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AvP Reviews Roundup (Bad)

Every movie gets its fair share of bad reviews and I think Alien vs Predator has been hit full force with film reviewers. Even after reading these reviews and hearing what other people have said, my enthusiasm for this film has fallen greatly. Here’s links to the negative reviews:

FilmJerk (Rating D)
LatinoReview (Rating F)
BloodyDisgusting (Rating 1)
WaffleMovies (Rating 0.5/5)
The Movie Boy (Rating 2/4)
Slant Magazine (Rating 2/4)
KillerMovie Reviews
CHUD (Rating 5/10)
Newsnet5 (Rating 2/5)
JoBlo’s (Rating 5/10)

The good AvP reviews round up will follow shortly. Thanks to Sentinel and Oh for the news.

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  1. Darth Garuda
    I think everyone including PA forgets that AVP started with a Xenomorph's skull in a Predator trophy case, not the other way.  Predators are not weaklings, they'd mop up those bitches easy.  5 people killed how many in Aliens?  Predator kill 2 Spec Ops teams in I and tons more in II.  How would they fall to a few Aliens?  This is watered down inconsistant crapolla, and Predator fans are pissed on.
  2. Fallen_Guard
    you people are all insane. that was the single greatest movie i have ever seen. i think its funny as hell that you all went totally f**k shit saying its gonna be the greatest movie ever. then it comes out and everyone has to go crying to thier mommys about how Anderson didnt do this or there was too much of that. shove it up your ass's lol. that movie f**ken rocked all!

