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AICN Removes AvP2 Review

This is an interesting move by Fox. The page with the AvP2 script review on AICN has now been replaced by a message from the author telling us that Fox ordered AICN to remove the review.

“Fox seemed particularly upset, though, saying that it was unfair of us to review a first draft, and that they aren’t even sure they’re going to make or release the film right now. Of course, they announced a release date for next summer, which would suggest that they have to start filming soon, and I seriously doubt they’re going to redevelop the entire property from zero at this point.”

I’m not so sure this is good news at all. This pretty much confirms that this was the script AvP2 was/is going to be based upon. What you need to ask yourself is can any improvements be made to this script even if they re-write it? Just like the guy in the article said, Fox aren’t going to just re-write another one from scratch. I think it’s more worrying that Fox even entertained the notion of using this script in the first place.

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