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Rich Ragsdale Interview

With a somewhat lack of movie or games news lately, it seems interviews are taking over! Well, who cares?! We’ve just uploaded another interview, this time with games composer Rich Ragsdale, the man responsible for the music of AvP1/2/Exinction and the cancelled game, Aliens: Colonial Marines:

“AvPGalaxy – Both franchise how different musical styles. How did you blend all these together for game soundtracks?

Rich Ragsdale – Each character had their own distinct style. The marines had the big “praise the lord and pass the hand grenades” militaristic vibe. The Predators had a more percussive, ambiguously ethnic sound. real tribal stuff. The aliens had a more abstract spooky vibe. Theirs was the least melodic. I thought that since the gamer was playing a character that has a insect like brain, their music should reflect that to make the experience more immersive.”

With new Alien games on the way, this is an ideal time for Rich to get some attention. It just wouldn’t be an Aliens game without Rich composing for us. Be sure to read the full interview.

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  1. Hankerson
    I must admit, half the experience is in the music. Some movies I can’t watch because I hate the music and the same goes for video games. I love the music in the AvP2 game. The Metroid games have some amazing music as well. The amazing music in “Alien: Resurrection” (which was reused in the TV movie “Falcon Down”) is probably the only reason I keep watching it.
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