    you people are insane. i love this movie more then michal jackson likes young boys. i'm gonna see it again and again and i will NEVER get bored of seeing Grid alien whiping 2 predators off the face of the planet in less then 5 minutes    8) 
  3. WonderBrick(WB)
    In short, the film is equally bad as it is good.  Also, to give you more perspective, I went to the theatres with the expectation of making a day out of the theatre, by watching AVP, Collateral, and then AVP again.  After seeing AVP once, I did not have desire to see it again, so soon.  I can't wait for it on DVD, but the overall experience, and approaches taken to AVP, left me no desire to see it again within same day.  The whole time I watched AVP, I kept thinking about how TombRaider-esque the movie was.  Most lines and scenes were overstated, not understated like Alien, Aliens, and Predator.  To much posturing, overacting, and "big" presentation.  I never felt like these were people like you and me that were suddenly faced with something out of the ordinary.  Instead of a normal world with normal reactions, normal dialogue exchange, where the extraordintary occurances, we have a TombRaider/ResidentEvil comic-booky world where everyone more or less strikes a pose and delivers pumped-up lines.  PG-13.  I could really see and feel the effect of the PG-13 rating.  Important scenes to Alien and Predator films had the camara cut away to quickly.  Someone else said it perfectly...  Studios have other PG-13 francises to use, like MIB.  Aliens and Predator have no business being toned down to appeal to those markets those other properties capture.  POV.  The Point of View in which AVP is told, lets the audience jump around and watch action from the human's POV, Predator's POV, and Alien's POV, and even an omnipotent POV.  This is different then all the Alien and predator films that had the camera follow the humans and see only stuff from the human's perspective.  There are big pluses and minuses to having the POV that AVP uses.  The biggest minus is that AVP totally loses the feel of past Alien/Predator films and feels like a new beast.  The first 45min was very nicely paced.  From then on, it felt like alot was chopped out and/or rushed to get to the end.  Scenes felt intentionally edited short.  It felt like it was intentionally shortened to hit the 87min mark.  I wanted many, many scenes to linger a bit longer, not because I wanted to see more AVP, but simply because it felt like the scenes needed it.  People died, or other important events happened, and the movie instant kept rolling onward with zero lingering time.  I can only hope that a Director's Cut will make it out on DVD and give scenes a bit more justice.  Weylands role.  Other char development.  The Weyland char served little purpose other then to provide a reason to get to have the funds to get to the Antartic location quickly.  None of the potential mythology of Weyland or Weyland Yutani was furthered.  No aspect of robotics reared it's head.  I even thought that Weyland would lead to the introduction of Standford being an early andriod, but this was not the case.  Other chars were clearly there as cannonfodder, though some attempt was made to let us know they had families, to help make their deaths have meaning.  We never had much chance to get to knwo them to get any sense of loss when they died.  The Alien life-cycle.  Wow is it sped up. The facehugger face-grabs a victim, and before the pyramid even shifts states(every 10min), a chestburster is popping out.  And the chestbursters are then full-size in the next scenes.  Glaringly annoying.  Totally inexcusable.  Cheezy moments.  There are some really cheezy moments, like the slow motion running of the Predator and Lex fleeing an oncoming explosion.  The long stares between Lex and Scar.  There are alot of moments that make me cringe.  CGI.  For all the talk of low reliance of CGI and heavy use of actors and models, the CGI can be glaringly evident.  There are many scenes where the actors and models look great.  And there are even scenes where the CGI looks great.  But when the CGI gets heavy usage, it is very apparent, and snaps you right out of the movie.  Predators.  Alot has been said about their size, and much of it is rightfully said.  I think some of the complaints are just a side-effect of the style in which the Predators where shot.  The Celtic Predator was indeed the biggest, and did look huskier then the others.  But overall the Predators did have a huskier look, instead of a tall and lanky look.  Height was fine, but husky stood out.  At points they looks like football players, or even WWF wrestlers.  And unfortunately often it looked like men in suits.  There are times that body language was effective and made the Predators look like Predators, but more often then not, it looked like men in suits.  :(  The Predator vision itself looked like bad CGI at times that facehuggers and chestbursters were seen.  the Pred-vision classic sound was oddly missing, or rather changed.  Checklist of features.  AVP was indeed a checklist of features I wanted to see in a AVP film.  It had Weyland, it had Weyland's homage to the Bishop knife trick, it had unique looks to the Predators, it covered the Predator manhood ritual.  It had a pissed-as-hell Queen Alien and some kick-ass effective killing machine Aliens that were powerful and not just cannonfodder.  It had alot more stuff I won't bother listing.  Infact, it had more items on it's list then I would have even hoped for.  I liked that the stuff AVP fans wanted to see in a AVP film made it to the film, but the actual execution of the film still hurts.  Sequel.  I could really care less for a sequel now.  The checklist of stuff I wanted to see covered was indeed covered, except for the introduction of an andriod, by way of Weyland.  Without Weyland around, any future introduction on any andriod is meaningless.  And I certainly don't want to see Lance Hendrickson brought back in andriod form for a meaningless tie to bind the franchises together.  The only thing I want to see in any sequel is to see a strong, deadly experienced Predator in action, kicking ass to help make up for the poor showing of the Predators in AVP.  We knew these Predators were young and inexperienced.  I can accept that.  I love that the Aliens were shown as the underestimated powerhouses they are meant to be.  But I want to see an agile, skilled Predator that shows us the difference between young inexperience and a skilled vet.  Overall, the movie had as much good as it had bad.  And it had some really good stuff, and some really bad stuff.  Some aspects were so bad, I left feeling embarressed for the film, and how others might view the francise.  I came with low expectations.  Part of me wants to rank this film down with Alien: Resurrection, but I thik the concept of AVP was very sound.  It was the implamentation of certain parts that made me cringe.  Repeat viewings might sway me towards a better or worse opinion, but as of right now, it is worse then Alien, Aliens, Predator, Predator2.  It is around Alien3.  Concept and a checklist of stuff AVP fans wanted to see keeps it from hitting Alien: Resurrection status, though it comes dangerously close.
  4. pred-maniac
    i just back from seeing the movie and u know what i have no feelings for this movie other than the ending i loved the ending it just lets me know that paul will probably not make the sequel oh plz god. I am a huge huge predator fan and when i saw scar take his mask off showing it to lex, i could sense and feel  scar was not the predator i expected i wanted more shadowing around the eyes, the eyes were so human that i could tell there was a man in a suit wearing a mask.why couldnt they kevin peter hall to teach the pred actors how to move and act like preds? stan winston hear my cry i want u to get involved in the sequel u make the predator the predator. the alien on the other hand was well done no complaints there. when the scar pulls his mask off i didn't feel like it was the right time for that but u know wat im not going to put the movie down i like the action and ending thats about it. oh by the way if alien wins we lose... because predator doesnt plan on having a war with us or wiping us off the face of the universe so fox u have it alll wrong.
  5. big big fan
    I saw the movie today which the day it came out. I was a little sad. There needed to be more blood. Scar and Lex on a team I really didnt like that. Every1 dies at the same time I HATED that. There were 3 mins between each death and the same goes for the preds and there needed to be more preds then 3. All in all it was ok and i bet a lot of money there will be a number 2 and if there is I hope it is better then number 1.   :-\ 

