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Interview with Diane Carey

Another interview?! Okay, now we’re spoiling you. I hope you get used to it. A new interview with author Diane Carey has been uploaded onto the website. Carey is the author of Aliens DNA War and the upcoming Cauldron:

“Corporal Hicks – Being an experienced Star Trek author, does shifting from a franchise such as that into the dark and rusty world of the Aliens franchise effect you when you’re writing or coming up with novel pitches?

Diane Carey – Shifting from Star Trek to Aliens didn’t ruffle me a bit. I’ve done dozens of books, articles, screenplays, novelizations, on several subjects. I can write a historical in the morning and a non-fiction at night, or jump from the 1700’s to the 2500’s without a blink. Part of being a professional is being able to control yourself. Think of an architect building a church, and next week building a bridge.”

Check out the full interview and be sure to post your thoughts.

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