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New AvP2 Behind-The-Scenes Pics

Eight new high-quality behind-the-scenes pictures from Alien vs Predator 2 have surfaced. These were taken by somebody called “Mussels” last October on the AvP2 set in Port Moody. You can find them in the AvP2 Gallery. Here’s one of them which shows the Coyote, an Armoured Vehicle with some other army vehicles in the background:

20070110_01 New AvP2 Behind-The-Scenes Pics

The images range from props to camera cranes. You can also see a door with “Alien” written on the front in one of the shots. You can find the rest in the AvP2 Gallery. Many thanks to Trioxide for sending them.

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  1. Gattaca
    No, they'll have to nest in a warm environment like the reactor coolent processors in Aliens.  The sewers are dank, cold and lacking in room to move around.  Sadly, there's no place really sitable in this Colorado town for these Aliens to nest.
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