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Alien 3 Workprint Deleted Scenes

Just came across this. A user on YouTube has uploaded 16 deleted scenes from the Alien 3 workprint that weren’t found on the Alien Quadrilogy Special Edition. There’s a lot of extended scenes. The scene where Ripley pours water over the alien is a lot longer. The final sequence with Bishop II is a lot longer too. Dillon’s death has also been extended. The quality of the clips isn’t great but it was still interesting to see them. I do hope one day Fincher will do a director’s cut of Alien 3. Thanks to AvPFreaks for the news.

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  1. CheezySpam
    why in the world didn't they add these scenes to the quad? at least as easter eggs or something... i feel bad for fincher, it was a great movie because HE made it great despite the crap he had to put up with to make it.
  2. Darren
    Yeah, from what I've seen a "Director's Cut" should contain the dog-burster and the sequence where the alien is captured. I'm unsure whether they should have the alien bursting from Ripley or not. A lot of the dialogue in the extra scenes would need to be re-recorded by the actors though.
  3. Hankerson
    As long as Murphy’s dog Spike still dies in the “circle of life” scene; it was far more emotionally powerful than the stupid ox, Babe. And as long as Golic still gets to have his fun with the “dragon”.
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