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Ian Whyte/Tom Woodruff Q&A

Forum Member, RakaiThwei, went to a convention called the Monstermania-con in his home town in New Jersey. There, he met Tom Woodruff and Ian Whyte and asked them a few questions about AvP/AvP2. He posted his report in the forum.

RakaiThwei: Now the fans are wanting to know– WILL there be a PredAlien in AvP2?

Tom: Well people from Fox are everywhere.. [looks around] …Anyway– we know how the first one ends, and we know what has to go down, but I really can’t say whats going to be in it.

RakaiThwei even provided pictures of himself with Ian Whyte and Tom Woodruff. He also asked an interesting question about why the Grid’s tail was so long in AvP. Check out his full report in this thread.

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  1. Hankerson
    More action doesn’t always make a better story. Even “Aliens” saved most the action for the final quarter of the film, leaving more room for suspense and intrigue. The film “Alien”, “Book One” and “Book Two” are all very fine examples of less action and more mood-setting making for a better story. In modern films, story seem to be a tool directors use to show more action. In the old days, action was a tool that directors used to help tell a story and that’s the way I think it should be today...but I suppose that’s hoping for too much. Hmm...
  2. pmaz11
    I dont know if this already been discussed and what not but I noticed that avp 2 logo we were shown awhile back on the poster (with pumpkinhead on it) on the pic with ian whyte and RakaiThwei. so I take it thats what going to be the logo?
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