    And u guys should not be so hard on the director. It was not that bad of a movie it just could have been better thats all.
  6. antman
    Mr. Paul Anderson is by far THE WORST MOVIE DIRECTOR OF ALL TIME.....!!!!!  I am sorry I ever saw that movie....i even gave it the benefit of the doubt...i tried really hard to like it...but quite frankly You are a crappy director!!  You ruined Resident Evil, and Mortal Kombat, and now for some reason you ruined another movie with a lot of potential (AVP)!!  Why Mr. Anderson?...WHY??  You should not have killed off the two predators so soon into the story!  AND WHY THE HELL WASNT I SCARED!!! YOU ARENT EVEN TRYING TO MAKE IT SCARY R U??!!  You were given the oprotunity of a life time...and you BLEW IT!  I HOPE YOU NEVER DIRECT ANOTHER MOVIE AGAIN...Im sorry if a sound a little harsh, but three movies with POTENTIAL down the drain....THREE!!!    >:D  
  7. Erez
    John Davis is that f**ker from the previews right? Its face really dmenad a spikey rat trap slicing his head to two with a bunch of cash as bait.
  8. ismguy
    i was telling my friends i saw the movie with i wish they would have used more of the books screenplay than what they ended up with.  personally i think FOX really screwed themselves with the rating and the running time.  the lack of blood was stupid.  when the burster came out of the guy and scar grabbed it there was NO blood on it.  they  could have put some blood on it.  that was stupid.  the more i think about all this and the movie the more i want to hear PA talk about this and tell us why why why.  or a fox rep.  they have been so hush hush.  Woodruff and the FX team should get hella praise for the aliens the queen and the outside of the predator craft.  I also think the set was nice.  did anyone here also notice the cutting of the gore and what not really screwed with the tempo of the fight scenes and the movie overall really.  i dont know.  im gonna watch pred 1 and aliens  tonight and remember the good ol days.  i dont mean to be critical i think it was an ok movie but i really feel bad for the people who made this movie cause when i went and saw it people where laughing and booing.  these one guys (out of reach from my foot) made fun of everything.  i mean these arent real fans but it kinda made me feel sorry for the people that did a good job like Woodruff.  I hope there isnt another pred or alien movie.  they should cut their losses and leave it.
  9. LyricalPharaoh
    Im not surprised.  i didn't think i could have a lesser opinion of this movie but i do now.  just because there are possibly worse movies out there i.e."battlefield earth", "Godzilla" doesnt excuse a crappy film from Anderson.  if this really is as bad as they say, then i think Anderson's film days should END. this is a crime to all the fans, PG-13? f**k YOU ANDERSON!! f**k YOU JOHN DAVIS! f**k YOU FOX!!  There may never be a  Predator 3 cuz of this.
  10. ChineseWarr!0r
    well i came back and saw AVP with my girl :D i do say i am a tad dissapointed...but I f**kING LOVED IT! i only wished that the preds got more action and didnt die so fast >< and the elder pred should have came out to whoop some ass!!!  i give it a 8/10 :D
  11. Erez
    Let's say for example, that instead of the pred they would make the pope's grandma naked. AvP would suck completely, but Predator would have many things that still make it a great movie that AvP lacks (Mainly because in Predator it stays cloaked most of the time). Well, that had a little sense of humor in it, but I hope you got the concept. And stop those "chill out" posts.
  12. sexualpredator
    I'll probably see it again too. was supposed to take a date to see it tonight, but called it off cuz i seriously doubt i'll get any P if i take her to that

    goin to see harold and kumar instead.   hey, the only thing i have to look forward to now is live action Transformers. but, havent heard a word about it in a long time. anyone kno of any current details? or does anyone care?
  13. El Demonio Cazador
    I've seen the movie twice already and overall, better than what I expected, it's good, not excellent but...chill out people, enjoy it....
  14. Erez
    Look, I didn't like Alien/Predator because of the creatures. I'm a fan of those movies because of the way they were made, made me feel and the way they made the creatures, and that's not all about the creature's look, that's nothing compared to the above, and that's the thing most of you guys seem to care about. So Red Hamster, having "more then 1 Pred and bloody hundrets of aliens" is not enough, in fact it's nothing.

