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New ReelzChannel AvP2 Segment

Looks like ReelzChannel have done a new segment on AvP2: “The Special Effects of AvP2”. They went to the ADI Studio and talked with the guys behind the special effects, Tom Woodruff and Alec Gillis. This is more of a general featurette until the very end when they talk about AvP2. They say because of the story in AvP2, it’s a different Predator this time; they’ve tried to come up with a different version of it which is very detailed and very complete.

20070303_01 New ReelzChannel AvP2 Segment

Thanks to Phil for the news.

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    ...which seems a waste of time...despite the marketing time zone...I gather it is too late to premiere in the summertime, but december is too late...and if the movie doesn't premier all copies at the same time, Fox will have a serious problem...because most will know what to expect before they go and see it, which is not good for a movie that had such short time to produce and make and so much time in post-production and on marketing drive...  Let's hope they surprise us with an early release, preferably late summer...because Christmas is too late, especially with all this hype going around...
    I don't know why AVP2, which will have much less FX than the first, will have one of the longest post-productions for a movie like this...they ended now, February, March 2007 and the movie will only be available on December 2007? Come on... 9 months????!!!!!!!! Boooring... They could shoot a new movie within this time frame...
    What will puzzle me is if there will be any screenings for the movie critics, but from the looks of it, the Pred mask is still rubbish, with the mask covering half the face of the Predator, although aged and full of hunting trophees... but it still looks bad, IMHO... The Alien head is too metallic like and definitely NOT the 'Aliens' design... The first AVP2 picture actually looks in the sewer system described elsewhere, especially in the supposedly-dropped-and-ICN-reviewed, it appears that all it was done was mere cosmetic writing to the 2005 script...the earth setting, sewers, aliens from where? sole predator answering the distress call looks pretty much what was already in that controversial script...and this documentary which is nothing more than what we, Alien fans, have seen in Alien Quatrilogy's extras.... so, what does that tell ya? This and the advace screenings will be your first and last clues...Let's hope the post-production does miracles, because it doesn't look good...
    I don't mean to be mean, but that is just how things are...Usually, the more hyped a movie is, the worse the disappointment becomes...AVP was a good movie, it just didn't meet the fans' too-high expectations...They wanted a fight on an alien planet, Paul gave a Earth remote setting...he gave one brawl between Alien and Pred, fans wanted inumerous fights...he gave a human cast to identify ourselves with the emotions, despair and courage they showed, the fans prefered only Aliens and Predators, with the human race only as anonymous cannpn fodder...You know that your wishes will never come true ina  movie, don't you? Fox will always want to please fans, but more than that, they want to attract the more mainstream audiences, that is why they will give more air time to the human indigenous community, making the Aliens and Predator appear from time to time in the background... You know this, don't you?
    I just don't see the relevance of an AVP sequel...   We are long overdue for an Alien 5, and Predator 3 would be like Pred 1 and 2, only probably in a different setting and time frame...but an AVP2? TWo monsters shooting, empaling one another, what's the fun in that? And after 5 movies with Aliens (this will be the sixth), they aren't frightening anymore, just getting too much familiar, hence losing all it's appeal...  And from my experience, movies always tend to look good especially if we are dying with antecipation, but we all know, from recent experience, that we tend to become disappointed with the final results...And the tendency is to get worse...
    What do you expect from a movie called 'Alien versus Predator'? Fight scenes, right? So what about the setting, the context of the movie? How could you make a movie without the human element in it to give tension? Would you make it a 'up close and personal' battle or a 'shoulder cannon' shooting range? On Earth or on the Alien or Predator planet? These are the questions that go into making of a script like this, a script about two of the most powerful sci-fi franchises of the movie industry... Paul, IMO, did the best he could because he didn't have that much to work with...he wasn't gonna make an Alien nor a Predator movie, but a m
  7. Darkness
    Well, Shane Salerno rewrote a lot of Anderson's script in Prague so we still don't know what Anderson's was like originally. But even so, nothing could have improved Anderson's script. It was terrible from the outset. Same thing with Alien Resurrection. Nothing would have improved that script.  I agree with you on the last bit though. I do appreciate what the Strause Brothers are doing on IMDB but yeah, all they're doing is trying to build hype up for their movie and to dispell any negativity.
