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Predalien Profile Page

With AvP2 coming out this year, I imagine a Predalien will be the hot-topic. I’ve created a profile page for the creature which covers its introductions in the comics to the games and now to the movies. It’s worth a read and hopefully gives people an indication as to what we can expect from Alien vs Predator 2.

20070121_01 Predalien Profile Page

I personally think one of the major problems with the Predalien is that everybody has a different opinion on what it should like. Let’s hope, ADI have done a decent job at creating the creature in AvP2 with a design that pleases the majority of people.

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  1. skullservant101
    well i think that the pedalien should be bigger because if it is the same size as all the others and people might not be able to tell the difference get my point
  2. Venenoso
    I don't think the Predalien should have dreadlocks, I mean why? I prefer that they do it as 'realistic' as possible. Or lets say, rational. I mean when facehuggers jump on humans, the chestbursters/aliens that come out don't got hair, get my point?  I do however think that they should have a bigger mouth and a different set of teeth with the mandibles, looking more like the Predators, and then of course they have to be a good deal BIGGER in overall size, say twice as big as 'normal' Aliens? My opinion    ;D  
  3. Akuma
    I thought that Preatorian was the correct term for a Hybrid Predator/Alien. Maybe since everyone has a different view on what they are termed there should be a * in the description.   Don't get me wrong, I like the description page. It has great information on the subject.
  4. SiL
    Oh boy oh boy, ADI's doing the PredAlien!  I foresee a bigger frame, dreadlocks, lots and lots of spikes, possibly even skin!  Oh boy it's gonna be GREAT!
  5. beeko
    they may even leave it out of the film, wouldnt worry me either way, people will only moan & bitch about it because  every one has their own ideas of what it should look like
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