    This movie doesn't even have one little bit of originality.
  15. sexualpredator
    most pple on this site bitched at me for bein skeptical, but i knew they could not make a PG13 flick and preserve much dignity to these beloved characters. if u wanna like this film, i suggest not taking it too seriously
  16. sexualpredator
    i agree that at least we got our movie. but, it is obvious that the budget was not the problem here. it was paul anderson makin a movie about what he wanted. didnt cater to any fans of any of the series as far as i can tell. hope they make more and hope they get a mature director!
  17. ooman
    Okay sorry to tell all the people who said that the   movie would have nothing to do with the predator   books, BUT THEY DID!!!  This damn movie is basicly   the first damn book in the Aliens vs Predator   bookline.  Jeez.
  18. Nik
    i remeber how excited i was when i saw the 1st trailer where it didnt even show any seens it just showed the alien and pred and then all the great trailers and clips and now i find out the movie only has 20 mins of preds n aliens and 2 of the preds die in 2 mins i really had huge hopes for this movie paul anderson doesnt deserver to say hes a fan of aliens or predators i couldnt wait for this movie to come out on dvd but now i rly dont care lets just hope if there is a sequel paul isnt director,10 preds 100 aliens,future,marines,no lex, 4 hours long, blood, rated r
  19. Lord HamsteR
    i didnt even bother to read all that crap where morons which got payd to make funn and ecvelaize the movie with shit they are filld from head to fingers on theyr feet!!  i know this movie is awsome and i blody hope that this movie will be a reason to make AvP3 the game fatser then in 10 years!  btw why da hell you guys whine about? this movie has more then 1 Pred and it has bloody hundrets of aliens which have more action then in 4 other movies!!!  talk about bigets fans of the preds and aliens that more then a very unfair"OK" is what movie about our favorite monsters that was made sins 1999 deservs....i mean come on!! insted of soporting other ppl opinions we should treet AvP as the best thing on worlds cinema this year!!! btw if all of you are bigest fans and you talk about movie as "OK" then dont expect to see another movie fore the next 10 years minimum!!
  20. sexualpredator
    i kept expectations very low until i saw the "Face Off" clip. after that i just kept sayin over and over, "this film is gonna kick everyones ass!" i shouldnt have done that. but, dont despair everyone. there is cool shit in the movie, and lots of fans im sure will find parts they enjoy

    its not like paul anderson doesnt lube everyone up before he butt-rapes em.  there are cool scenes in it even tho evryone is doggin. the shurikens are pretty damn cool. but, why the hell didnt they jus use those the whole time? they seemed pretty damn effective!
  21. sexualpredator
    1904 scene was supposed to be an attack on the whaling station that was not in the film. they shoulda had more jokes like in gremlins 2
  22. sexualpredator
    hey man, they didnt use the Really Big Cannon(which they played up nicely in the making of), they didnt even use the Big Cannon. the one he picked up(and once it was attatched looked totally different) was the little bitty one that u see in all the pics of it. it was the only cannon fired in the movie. theres a pic of it at towards the top of the page and to the right under the topic "Official Avp Media"  -jus case u didnt see
  23. Erez
    I don't remember the pred was cool in the previous films. It was scary and brutal. Maybe its weapons were cool but the pred itslef wasn't. Making those creatures look cool is a big mistake. The fact that it makes you fear is what really cool, the pred's job isn't to show off.
  24. Pretorian21
    Hello everyone, I just wanted to say that I have really mixed feelings about this movie. Iv been waiting for this movie ever since I saw predator 2 when the aliens skull was hanging in the trophy room. Then followed with the comics, video games, toys etc. For one Iam a huge fan of the franchise, those who arent and have only seen some of the movies here and there should be more intelligent about there comments and not point out the obvious, because think about it.. what movie have you seen thats been absolutly perfect? Huh? I cant think of one to be frank. Yes the movie was really slow, but what can you do about it? You have to establish some sort of setting plot, and it seemed to do a pretty good job of holding that up. However when the movie started to pick up pace I started to get a little worried. (Because if you've seem Resident Evil you know what Im talking about, it was rated pg-13 as well, and another video game movie gone horribly wrong.) Paul had me worried and all this talk about fans doing it for fans went straight to hell. Then the most disappointing thing with the movie  was the fact that (despite the fact these predators are young, they are still supposed to be elite) (predator 2 was a teenage predator unlike predator 1 which was an elder) The two died within a matter of mins of one another. And it seemed to me that the predators were both killed by the same alien. Then how the other predator just whoops two aliens then gets a cheap shot by the next, wtf is that. Then if you have never read the comics and or the books you wouldnt understand the relationship between the human and the predator, which would be race war. When they showed it, yes it was corny but it still made sense if you've kept up on it. honestly it was good movie and yes I will see it again, although go in expecting the expected and walk away thinking this is decent film.
  25. scar_predator
    scar predator & alexea had the best fight out the hole movie that queen alien was a I3itch!! to kill.celtic should have won that fight with the grid alien.should have shown more of the elder predator than at the end of the movie.the big @$$ shoulder cannon kicked some @$$ ripping those aliens was the spear they were using same with that throuthing object.weapons were asome       oh,yeah alien fans could suck on these nuts I3!tchs    ;D  
  26. sexualpredator
    i say again, i did appreciate lots of this movie. but, c'mon, i mean u could tell those were young predators. cuz, when they had their masks off, they kept showin their baby teeth. and scar almost talked like ludo from labrynth. . ."friend"

