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A/P Definitive DVD Covers

The releases of Alien, Aliens and Predator on Definitive DVD are not far away for the UK but some European countries have got their sets early. AliensOnline have got scans (front and back covers) up of the Spanish version of the DVDs but the UK versions will be similar to them.

20070129_01 A/P Definitive DVD Covers

The artwork isn’t bad. I like the Predator artwork especially. I had a brief glance at the back covers and I can’t see any new special features. It seems to me these are just repackaged versions of the existing SEs.

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  1. Ermac
    I wonder why they have a photo of a Resurrection Alien on there instead of one from the actual movie... To be honest, that Alien always pissed me off design-wise.
  2. Corporal Hicks
    I'd imagine these are just the old SE with a new packaging and a new cover. I'll check 'em out but I probably wont buy them.  I think I'll buy another Quadrilogy anyway, my first one is pretty worn.    ???   Watched it too much!
  3. wolfboy
    I still think the R1 Alien SE dvds are the best looking ones (minus Resurrection). All 4 of them were so consistent. And the packaging! It was one of the only reasons I bought them separately instead of getting the Quadrilogy.  Anyway yeah, no point re-releasing these unless they never got an SE version.
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