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Weaver Hoping For No AvP2

A new interview with Sigourney Weaver has appeared on Articulate, an Australian news website I think. She discusses many things but says a little bit about the future of Alien:

Question: On that topic, director James Cameron’s sparked new rumours about a new Alien film. Would you be happy to see one made?

Answer: I hope it’s not Alien vs Predator 2… I don’t know how much we can do with that particular creature – I think the creature’s maxed out. But I think the science fiction world actually would be a kind of bomb right now for theatre audiences because we have so many problems here on Earth that it would be nice to get away and go to another planet and worry about their problems for a change.

I’m not quite sure which creature she was referring to when she said it was maxed out. I assume she was talking about the Predator.

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