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Yes, yes, the unthinkable has happened. AvPGalaxy is back online after a few years absence. I had always intended on bringing Galaxy back one day as there was still a lot of stuff I had planned for the site which I never got a chance to do. The site has pretty much been re-created from scratch with countless new features and articles. I guess you could say the website now is what I always envisioned for Galaxy. Read on for full announcement.

So, AvPGalaxy is back online after an absence of more than two years. I guess there’s still a lot of people who used to visit the site back in 2004 that still don’t know exactly what happened to it. So here’s my explanation. Many people know the website had hosting problems throughout the year and I went to a lot of trouble to try and fix that. Even when I moved to Gamespy, I was still having problems. The forum, at the time, had a few people spamming which was hard to keep track of and I had started a new job which left little time for the site. All these events happened the weekend AvP was released and when I saw AvP, I was pretty disappointed with it (as were a lot of people). At that moment, it just kinda occured to me that, despite all the effort I’d put in to the site, it was all in vein. AvP was sort of the final nail in the coffin for me.

A lot people would say I had high expectations. That was true to some extent but who wouldn’t? This is a film that’s been anticipated for 10 years. It’s fair to say a lot of people were disappointed by AvP. Closing the site down is something I’ve always regretted but at the time, I just didn’t see the point anymore. Two and a half years have passed and I’ve learnt from my mistakes. I had the intention of leaving the AvP community for good when I closed everything down but my absence only lasted a few months. I returned in November 2004 to a small AvP forum called AvPFreaks and later moved onto AvPOutbreak in July 2005 which later merged with Alien Experience.

So the big question is why have I brought the website back after all this time? For one, I do miss running this place and I still like Alien and Predator. And two, AvP2 is around the corner so I figured that this is the best time to bring it back.

As for site changes, I’ve kept the same layout I had but I’ve redone all the graphics. I made some minor changes here and there for the layout but the biggest changes come in the content. Firstly, the website has been restructured and every page has been rewritten. The AvP Movie section has been expanded and now contains numerous articles. The games section now includes info on every single Alien / Predator game released. The DVD section has also been expanded and includes profiles for every Alien / Predator DVD to have been released. Movie-wise, character pages have been written for the Alien movies and new weapons pages have been made for the Predator movies. I have removed some content too. Particularly in the AvP2 game section. It’s funny how that section was once what started the site off but I decided to drop a lot of pages. I’ve summarised many pages in that section too.

The next big feature to the site is the Forum. This forms the basis of the site. The forum is based on SMF which has plenty of features. No member accounts or posts from the old forum have been transferred. I decided to start from scratch instead. The forum also has Alien and Predator skins available for you to choose from.

The next big feature is the Gallery. I’ve changed over to a Coppermine gallery and that stores all the artwork and images and things. People can also upload their own artwork automatically through this but I do need to approve them first. You can rate images and comment on them too. The final big feature is the addition of the Downloads section. There’s plenty of downloads in there already but this section is for members only.

There’s full integration between the forum, gallery and website. If you’re logged in, you’ll be able to see your avatar and private message information on the main website. There’s also integration in the news system so you can easily post comments on the news articles with your account.

And that pretty much sums up my announcement. AvPGalaxy is on a paid web host now and has its own domain name – so there’s no chance of it disappearing overnight like it did in 2004. I hope a lot of old galaxy members will drop by the forum sometime and of course, new members are always welcome.

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Comments: 21
  1. lovelytourniquet
    Over the years I have come and went. A month or two here or there but I always remembered the great site that was AvP Galaxy. So glad you decided to reopen it Darkness. Well done.
  2. dave1978
    Nice to be back, i was a member back in 04 and was gutted when the site closed down.  I shared the disapointment with the movie which brought about the closure of the site, but in the end i thought the movie could have been worse.
  3. Variable
    WOW! I was realy out of the AVP loop for about two years, the AVPOutbreak, or whatever they evolved into, community can justify to my disaperence. Its good to be back. My dedication to this site has brought me back, good to see you all again!
  4. XxSaNdMaNxX
    yoooooo DARKNESS wuz good man just wanna stop by n say wuz up n congrad. u on the site nice to be back on old roots man hehe best of luck on keeping the sites up bro 1....
  5. Darkness
    It wasn't just AvP as I said on AXP. It was a series of events.   It's too early to say at the moment since next to nothing about AvP2 has been released. Since it's R-Rated, it'll be a damn site better than the previous one since the rating was my main criticism of AvP.
  6. Gattaca
    I'm curious, Darkness. you said in 2004 that you closed your website due to AvP being such a terrible movie. do you suddenly see hope for AvP2 despite all the negativity surrounding it?
  7. DemonioCazador
      ;D   I'm very surprised with the comeback!! I really don't post on forums very often but I certainly did in AvP Galaxy! Too bad all the old posts are lost for good, but, oh well! Hopefully a lot of people will be back!!  Saludos!
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