some aspects, AVP2 will be in some others, but they still will be just popcorn movies, meaning just something to pass the time, not think about it like a JFK or Seven movie...It is supposed to be funny, not brainstormy... The subtext in a movie like this is absent, unlike the Alien ones which had many... AVP is not aiming to be canonic, just a movie to watch when we don't have anything elese to watch...That is why they have such strong and costly marketing strategies...A good movie sells itself, right...?   I Apologise for the overly long posts AGAIN... Apparently, I am not a man of few words...   ;D    I again apologise for monopolising the message board like this, guys... but hopefuly, this will prevent me being wrongly understood, so...
    AVP1 and 2, in the minds of us fans, had the overwhelming and quite impossible task to be as good or as fun as the A/P ones, which is no longer possible in this day and age...Hollywood is having a creativity crisis I had never seen before...Suffering from Sequilitis fever, they are afraid t invest in new things, new concepts, new filmmaking...just aiming at an easy buck, regardless of quality...AVP 1 and 2 are the last victims of this disease of epidemic proportions, suffering from the same lack of courage, quality writing and too technology-driven mentalities...I like visual fx, but they do not make a movie, just a tool... PWA is a commercial director (why do you think one keeps delivering him the writing and directing videogames-turned-movies...? Because they know he is no Ridley Scott or Jim Cameron...) who is capable of delivering fun movies, providing you don't dwell on them too much...   ;D   All this babbling to say this: AVP2 may or may not meet our low or high expectations, but that is no reason to be worried about it...It is just a movie supposed to be fun and entertaining, not something to dwell on, nitpicking every little thing...if i did that to every movie i've seen, i would be better off not seeing them...
    Pitching these two monsters together is just supposed to provide a fun time to viewers, and the backlash that AVP had demonstrates that Alien and Predator fans are too impatient to watch a movie that doesn't meet their overwhelmingly high expectations, especially amplified by the disappointment called 'Alien Resurrection' and going even further back, Alien3... I am in a confortable position to say that I liked Alien3, it ended Ripley's saga beautifully, and AlienRes is just a movie to amuse ourselves, kinda like AVP, because Ripley is no more, and a clone is not the same thing...They just experimented with Alien morphology, that's all...just an experiment to cash in, of course, because the saga ended really with Ripley...Don the line, I believe they may come back to the Alien franchise, without Sigourney, because there is still a lot of territory to explore...I was hping for a last final movie with her and Lance Henricksen, but we can't get all we want, now can we...? Nevertheless, an Alien 5 or Predator 3 is quite possible, even unavoidable, because AVP is not a good thermometer for the franchises...AVP's impact will not be the same the Alien ones had, and that has to be addressed while making it...meaning that our expectations are more demanding than when we saw Alien, or Aliens or Predator...that is why they built the mythos, they gave us something we never saw before...
    I never go to see a movie like this expecting it to be with top-notch dialogues, story and cast performances..I expect to see a visual movie, with enough action and an art direction that catches the eye... I discovered we enjoy this type of movies more the moment we see them for what they truly are: just a 90 minute-entertainment flick...The Alien and Predator series have nothing to do with AVP, they just share the same monsters...PWA said that AVP was not approached as an Alien or Predator movie, but just as a 'standalone movie' simulating what would happen if those two ever came face to face...Of course, I disagree with him on this, because Predator 2, with that Alien skull joke, inadvertedly joined the two franchises on the same timeline, being the Predator one the past and present and the Alien one the future...AVP connected these two enriching this 'Universe' (all who read Marvel and/or DC know what I am talking about...) far beyond the isolated franchises...And that was awesome!
