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ReelzChannel Visits AvP2 Set

A video has recently been posted on YouTube that was taped from Reelz Channel which did a small feature on AvP2. It features the Strause brothers talking about AvP2. Things they mentioned are:

  • Characters – They talked about how the characters in AvP2 are going to be ordinary characters that the audience will learn to like and sympathize with.
  • Rating – This was nothing we didn’t already know, but they talked about how AvP2 is going to be grittier and alot like Alien/Aliens.

We even got to see the filming of a scene from the film. It appears to be a scene in which an Airforce officer was talking with a business like lady.

20070105_01 ReelzChannel Visits AvP2 Set

You can watch the video on YouTube. Thanks to Brandon and Sandman for the news.

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  1. warhawk05
    Somebody should update the link, it says video was removed when you use it.
    but if you do a search for Avp2 you'll get the vid. I guess it was removed by Fox but later allowed to be reposted? There's even a comment by Reelz thanking Fox for allowing them to repost it.
  2. Trioxide
    Did you guys notice the scenery outside those windows? There is snow on the trees and the building right outside the windows has those traditional chinese "curves". Also, the woman is wearing a chinese dress ---> Mrs. Yutani ??  ;D
    I cant wait for AVP2, but I am also disappointed.

    It was said in ALIEN that the xenomorph was never seen on any world before.
    Now it seems as though earth had many alien outbreaks.  ???  :-\
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