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Shareeka Epps on AvP2

Shareeka Epps, Kendra in AvP2, recently gave a little information regarding AvP2 to MTV:

“I play Kendra, a human, and I basically try to protect my brother throughout the whole movie,” she said. Remembering how “Jaws” once made audiences afraid to go in the ocean, Epps said “AVP2” is set in Colorado and will dictate where audiences will be afraid to go next. “The aliens return through the sewers,” she said of the plot. “It’s crazy.”

It’s nothing particularly new, but she talks of how the Aliens get around in the movie: Through the sewers. You can read the original article here. Thanks to deezelboy for the heads up.

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  1. beeko
    something completely left field, the tv show lost i cant get enough of it, but its the most frustratingly good show on tv sorry i just had to say that after watching last nights ep
  2. Hankerson
    “Aliens vs. the Blob” I liked how the Blob used the sewers in the 80s remake. Although as far as I know, the monster in the toilet idea was thoroughly explored in Steven King’s “Dreamcatcher”. I’m going to watch is for the first time tonight, “Dreamcatcher” that is.
  3. Darkness
    @Ermac: LOL, I'm guessing it would be one of those side drains that run from the road or one that's already open.  @Hicks: Fighting together? Why would the Runner fight with the other aliens?.
  4. locusta
    What makes me wonder is the following quote: Epps will star in "Alien vs. Predator: AVP2," which comes out in the summer.  Does this mean there won´t be a christmas release?
  5. Sgt Apone
    The sewers... okay, I'm liking that idea. For some reason, I had never imagined that sort of scenario. Imagine a city worker heads down to the dark, dank sewers for routine check-ups and finds miles and miles of Alien secretion/hive crap covering the walls. Who knows how bad the infestation is - the entire underground network has been overrun? That could be scary. Here's to hoping...
  6. Danger Close
    I think that all this info comming out about the plot is too scripted. It's a trick. I believe the sewers, but the whole small town thing is a little fishy. I think the director's are misleading us. But that is good. The surprise will be good for us.
  7. Gattaca
    "AVP2" is set in Colorado and will dictate where audiences will be afraid to go next."  What, like the sewers? I don't need an AVP movie to tell me to be afraid of the sewers in Colorado; the rats down there are scary enough.
  8. Ermac
    "Shareeka Epps no AvP2"  Phew! For a minute there, I thought Shakeera was actually going to say there'd be no AVP2 movie. Pretty funny typo.    ;D  
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