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Interview with Bob Greenberger!

Two interviews in one week?! We’re spoiling you guys a bit too much I think. Recently I had chance to talk with Bob Greenberger, one of the authors of DH Press’ latest Predator novel, Flesh and Blood:

“Corporal Hicks – The Perry’s created their own version of Predator culture in Prey and War. This is the culture most known by fans but Forever Midnight, the predeccesor of Flesh and Blood created a new version of the Predators. Does your novel follow on from Shirley’s novel and have to follow it’s “cannon” or does your novel take place in it’s own universe?

Robert Greenberger – There are certainly elements from Forever Midnight we use but we do not use everything John Shirley established. The most glaring example was Mike’s insistence the Predators do not talk. In other words, we tell scenes from their POV but at no point do we give them dialogue. Again, our instructions were to ignore what was established in the non-DH Books novels and start fresh. Much of what I lifted from FM were references to events on Earth and the name Hish for the Predators’ race.”

Be sure to read the rest of the interview.

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  1. Corporal Hicks
    I'm very interested in seeing where the Hish story goes. Can't wait for more Predator novels - still haven't read any new Aliens ones yet    >:D   - but would be lovely to see some Alien vs Predator novels.
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