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Alien Planet Review

I think everybody has heard about the ambitious fan project, Alien Planet, by now. Writer, Anil Kunnel, wrote a script for Alien 5 and for the past few months, they’ve been visualising the screenplay through the use of storyboards on their blog. The intention is to get Fox’s support. Anyway, AvPGalaxy reader, John Nicholson, has written a review of the script for the site. Here’s an excerpt:

“Imagine a whole world designed by Giger with its organic, pseudo-sexual look combined with the abnormal and awkward looking bone-like structures, protrusions from the ground, lakes filled with unknown liquids and all this banked in thick blankets of fog. This is what science fiction is all about and this type of imagery combined with 21st century graphical technology could create something really spectacular and give the audience something not seen since the original Alien film. The potential here is limitless.”

You can read the whole review here.
Thanks to John for sending it in.

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