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A/P/AvP Literature Section Added

The Alien/Predator/AvP Literature section has now been completed which contains information about every comic and novel to have been released. It’s perhaps the biggest resource on the net about Alien/Predator comics.

Alien Literature
Predator Literature
AvP Literature

Over the course of the next few months, staff members The Ultimate Predator and Corporal Hicks will be reviewing the A/P/AvP comics and novels for the website.

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  1. Deco
    I could put together a definative list for you if you like? just a suggestion! Dont get me wrong - this is the best AvP, Alien and Predator site going and bloody hats off to those who created it!
  2. Deco
    This isnt a comprehensive list - I have the entire Predator comic collection - It seems theyve left out a few of the one shots - Predator Jungle Tales and Strange Roux for instance - Good job nonetheless - this is the Ultimate AvP website
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