    Also, there are two type of fans, IMO... the ones that read between the lines, that don't need that much information to see through the cracks, and fans that no matter what still have faith, despite all the info available... I am in my late twenties, and I watch all types of movies, but these are the ones that appeal to my inner child most: I remember seeing the three Aliens when I was 15 (I was a late bloomer) and despite the fact that I got bored to death watching Alien, the second one and especially ALien3 made me fall in love with the series...Aliens was all action and Alien 3 was a more mature, deeper and amazingly filmed movie... The Alien saga is untouchable in our minds and hearts, and all AVP 2 can be is an entertaining movie where we can see the latest developments in CGI, animatronics, puppeteering and costumes design...and that's all...The story always takes a back seat in a movie like this, you all know an action flick, the 'action' word gives it a 'monster' movie like AVP, the 'monster' one...
    ...Also, AVP2's low expectations among mainstream audiences just shows one of  three things or all: 1) they are not interested  2) AVP disappointed them, driving them away 3) they prefer movies with more depth than this... This type of movie is a tough one to sell...It isn't Alien, it isn't Predator, just a Freddy vs. Jason spectacle...I am a fan of Alien and Predator movies, and i knew from the start that AVP was just a ' standalone movie' to cash in on the two franchises and take a temperature reading to see if the franchises were still alive and kicking...And from the looks of it, AVP was not the final nail to Alien coffin, Alien Resurrection was...
    I think all the reservations have a right to be... given the small investment by Fox in terms of capital, casting and script, i think fans like me need to be prepared for the worst...AICN's review got out just a couple of months before principal photography began, we already know what the Aliens and Predator will look like; we already know bits and pieces that help build a preliminary image...The latest news are not good for Fox at all...the high pressure, the low resources, the hype among fans (some of them already falling apart...) so early in the game makes me wonder if it is a good idea to build this hype so early...By the time the movie premieres, a lot of us will be disappointed, not because the movie is that bad, but because of the too high expectations that built too soon...The marketing 'bits and pieces here and there' routine doesn't help...
  11. Ermac
    QuoteFans could finally get what they want.
    I never wanted it to be set in a small, mountain town with a cast straight out of The O.C and a couple of directors who have no experience.  Maybe you're te kind of person who's so desperate for this movie to be good that you'll ignore all the signs saying this will be awful.
  12. Pvt. Hicks
    What if they are planning something BIG? Would you want it to be ruined then? Fans could finally get what they want. And I know you knew it didn't come out mid year, I never said that.
  13. RakaiThwei
    Pvt.Hicks:   I didn't say the film would be coming out in the middle of 2007, I said more <I>information, pictures, concept art, and maybe a trailer</I> -- not the actual film. I am patient, and I could wait til December for AvP2 to come out but I'm just saying at least give they should give a taste of what is to come-- sure, we got ONE picture, why not concept art or more photo stills?
  14. Pvt. Hicks
    Yes you are, it's not about quantity, but quality. And the quality of my believe in the series is strong, high, and freakin' mighty buddy. Oh and to the above poster, the film isn't coming out until the END of the year. Dude dude dude, it's practically a year until it comes out...use your noggin, and have patience.
  15. RakaiThwei
    Well the Strause Brothers did say that they would be telling information out more in the middle of 2007... It's now the middle of the year, or close to and we haven't so much as heard more new information, pictures, etc...   I am looking forward to AvP2 with all my heart... and I believe it will be a great flick... but I will say this..   Fans need to see new information, pictures, hell a trailer... from the Strause brothers.. It's high time to settle things...
  16. Pvt. Hicks
    I think we know it would be the last one dumbass, we don't need a f**king naysayer to bring it down. You have to realize, I'm f**king 15 and been a fan since the tender age of 4, and know all the movies forwards and backwards. I'm not going to let some guy who isn't a fan of the series ruin my expectations or make fun of my franchise or bring it down in any way.
  17. Jonesy
    The type of people that vote in an internet poll at msnbc arent the type of people that are into horror/scifi movies or movies with lots of action and gore. Itd be like polling this site to see how much were looking forward to the Nancy Drew movie. Its not a good sample of population.  I dont think AvP2 is highly anticipated anyhow though. My guess is it might make it to 50 million. If it isnt good, and gets panned the way AvP did, this will be the last one, unless they do something straight to video.
