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Aliens War Games Cartoon Short

I just stumbled across this, it’s a pitch/demonstration for a Clone Wars style animated series based on Aliens. Here’s what creator Joshua Dram had to say:

“This is work I did for a pitch for a Cartoon Network “Clone Wars” style animated series based on the Aliens franchise. Dream project for me. I created pre-viz work and a 3 minute animated storyboard for the show pilot.”

20070213_01 Aliens War Games Cartoon Short

Be sure to check this out. In order to watch the pilot, go to the Bluefields Creative website and click animated boards. Read more to see more pictures.

EDIT: Joshua recently told: “Nope, the project is at a standstill for now. Cartoon Network was interested, but Fox is a no-go for now. Someday, though!” It’s a real shame but maybe if the fanbase shows it’s interest, we could see this project going forward.

20070213_02 Aliens War Games Cartoon Short

20070213_03 Aliens War Games Cartoon Short

20070213_04 Aliens War Games Cartoon Short

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Comments: 8
  1. Eric
    It started off brilliantly. An excellent sense of atmosphere!  Then the character style showed. Ugh... Looking above, I really don't want to see the creatures or those they face looking like that. It makes for what could be slick animation, but it really doesn't gel with that sort of a world.
  2. Hankerson
    I guess I could see how it would be watered down but you should see some of the stuff they did with “Samurai Jack”. Violence is not an issue.
  3. Darkness
    I thought it started off well. Nice animation but I don't like the way the characters are drawn. It's common for characters to look like that in flash.  I liked the Extinction opening a lot.
  4. Harms
    Man, I hope this does not become a child-friendly version of aliens. The art design does look interesting. I wonder what the alien looks like in the cartoon, fully.
  5. RakaiThwei
    Thats true, or they could show it on Adult Swim... I hope they release it on DVD rather than the latter... cause Adult Swim is run by a bunch of childish adults.   Still.. I watched the pilot, and so far it's pretty good.
  6. RakaiThwei
    My only problem with this is that if CN teamed up with Fox and if this is a go, then surely-- this would be a watered down version for Aliens. Meaning there would be no human deaths, only Alien deaths. No chestburstings, facehuggings, etc. Also, this probably wouldn't be well recieved by kids, especially sensitive children. Keep in mind that Clone Wars is Star Wars and Star Wars was meant for all audiences whereas Aliens, wasn't.
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