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Underwater Scene in AvP2?

I was just looking in the IMDB Cast/Crew List for AvP2 and found an interesting entry:

Ian Seabrook …. underwater camera operator

So perhaps there will be an underwater scene in AvP2. Maybe a car or something crashes into a river or a lake. Makes sense I guess. AvP2 was filmed in Port Moody and Coquitlam amongst other cities which are situated right next to rivers. As for Ian Seabrook, the camera operator, he’s worked on many films and tv series over the years including X-Men 2/3 and Smallville.

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  1. Tara H
      ???   Ok, one question I have to ask. Its been years, but I read that the Predators were poor swimmers due to their muscle this true?  I would hate to see all those bad to the bone babies die.
    The story of SEED was such a good idea! The movie on the other hand could have been 20x better, but! That doesn't mean it was bad, I give it a A+ for a short student film.
  3. beeko
    all sounds good, just a short thing ive found on a dvd website here they are releasing the predator head dvd collection it contains pred 1 & 2 also avp,but it says it is an all new uncensored & more savage cut of avp, i wonder if its the same as the region 1 unrated edition
  4. Dual Blade
    This film WILL see a definate increase compaired to that of the first movie ( Which I still love, but could have been EVEN better)  As for the underground scene, who knows perhaps any ones guess, so hears my 2 pence worth :  The pred ship crashs ...  ... somehow the remaining preds escape ...  ... Along with the eagerly anticipating Pred-alien    ;D    I reckon around half-way or near the end we get to see a full on fight, underwater, an alien against a pred-alien  man, just so the trailer or ready, I beg    ;D     ;D  
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