    Leprechaun, even though I have low expectations about this movie, I will see it regardless... first, because it is a visual FX movie, which is only best seen in a theatre, and second, because i am dumb...    :D   Only a dumb person like me would see a sequel to a no-brainer movie, even though i liked its lack of ambition...Hey, i think that is why they call us 'fans'...    ;D   But seriously now, the problem raised by this news is that it will be a boxoffice letdown because if nobody wants to see it, the nobody will...Just us, fans, will not be enough...That is why the PG-13 was there in the first place... to attract all fringes of, an R-rating  will reduce even more the attendance...I don't know about you, but teenagers pre-17 will find a hard time seeing it on theaters, and the mainstream audience (grown-ups, boys and girls) will give it a pass... And the fiasco of the first will just amplify things...I wished the scenario was a better one, but we can all blame Fox for the status quo...
  19. leprechaun62689
    EVERYONE only your decision on this movie counts.  Just because it has a low anticipation rating doesnt mean anything but only that it doesnt have to meet such a high standard of expectations.  THIS IS WHERE WE GET SHOCKED AND AWED BY A GREAT MOVIE.  I will be there to see this movie.
    ...Trailers are deceitful by nature, just a fast sequence of scenes that most never make the final cut...remember the trailer with Grid on the surface with the hanging human corpses behind it? Never made the final one needs to be skeptical about the real value of a movie just by seeing a trailer (not to mention a teaser, which is there solely to amplify the hype...)... Most trailers have footage that never made the final beware the usefulness of a trailer...A synopsis would be enough FOR THE MOMENT to know if it is worth seeing or not...some screens too...but I agree that this news about the general low expectations by NBC polls together with the Christmas release doesn't look good for the boxoffice...That and the general letdown of AVP...That is why Fox should be doing an extensive marketing campaign throughout the year, starting right now with a synopsis and more screenshots...They need to start right away to convince us, fans, and the general public that AVP2 is worth seeing...It is time they learn from their past mistakes...   >:(    And I agree, a poll that has the Turtles above AVP2 in the hype factor is not one to take into consideration...    :D  
    I agree with Darkness's first remarks...This movie has a lot against it, and I am not talking about the script or cast or ADI here...the marketing for a movie like this, especially with a controversial first movie, has to be extensive, not a drop here and a drop there...The hype must be built from early one with trailers, screens, etc... throughout the year so that by the time it hits theatres, people, not just the hardcore fans, are motivated to see the movie acknowledging what the movie is about and if they should see it or not...
  22. Xenomorphine
    When they eventually do a poster, there will then be an outcry that it's not graphic enough or something along those lines. Some people are too eager. Let us wait and see what the actual film is like and allow the publicity to do what it likes. :)
  23. XxSaNdMaNxX
    i my self feel alil negative about the movie imean we all know it comes out till dec. but theres not even a website it dont even need a whole lot onit but just to keep us informed n with pix like the ones that have come out but i guess we gatta wait.....
  24. Trioxide
    We are all feeling the negativity due to the lack of information surrounding AvP2. But that doesn't justify taking an alarmous position, Wolfboy..... I'm sure that all of us have great exciting for this movie. Besides, the last thing we need is to jump at each other's throats...      :-\  
  25. Wolfy
    wolfboy | 18 Mar 2007 20:29 7  You're an idiot if this affects if you wanna watch the movie or not. Get a mind of your own!   ^^^ Never said this had affected oppinion, just thought this would be a good topic to explain what I thought.. Obviously I've got a mind or I'd be retarded,,,
  26. Mr. Weyland
    The reason why Fantastic four 2 is above AVP 2 is because FF4 2 as trailers and stuff, AVP 2 as nothing but 1 movie image, this reminds me what happend to Resident Evil 2 movie, the way not advertising    :-[  
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