    1904 scene was not in the film i saw. it was referenced when they unlocked the cannons, but thats about it. preds are supposed to be COOL. my little brother(18) loved this film! i enjoyed it too, some pretty cool action. but, i dont feel right associating it at all to the great sci-fi classics. i gues this is pretty good for anderson, that guy is weak and a bullshitter. but i kno, if they had jus given him 3 more dollars, it woulda kicked ass, right? get someone else if u plan to make more

    oh, and did anyone else catch the similarities between the celtic pred and harry from harry and the hendersons? i think that was obviously intentional. great joke paul and once again, thank you
  27. El Diablo
    I think people on both sides of the fence need to chill out. I enjoyed the movie for what it was and I'm a huge Alien and Predator fan, that doesn't mean that everyone should like it or that I don't agree with some of the negative feedback associated with the movie.   I wanted to see a great Alien vs. Predator film too but I never expected Anderson to be the one to deliver it. He's got a strong visual style but he's a very weak writer. The end result is a film that entertains but doesn't live up to the classics. I see mostly negative comments out there and I can totally understand why. It's not the film we've waited so long to see but knowing that the studio hired Anderson to write and direct this way back in the summer of '03.... does that really come as such a surprise to all of you? I expected much worse from him.
  28. sexualpredator
    this was definitely a disney version of predators. i dont think they handled em serious enough. but maybe we shouldnt see 3 of em playin together. maybe theyll make a predator 3 and go back to old school mean ass ruthless hunters. who dont jus like to hoist people up, but actually enjoy skinning them too. oh, and rippin their skull and spines out just for the eff of it
  29. scar_predator
    the movie was good in its ways u have to get the story to like it.of cource they made the predators die fast cause there not even experienced of fighting the aliens.but it was kind of jacked for the predator fans. o well if your a true avp fan u would say its still a good movie.   ;D        
    Enter Text
    pg-13 to short  
    QuoteEnter Text
    its cool 8\10
  30. sexualpredator
    they are adding the 1904 scene to dvd? that'll be cool, i was waitin for that shit and pissed at not seein it. but, youre right about it not makin much of a difference overall. and yes, i did feel unfulfilled cuz it built like it was gonna be great and then let down.
  31. Nik
    y do u think the movie was rushed all fox wanted was to make money they know how many fans their r of aliens and preds and y u think it was pg13 like i sayd b4 for more kids to see, more money, they dont give  a f**k about what we want they just want their f**king money
  32. Bringer of Death
    To ..... your the pussy wipped maggaot there junior, you the kinda crate that will take anything avp up the ass and love it  and not say a word whether it be good or bad wich to me is pathetic to say the least.this movie could have been the worst movie ever made and you'd still defend it with your life.pretty sad buddy, pretty sad.Did you even watch the same movie as the rest of us? or do you have no idea between good/bad design and acting apparently not or else you would have atleast one single thing that was to some distast to you like the majority of us intelligent people.
  33. Baseman
    There were a lot of seens from the trailers, that were not in the movie.  I'm thinking that there will be a special edition DVD.  Better B.  Maybe even an alternate ending (don't get your hopes up).   OVerall, I LIKED THE MOVIE.
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