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AvP Behind-The-Scenes Clip

A 10-minute behind-the-scenes clip has been posted on The accompanying article is also an interesting read and reveals two new things:

“Although the studio downplays the issue, Fox initially didn’t want to spend much more than $40 million on the movie, which Anderson and Davis thought would be ruinously cheap… The production budget climbed toward $70 million…. Fox decided not to show its nearly $70 million investment to critics before its release… To help tell the story, Anderson shelled out thousands of dollars of his own money on five giant “AVP” conceptual illustrations by designer Patrick Tatopoulos.”

Download: Behind-The-Scenes Footage (21.9MB)
More pictures on the next page. Thanks to Ermac and Gazz for the news.

20040812_01 AvP Behind-The-Scenes Clip

20040812_02 AvP Behind-The-Scenes Clip

20040812_03 AvP Behind-The-Scenes Clip

20040812_04 AvP Behind-The-Scenes Clip

20040812_05 AvP Behind-The-Scenes Clip

20040812_06 AvP Behind-The-Scenes Clip

20040812_07 AvP Behind-The-Scenes Clip

20040812_08 AvP Behind-The-Scenes Clip

20040812_09 AvP Behind-The-Scenes Clip

20040812_10 AvP Behind-The-Scenes Clip

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Comments: 34
  1. Darth Garuda
    This was rubbish compared to the others, not in sync far too small.    Looks like stuff from a TV show no narrator or proper editing.  We'll see this stuff again.
  2. Galmorzu
    My biggest problem isn't going to be about the movie's popularity.  If it gets bad reviews I don't really care.  I know a good movie from a bad movie, I've taken film courses in college, I've done all that stuff, and I can still somehow manage to enjoy some movies which are deemed "bad".  I know Resident Evil and Freddy vs. Jason are supposed to be awful movies, but does that mean they can't still be fun?     :)    I am hoping AvP turns out pretty good, and unless it's really downright awful I'll still have a good time watching it, but what's really going to get to me is the flood of posters on message boards and critics who strive to tell you that you can't enjoy a movie if they don't like it, and if somehow you DO enjoy it, they come out and say things like, "you have no taste in movies", "you're not intelligent enough to realize it's a bad movie", "you're a No0b" (Dunno how that one works really, but I've seen it said), or "You're opinion doesn't count because you're just wrong".  I know everyone's opinions count, but I just can't stand how hard it is to be allowed to enjoy whatever you want.  Granted, there are some movies which I find way to awful to be enjoyed on ANY level (I thought House of the Dead falls into this category), but it doesn't bother me if there are people that have fun watching it somehow.  I know I'm ranting here, but I was just wondering who else is like this.  As I said, I know a good movie from a bad movie, but everyone has movies that they enjoy even if no one else seems to.  My only worry is that when AvP comes out, if it does turn out badly, people just won't be allowed to have fun seeing it if they really want it.    Now that I think about it, though, no one can take that away from us except ourselves, huh?     8)    *ends rant, returns to business*
  3. Pvt Hudson
    okay guys, the thing is, I havent seen the movie, and everything theyve stated, i already know, its just a matter of how much information ur willing to find out about the movie and i know all about that stuff already, AICN is just pissed off at paul anderson cuz he didnt invite them to Prague to visit the set and such! its just payback! dont worry guys, the movie is going to be AWESOME!
  4. BIgBilly
    f**k! in order to watch this i need to d/l a new version of the program its runs in and in order to get that i need to pay for it! f**king hell! are there any other players i can watch it on?
  5. Maurice "HopeOfTheFuture" Huijs
    Cool facehugger scene. I'm gonna watch the behind the scenes soon. The facehugger scene is to find a direct link to video. grrrrr    >:D  
  6. J
    Problem is before the movie was even in production PA was climbing a veeerry BIG hill. If the story follows anything like the novel then he has a potential hit in his hands.
  7. ArhnoldGovernor
    Of course the movie is made for fans not critics. The question is, is the fan base large enough to sustain the box office for AVP so that it does not become a dud. Like it or not, there will be a quite a number of people in the larger mainstream audience deciding to watch AVP based on critics reviews (postive or negative). The problem here is that with those AICN assholes and other critics biased against Anderson to begin with, AVP has a steep hill to climb.
  8. Nick
    I respect Paul Anderson.  he seems to be working really hard.  Mortal Kombat and Event Horizon (one of my favorite films ever), were great.  It's this whole Resident Evil fiasco that's got him helmed as a negative director.  BUT, if this film sucks beyond all recognition, I will lose a whole lotta respect for him, and this should hint that he shouldn't do game to movie projects anymore.  We shall see on Friday.
  9. izzet
    Any money if it was a smaller budget, it would have gotten a higher rating (like R) because it wouldn't need to recoupe such a big amount back.
  10. briguy425
    I agree with all and I disagree with all.  Yes the movie is made for fans and not critics but if a studio believes they have a turkey on their hands, they take the road they have taken.  No screenings, no premiere and even very few if any test screenings which is very bad.  Telling people the film is still being tweaked is a load of shit and we all know it.  The previews, clips etc have been inconsistent.  There is one thing for sure, this will make 25-30 million and drop a whopping 60% the following week.  If FOX believed the word of mouth was going to be good, then they would screen the movie.  A LOT of people want to see what sites like Rotten Tomatoes are reporting before they go and spend $8 on a ticket.  I hope it is good but it really isn't looking good.  I could be wrong but Riddick was not pre-screened for critics either and IT was BAD.  I heard the budget thing before and I am pretty sure that is correct.  That was the reason this was happening on earth (present day) and NOT space.  The dumped a $70 million film into August where it will almost be impossible to make back its money at least domestically.  Not that it matters because the alien movies have always been bigger hits overseas including resurrection, which bombed in the states.
  11. Pvt Hudson
    well Ewen Bremner is scottish! watch trainspotting and thats his natural accent! it hink its AWESOME if u watcfh the get me out of here clip i love how hes Verheeeeiden let me find a way to get duuuuuwn tuuu uuuu!
  12. Fresh Alien Terds
    LOL that shot of Doctor Miller shooting the egg and saying "Score one for the beakers!"  Funny.  Does he have a speech impediment?
  13. ur mom
    wat was the pt of it? it had no comentary, its all just raw behind the scene footages it was kool to c things from anothr perspective but a little bit of explanation wouldve been betr
  14. ArhnoldGovernor
    I agree with some of the earlier comments here that people should finally give Anderson a break. I mean, by all accounts he seems to be devoting 110% of his effort into AVP. Working that hard on this movie should mean the quality should be at least decent. Yes, "Mortal Kombat" and "Resident Evil" wasn't the best movies ever made,  but I think for once, people should try to judge him for the quality of this movie when they see it tomorrow rather than use his previous works to condemn him.
  15. Heavy Metal Spike
    Just picked up my Predator CE and got Pred 2 widescreen just for the heck of it - great "AVP" promotional stand in FutureShop - bless 'em!  Guess what I'm watching tonight!  PN - I WAS sincere (SERIOUSLY) - I agree - I agree ( but not opening weekend) - I agree - I most certainly agree!  BTW - I know you don't care - but my face looks pretty similar to the smiley below - an unfortunate accident with a beer cap and an attack of paralysis brought on by too much Tequila and seeing Motorhead live once too often.  Angreyhobo - I agree  Guess we'll all have to agree to agree then.  Aneeeeyhoooo - off to watch the extras ....... less than 2 days to go ...  Seeeyalater dudes ...    ;)  
  16. pn2501
    i think like others on here im going to stop watching these previews at this rate i will have seen the entire film before it even gets to austraila.
  17. Galmorzu
    You're pretty much right.  Each thread of news so far has been filled with the type of comments depending on what kind of news it is.  People swore the movie would bring about the end of the world when they heard the PG-13, but thought it was heaven on earth when the Face-Off clip was shown.  Now mind you, I loved that clip too, and I'm not referring to everyone, but I keep the frame of mind that I'm just going to enjoy a good "fun movie", and if it's more than that, great!  If it actually does turn out to be a stinker, I'll be here posting what I didn't agree with but I'll leave it at that.  At the bare minimum we can see aliens and preds on screen again, and as long as a person is able to enjoy a movie for what it is, this shouldn't be all that bad.
  18. AngryHobo
    Exactly, the majority of the people on this website change their opinion on the movie based on what multimedia or featurette they see that day. If reviewers started to bad-mouth AvP, the majority of this site would start bitching and complaining like it were the end of the freakin world. So by not allowing critics to review the film prior to its release, Fox is insuring the fact that "fans" will see the film and make up their own, easily manipulated, minds.  IF AICN or the majority of movie critics saw and started bashing the movie, which is most likely innevitable from AICN becuase it involves PA and Harry has no real ability to put aside "buzz" and what not, than opening release would drop and the chances for a sequel would be diminshed. Word of mouth from friends travels a lot slower, even in forums and what not, than well known and popular magazines and television shows.  It's not that Fox has no faith in the movie, just the fans and thier on again off again attitude...
  19. Galmorzu
    Where is the line that says Fox decided not to screen it for critics due to the budget and all that stuff?

