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Predator Number Confirmed

Horror magazine Fangoria recently spoke to Ian Whyte. It would seem they where at the same con as our forum member RakaiThwei. They confirmed the only one Predator rumor:

“Greg and Colin Strause, the directors, were very particular about the vision that they wanted to see in this film,” Whyte says, “and of course, being a movie called ALIEN VS. PREDATOR, that whole concept is featured heavily.” And Whyte was in the thick of it at all times, because as he notes, “There’s only one Predator [in the movie], but there are plenty of Aliens.”

The rest of the article doesn’t mention anything new though. You can view the original article here. Thanks to leprechaun62689 for the heads up.

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  1. Karl
    Ok, this sucks. Although I'm a big Alien fan, I'm always rooting for the predators. After having read the books and comics I really want see some 4-5 (at least) predators work as a tactical team in the film. The fact that the Predators got killed 1 by 1 in the 1st AVP film was really dissapointing, for me at least. And we didn't see them that much together. I though they would correct this mistake in the 2nd movie, but boy, I was dead wrong. This just killed my day.   >:(   I want 100 predators massacring thousnads of Aliens damnit!!!!!
    The idea of ONE Predator is a good idea IF it is done properly...kinda in a hunter/prey by one...however if half the town gets facehugged, the Pred does not have a chance! And this is my problem: this will either end with the Pred activating its self-destruct device or it gets killed, the surviving humans get the torch, and they finally get 'umbrella'-ed (meaning they get contained and the all situation desinformed...Pretty boring stuff, right?
  4. Eric
    If it was set in teh future, then the Predators would have to be given several hundred years of their own technological advancement. How could a team realistically do that and still make them recognised for waht they used to be? What could they possibly have which would be more advanced, from our perspective, than what equipment they already happened to have?
  5. Cihbar
    Common guys, lets just wait for the movie to come or at least the trailer then we will surely know the future of the movie and franchises. i hope they get it right this time and the story lives up to the franchises. Or else we colud wait for Arnie to make a dramatic return   ???  
    My criticism is about the foundations of the movie...An Earth-based American small town setting is NOT a good idea! I am only talking about how dangerous is the ground that the Bros. are stepping in! Also, i am not making predictions...i am talking about Shane Salerno's draft from 2005! We already know it will be on earth, and we already know that it will be on a small US town, so we already know waaay too much to already make an informed opinion about what is already wrong in this sequel! I don't need the whole picture to know already what a sorry excuse of a movie this will be! Do you?!
  7. Krycek
    I think that this movie will be worlds ahead of the first AVP but I really think that having one pred will ruin the watch-ablity of this movie unless the Bros pull a fast one by us and kill the Pred early and turn .it into an Alien movie
  8. gyro
    making early predictions of a negative type will not make the waiting any better --think posative remember the early comic books had small numbers of predators
    ... Unless they do a tight cover-up at the end of the movie, killing all survivors! Not a pretty picture, I have to say!   I think this sequel will vindicate everything about AVP because it will be so brainless that Paul Anderson will be the last man laughing! I really believe, from the looks of it, that not only AVP 2 will plummet big time, but will also jeopardise future Alien and Predator movies by disenchanting fans from both franchises to an indifference level... I hope I am wrong, I truly am!!
    Well, my fellow fans,   I am probably in a very lonely spot when I say that AVP was not that bad a movie! I could give you tons of reasons: the FX, either makeup and visual, the aliens looked greater than ever, the Preds not that great, but without Stan Winston and having to choose only one FX companym he chose the Aliens' FX crew for the last 3 installments of the Alien Saga...  About the sequel to AVP, three HUGE concerns:  1) the setting - completely destroys Alien continuity by setting the action on Earth, not a remote location, but an actual American small town. As you all recall, the tension in Alien Quatrilogy was to prevent, at all costs the xenomorphs from reaching Earth! Now, 150 years before the Nostromo's demise, we have Aliens on American soil, killing people!  2) the Predalien growth is too farfetched even for this Sci-fi crap! SO, we have to believe that the Scar's spawn would grow within minutes, attack a spaceship full of Predators (!) and manage to make a spaceship already out of earth's gravity pull (double   ???  ) crash into earth with everybody dying, EXCEPT the distress caller and an ALIEN (where did it come from) and FACEHUGGERS (where did they come from too?)...Although Shane salerno will PROBABLY solve two of these three probs, the fact remains that the small-town setting will remain and will throw the entire Alien continuity out the window!
  11. Jonesy
    I think what it means is that the Aliens are going to be made to look weak and the one Predator is going to wipe alot of them out. I hope they dont make the Aliens look too bad. If they get away from the Pred vs Alien hand-to-hand combat thats good though because a Pred should not be able to take on an Alien like that, the Alien would be too fast and too lethal up close. I think thres a possibility that the Pred could sort of ally with the humans too, and that would be a HUGE mistake imo. I hope to god they dont do that.   But this is what I expected. This movie is essentially a remake of "Critters". Thats a formula that I think should work pretty well though for this. I dont expect a masterpiece, but I can see how it could be entertaining, moreso than AvP which I think was a big letdown.
  12. Ok, it's true! I am in fact carbon based.
      >:(    I agree completely with Krycek. This film isn't just a relapse of the initial films. It's a fan film. One that should please all. A Verses movie. Which obviously means that fans from bith fics. are rooting for their favorites. This film, I have to say, is going to be very disappointing for (most) Alien fans. If the directors are basing this teaming on the original films then they should stay true to Ridley's and O'bannons initial concept of the Aliens nature. Camerons film was great, but ventured far from what original fans view as the true Alien. Plus (All technicalities aside) I'd like to see Danny or Arnold win a hand to hand combat fight with an Alien.
  13. XxSaNdMaNxX
    as much of a predator fan that iam im very pleased to hear that theres only one pred that also shows me hes ganna be one bad MOFO hahaha...   ;D  
  14. Krycek
    I don't like the idea about one single  Pred because now that means there will be no drama in the Alien and Pred fight until the last scene because you know that the Pred always walk away from each fight.
  15. uhhhhh
    Sounds good.  Plenty of Alien death this time around for sure!  And by "one predator" it is quite probable that they mean only one predator fights.  I wouldn't be surprised at a P2 type scene with a pile of preds.
  16. Eclipse
    The more and more I hear about AVP2 it really sounds like the are correcting all the horrible mistakes that plagued AVP. Could this actually turn out to be good? Maybe. Im hopeful at least.  Can't wait to see a trailer.
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