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Batman Dead End Fan Film Review

A new review has been added to the site. Staff member, The Ultimate Predator, has reviewed the infamous fan film, Batman: Dead End. Here’s some of it:

“You all may well know of this film, it is generally hailed as the greatest fan film ever to be created. Why? I won’t go into all the details, but it has great acting, a great concept, great director, great effects, need I say more? It was made in just 4 days, with a reported budget of $30,000…”

He scored it 5/5. Read the rest of the review on this page.

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  1. uhhhhh
    just watched it on medium res, maybe the high res is jammed or somehting.  Movie was awesome!!!  just 2 things, no way in hell batman was gunna parry the pred like that, and no way possible the batarang could cut through the pred blades.  AWESOME ending!!
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