    Ah, there it is, right at the begining.  I wonder if that's a fact or an assumption, though?  I wouldn't be suprised either way, or if it was a little of both.

    Er, by both I mean both reasons we've heard for the canceled premier.
    Fox is not too crazy and excited about this movie.  1) Fox would of not had a $40 million budget for this movie if they liked it. 2) Fox shows very little advertistment on channels and I've not seen one trailer in theaters. 3) Fox would of got a better Director and Writter for the film than Paul Anderson. He only made one good movie and that was Mortal Kombat, and in the early and mid 90's Mortal Kombat was very popular, and now I'm kind of tired of the movie.(Mortal Kombat) 4) I think Fox wants to make a quick buck so they put Paul Anderson behind the camera.  This sucks that i cant see the clip because it spoils the movie. I will see the movie tho I'm a huge fan of Predator so bring on the corpes with not head and spine.
  21. Heavy Metal Spike
    pn - don't want to diss you dude - but you are SERIOUSLY wrong  1) 'us' fans will not bring in a profit even if we (and our friends, and their parents and their dog, and their favourite toy) go and see it 3 times each.  2) Why do you think Commercials AND the backs of DVD/video cases quote liberally from reviews?  3) Why else would Fox do this?  SERIOUSLY - you're DEAD wrong dude.    ;)    Seeeyalater ........ (still can't get over that 'hedgehog' line heehehehehehehehe!)
  22. pn2501
    seriously the general public usualy dont give a rats arse about what critics have to say, pa realy only has to cater to fan expectations cause im sure most of "US" here will see it more than once and make sure all of our friends see it........providing we like it!
  23. Heavy Metal Spike
    I hate to say "I told you so" about Fox not wanting critics to get their grubby little teeth into it - but - I TOLD YOU SO!!!!!!!!!!  MuhaaahaaahaaaMuhaMuhaaaahaaahaaaaaaaaa   (yeah - alright - lucky guess eh?)     ;D  
  24. pn2501
    Im starting to give PA lots more credit, he has definitely worked hard to get avp to the screen, and without him we probably wouldnt have this movie.
  25. Arabian Night
    "Anderson shelled out thousands of dollars of his own money on five giant "AVP" conceptual illustrations by designer Patrick Tatopoulos."   wow he really does care..
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