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Reiko Aylesworth Talks AvP2

Forum member COEXERJ145 recently attended that “An Evening With Reiko Aylesworth” that was advertised on the site a week or so ago. He came back with details she offered on AvP2:

“- Fox hired Reiko the best personal trainer in Vancouver to help her prepare for the role. She worked out “2-3 times a day” and had a very strict diet and supplement regiment so she could appear “fit, toned, buffed and bulked up” for the role of Kelly O’Brien.

– Weapons she fires in the show include pistols, machineguns, the SAW (aka M249 Squad Automatic Weapon) and a tank mounted machine gun that “if you stand it up, it would be like twice my height and shoots flame out 8 feet when you fire it.” (Reiko is only 5’4”.)(I’m guessing this is a Browning M2 .50 caliber heavy machine gun.)”

To read the rest of COEXERJ145’s report, head over to the thread in the forum and you can ask him some questions. I’d like to thank COEXERJ145 for posting up this information.

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  1. Alienfan
      :-\   what to do mean wannabe ripley? ohh you mean the girl in AvP2 That copys ripley in Aliens and says the exact same like ''Get away from her you bitch!''? hmm, well if its true how do you know that if it didnt come out yet?? Wierd.
  2. Predator Schwarzenegger
    Personally, I was hoping for another Dutch style lead this time. Makes Preds look weak if they get aced by a scrawny human female like that (should it happen that is). I always thought Richard Burgi (Daxx in Starship Troopers 2) would make a great Pred adversary.
  3. JaredK21
    Reiko owns Sanaa when it comes to acting. 24 is so successful not only for it's amazing plots, but because of the incredible acting and interaction between all the characters. Reiko was amazing on that show, and I was so excited to see her land a role for this movie. I know she won't disappoint.
  4. Ermac
    Exactly, Frank. A wannabe Ripley complete with tank top, big guns and little girl by her side. All she needs now is a catchphrase like, "Get away from her you bitch!"
  5. SiL
    The girl playing Molly wasn't in Silent Hill - That was Jodelle Ferland.

    And I did like the Newt/Ripley relationship, if only because it made Alien 3 that much darker.
  6. XxSaNdMaNxX
    pretty cool but hey did u noticed how he mentioned , she said that aliens were allover the place,   then she says A predator not the predatorS............
  7. COEXERJ145
    One thing you have to remember is the kid playing her daughter only had a short role in the film (or at least that is what I've read elsewhere) so either she dies or is sent away for protection.  I'm guessing the latter but I have no clue one way or the other.

    Let me provide a bit of background.  Reiko's first film role was on "One Life to Live" in 1993-1994.  After the season was over, she didn't act for a while and worked in a daycare center.  She loves working with children, both as part of acting, and in the real world.  This is why she liked the part of being a mother.  In no way did she say that she didn't enjoy the rest of the film.
  8. SiL
    I like 'em in some films, but in horror movies they always drag it down and make the characters do stupid things solely for the sake of more cheap scares which often don't work anyway.
  9. SiL
    Not so much not liking things - Mother-daughter bit, though ... Tried so hard to forget! - just that it didn't really do anything to raise hopes (I was kind'a hoping it would).

    Not that I'm saying it was meant to, though. Just a personal observation.
  10. SiL
    I'm not gonna bash Reiko - Don't know anything about her or her work -  but I am gonna say that what she said doesn't exactly raise my hopes for the movie.
  11. COEXERJ145
    You're welcome.

    I would ask that everyone try not to be rude or disparaging toward Reiko like some idiots on IMDB are all the time.  I didn't post this to create a thread for Reiko bashing.

    When the event was over, I got to spend several minutes with her because I won the auction of a "24" Season 2 t-shirt (the entire event was to raise money for a scholarship for theater arts) which Reiko autographed for me along with a person message.  I also have a picture of me and her.

    I can tell you she is a very genuine, down to earth, and friendly person.  She spent a lot of time talking with everyone there who wanted a chance to meet her, have something autographed, or get a picture with her.  And even without being all made up she was still gorgeous.  ;D
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