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Alien/Predator/AvP Roms

Ah, they don’t make games like these anymore. I’ve just finished uploading all the Alien/Predator/AvP roms to the Downloads Section. There’s games ranging from Alien on the Commodore 64 to AvP on the Atari Jaguar, they’re all there. I’d recommend you playing the arcade games: Aliens, Alien 3: The Gun and AvP. They’re pretty good. For emulator info, check out this thread on the forum.

In other news, there’s an addition of three new comic-related articles: Superman & Batman vs. A & P Review by RakaiThwei, Predator: CJ Comic/Novel Differences by Snore and finally a review of Predator: Invaders From The Fourth Dimension by The Ultimate Predator.

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  1. Alex Villalobos
    LOL fun that i stumbled by this thread  I have Kawaks and Aliens vs Predator The Arcade game by Capcom i also have The wierless Xbox 360 controller and The Xbox 360 gaming reciever on my Pc AvP plays very well with the Xbox 360 controller why dosn't Xbox 360 release this game on there Live  Arcade Marketplace I found that controller to work well with Fatal Fury Real Boat 2, Super Street Fighter II, and all the king of Fighters if buttons are configured right Xbox 360 is missing out  Kawaks is up for download at  and AvP is up for download at Rom
  2. Darkness
    It's pretty good. The controls are great too as you just use your mouse.  IRT Hicks: Okay, downloaded Alien Trilogy. Didn't like it very much though. The graphics are crap, same with the controls.
  3. SiL
    Legally? Yes.  In reality? Nah, probably not. As you said, they're not for sale. It's not like they can get any money off them.  Although the Alien Trilogy is now classified as abandonware...
  4. SiL
    True, but it's still illegal   :)    Not that I'm making anything of it. If someone came looking for illegal games on this comp I'd prolly be jailed.   ;D    AvP for the Atari Jaguar is awesome. Wish the ROM was better, but it'll do.
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