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Sigourney Weaver Says No to Alien 5

I swear, she changes her mind with each interview she does. Yesterday, Ain’t It Cool News posted up some information from an interview Weaver did on French TV. The Alien comment is brief:

“Sigourney Weaver was invited on a show called “le grand journal” here in france, and she was asked if she would do another “alien”… She said no, she said that everything has been said about this creature and for her, it’s over..”

Thanks to juhuston for the tipoff. You can read the rest of the article here.

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Comments: 18
    Ok Famke Janssen it's time for you step up and take Ripleys place   ;D    All you got to do is slap on a white t-shirt on her, put some blood coming down here face and a give her a Pulse Rifles, bam!   ;D  
  2. Vasquez
    Darkness, how do you know A5 will even be made?  As for Sigourney's statement about nothing left to be said about the Alien, there's still the issue of the Space Jockeys which has never been resolved. I know all it was meant to do was add to the atmosphere of fear and mystery, but as far as plot devices go, there's still something to work on.
  3. Rakai'Thwei
    Is it me or has anyone noticed how bitter Weaver has gotten in the last eight years or so? Seriously.   I can understand Weaver not wanting to do Alien since in a way it has lead her to being type casted but I also agree that it is time for some new blood...   But seriously though... she just got bitter after Ressurrection.
  4. beeko
    i agree with you, time for a fresh start, they did it with batman & bond, she was good in those movies but at 56 years old i dont think fox would take the punt on her in an action role anymore
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