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Alien War Interview with Gary Gillies

Staff member Corporal Hicks has just finished another interview. This time with Gary Gillies, the creator of the attraction, Alien War. We reported a few weeks ago that Alien War was making a comeback so we interviewed the creator to find out more about this. We asked him about how the idea for the attraction came about, the history about it and what the future holds for it.

AvPGalaxy – It must have been difficult making your dream a reality. How did you actually get the project off the ground?

Gary Gillies – I contacted “Fox” in LA and managed to with some smooth talking making out I was a big VIP from Scotland got through to the President and told him the idea, he loved it and asked to see some plans which we faxed over to him and a couple of weeks later we did the deal with “Fox”.

To read the rest of the interview, head over to this page.

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