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Alien War is Back!

I doubt many of you will remember this, hell not even I remember it but I know about it! Alien War was a theme park of sorts that was opened some many years ago, and now it’s back!

“We just heard from our long time friend Gary Gillies that Alien War will be returning. Yeah, you read that right, but let me type it again in case you missed it: ALIEN WAR is coming BACK!

Specific details are scarce, as everything is in the early planning stages now, but the plan is it to open this Summer back where it all started, and then take the travelling experience down to London, France, Germany, Europe, Japan and then a full tour of the USA starting in West and working it’s way across the country.”

Unlike last time, seems that Alien War is going to be more than just a UK exclusive. A big thanks to Aliens Collection for the heads up.

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  1. Ermac
    Awesome! I saw it advertized on my Alien3 video and always wanted to go there, but alas, it closed before my dream could be realized. Now I have another chance! There is a God!
  2. Dominion
    AWESOME! ive read so much about Alien war and never got to go on it as i was too young    >:(  . I even emailed the men behind the experience to see if it would ever come back and i was told \'we dont think it will be returning\'. But that news has made my day lol (just shows what a geek i am). All the fans that never got to see or go on it will get that chance........FANTASTIC!
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