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Weaver Says Alien Maxed Out

It’s been a while since we’ve had any Alien 5 news but Sigourney Weaver mentioned A5 briefly in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. Dark Horizons reports:

Talking with Entertainment Weekly, actress Sigourney Weaver says that despite teaming up with James Cameron again for his “Avatar” project, don’t expect anymore “Alien” films. “I love the character, but I think the monster, once they did the other film (Alien vs. Predator), which I never saw, but that really maxes our monster out” says Weaver.

Thanks to PlanetAvP for the news.

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  1. Bum Burster
    It would be extremely short sighted to pretend that the aliens can live long without good characters, and without any good arc.  What made the force of a franchise that is getting so badly juiced now was the bond between Ripley AND the creatures.  Although this is AVP Galaxy, so obviously, it's supposed to hold some kind of bias in favor of the showdown between the two species, seeing monsters fight is right for a few minutes of fanfilm, but it falls short on the long term, where what matters is characters and story.  Had the series started with AVP, they would have never lifted off as they did.  An ALIEN flick that's just about the aliens is pointless, and just worth satisfying a temporary need to see the monsters again, in order to sell more merchandise.
  2. Sgt Apone
    This is what Aliens needs: take the formula for "Batman Begins" and apply that to Aliens. Get a director who is known for good DRAMA - not just great visuals. James Cameron just happens to have both qualities in abundance.   So we've got a director, now you hire a screenwriter who is also KNOWN FOR DRAMA - NOT SCI FI EXTRAVAGANZAS. Tell this guy to start over, show us mankind's first encounter with the aliens, as if Ripley had never existed. Tell this writer and director that we're going for dark and gritty realism, almost documentary feeling - NOT slick, flashy Star Trek sci-fi! Imagine the natural, muted colors, the hand-held camerawork, the real human stories behind the characters, and most of all, the SLOW BURN of the story. Remember last year's "The Descent"?   Hey, I just thought of the perfect director: Alfonso Cuaron. Watch the recent flick "Children of Men" and tell me you don't think Cuaron's style of filmmaking would KILL in the Aliens universe.
  3. Sgt Apone
    I remember getting a huge thrill reading the Dark Horse comics and at the end of one of the series Ripley gets a hero's intro, holding an impossibly huge collection of guns. So there IS this feeling that Ripley makes it "real Aliens", as opposed to a spinoff. However, I do think that it IS time to let her go and get the series a restart.
  4. Kevin
    Why do we need her anyway the main charactor is the alien. Nobody cares who he kills and nobody is going to see her anyway she should have stayed dead in 3. She ruined the whole movie in 4. We dont need the same old actors we need NEW alien movies.
  5. RakaiThwei
    I actually agree with Hicks on this one here... I am getting ill of her as well. All she does is whine and moan about the Alien-- and she said she hasn't seen AvP.   Point is.. no one like an old crochety whiner.
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