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Blue Predator Vision To Return?

I hope this turns out to be true as I didn’t like the orange predator vision at all in the first AvP. A thread was created on the IMDB Boards asking if the predators will use the same blue thermal vision from Predator 1 and 2. AvP2 co-director Colin Strause replied with “You’ll be happy.”. Yeah, okay it’s not major news but it gives me a little more confidence. Thanks to predpant for the news.

Update: Colin Strause commented further on the vision mode: “Here’s the deal. Thermal and IR cameras are the same thing. The “thermal” difference is a real-time color correcting hardware built into a IR camera (different from nightvision IR) that does the different color modes. The CCD chip in the camera produces a black and white image which is re-mapped to give it that color banded look. All the footage for this film was recorded in its black and white default look, and then we’ll be doing all the coloring in post so we have more control over the tempature ranges.

We filmed our APC video all on thermal cameras, so we are very used to how they work. You can’t see through glass, liquids, or see any patterens in materials. Also, there’s a company that sells head-gear thermal glasses if you want to be a real life Predator for about 10 grand. :)”

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  1. RidgeTop
    I don't care what IMDB says, their ratings suck because its all user based, hence why a film as bad as Pirates got an 8.  AVP was not nearly as bad as Alien Resurrection.  true they made some mistakes, and screwed some things up, but it was a fun flick in an interesting location with great looking creatures (minus the bulky predators)  AVP2 hopefully will correct all of what AVP was lacking in,  part of which being a great story (hopefully).
  2. AvP3
    Look at these IMDB votes, Anderson with his avp1 TOTAL NOOB! AvP1 movie is most bad. I hate Anderson! He can't made good vision for predators.  Alien 1          8.4/10 (87,150 votes) Alien 2          8.3/10 (85,998 votes) Predator 1       7.5/10 (36,883 votes) Alien 3          6.3/10 (30,724 votes)  Alien 4          6.0/10 (33,511 votes) Predator 2       5.6/10 (14,531 votes) AvP1             5.4/10 (26,403 votes)  Will last 4 movies should not be present here. Because sucked.
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