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Alien/Predator Parodies

Just finished another article this week. Alien/Predator Parodies in other tv shows. Sure, there’s probably a million of them but I’ve only included ones that I’ve seen for myself so I’m sure the page will get updated over time. I’ve also uploaded video clips of all the animated parodies on that page too.

20070304_01 Alien/Predator Parodies

Be sure to download The Simpsons Clip where Groundskeeper Willie goes into the airvents after Santa’s Little Helper. Then Principal Skinner is watching on this motion detector monitor. Direct parody of when Dallas goes into the airvents in Alien. I thought it was very funny.

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  1. movie_godzilla
    I can remember an episode of 'Animaniacs' where ther was an WB party, and you see a lot of tables where a lot of movie characters where sitting. and on one table where ripley sitting near by an alien and they where fighting about something like married people. pretty funny but i dont know whitch episode it was and i cant find it.
  2. Hankerson
    My favorite parody was from “Johnny Bravo”, he wakes up in a Xenomorph hive and an egg opens up in front of him, he giggles sheepishly and the screen goes black and it says The End.
  3. SiL
    Found the episode - Episode six of the season with Christpher Eccleston, 'Dalek'. They're looking around in a guy's private collection, and an Alien Egg is visible in a display case. Can't find an image.
  4. SiL
    There was one on the new series of Doctor Who. They're going through a collection of alien artifacts, and in the background you can see an Alien egg. Forgot the episode, but I'm fairly damned sure it's the one where they discovered the chained-up Dalek.
    Cool page, a few of those are oldies but goldies.   I remember another animaniacs episode where the animaniacs are in trouble, and they say "we could be an endangered species", and then the camera pans to Arnold Schwarzenegger being pinned up to a tree by a Predator and saying "endangered species!?!?!?!?.  Pretty funny.
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