    Nevertheless, If Fox doesn't like a particular script, it forces the writer to improve it, to correct the mistakes and make it better...Fox is the only one who can greenlight a script to be filmed and with Paul Anderson's script it was no different from the Alien3's and the Alien Resurrection's...When you greenlight anything, it means you are OK woth it, so where's Paul Anderson's fault on this? If you read Paul's script, it had a lot of scenes deleted, a lot of scenes that didn't make it, especially one final confrontation between Scar and Grid, that actually showed up in a teaser or something, so there are a lot of evidence suggesting that the main reason why the Alien and Predator franchises are in the current state they are, is solely because of Fox's and Brandywine's arrogance, greed and cowardness... Tell me I'm wrong...!  About the Strause Bros., this 'talk to the fans', IMO, is just another marketting strategy to try t convince fans that their product is worthy...No different from the teasers, trailers, Inside Scoops, etc... just lining us up for the to speak...   ;D  
  9. Darkness
    Sure, Fox are to blame as well but the directors and writers have to take the blame as well. Paul Anderson is a terrible writer, terrible director, he has to take the blame for a lot of it.
    All i was trying to say is that Fox has the final word about the script to be used and the final cut of any movie submitted...Ergo, FOX is the only one to be blamed for the decay of the Alien/Predator franchises, NOT David Fincher, Jean Pierre Jeunet, Paul Anderson and the Strause Brothers who I fear will be in this bunch...
    Trioxide,  I was saying that the Predator that will show up in AVP2 will be one of those predators that were already hunting on Earth...  About Stan Winston, apparently, the Fox brass doesn't know that old saying ' It takes money to make money'... You accuse Paul Anderson, Jean Pierre Jeunet and Joss Whedon of destroying the Alien/Predator mythos, buut the only ones to blame are Brandywine, Alien powerful and arrogant producers, and the Fox top honchos who gave the green light for them to premiere the way they were and in the state they were. Paul Anderson was just another victim, like we were, of constant creative interference and maiming from Fox...the same with David Fincher and Jean-Pierre Jeunet...They LIKED Joss Whedon's script for Alien Resurrection, that was why we had that movie...The director is just a tool, the fall guy who gets blamed for the fiasco...not the producers who stripped the franchise bare...! That's my take, for all it's worth...
    Sil,  I stand corrected... Thanks.  Nevertheless, one of the criticism about AVP was 'Why wasn't Stan Winston involved in this?' It seems the Strause bros. did not seem necessary to involve old Stan in this... I hope the ADI boys do a better job on the Pred's face and helmet (according to the released pic, they DID NOT!! Bummer... it looks aged enough - seems it will be one of the Preds that were already on Earth, like the Pred I and II...) than they did on the first, making itrlook as organic and realistic as the first twqo Pred flicks... That is what i expect anyway..because about the settings, you already know what i think...
    I think that everybody who has watched Alec Gillis and Tom Woodruf Jr. on the Extra discs of Alien Quatrilogy know that they reveer H.R. Giger and not take credit for his original designs... This has just been the reporter misspeaking, that's all...  Also, I think Gillis and Wodruff, as former Stan Winston's compadres, ought to have made a realistic visage of the Predator...If you all remember Stan's designs from Pred I and II, he went to the trouble of drawing veins on the inside mouth of the Predator...and of course, wetting the skin to make it look more organic...In AVP, they failed to emulate those designs and the result was a skin that looked fake and a inner mouth that looked painted...Poor work there, guys! Nevertheless, these two are the best to do both designs, and that is why although the STrause brothers have their own FX companym they prefered to use ADI fot the Creature FX...
  14. Darkness
    They weren\'t the ones who took credit for the alien designs. It was the news reporter who said they had created them. But yeah, I agree Res wasn\'t their best work. The Newborn was pretty bad and the alien designs weren\'t great. I thought the AvP alien designs looked a lot better. But it\'s what happened with the Predators what really gets to me. Apparently, Paul Anderson insisted on using foam for the designs which is why they looked as bad as they did. But sure, nothing will ever be as good as the originals.
  15. Ermac
    Exactly what I said on IMDb. These guys blatently took credit for the Alien and Predator designs, when in fact their "versions" just plain sucked.  No-one likes you, ADI.
  16. ridetofight
    those guys created the alien? man, i always thought it was some artist guy named something like... giger? i like all the shots that they show from alien... because these guys didn't have anything to do with it. sorry to sound negative, but honestly, if you're going to report news and inform people, you might want to do some research. i liked the alien 3 creature a lot, but from there, these guys pretty much destroyed it.
  17. SiL
    Some mention of the changes they did for the Alien would'a nicely complimented their mention of what they did for the Predator, but I guess they did that with her constantly talking about all the work they did on them. Interesting nonetheless.
    I hate the fact I didn't see anything new, but the truth is I would rather not see anything until the very day I go see the movie, the surprise will be worth it. I want to be surprised but on the other hand I want to see something now!! >:( It's chaos!
  19. Stalker
    The clip wasn't bad, but it didn't tell us anything we didn't already know. They showed a few of the costumes from previous movies & explained some of the basics about how the alien head worked, but we saw nothing about AVP2 at all. A little dissapointing in my opinion.
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