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Sacrificial Chamber AvP Clip

Another new clip from Alien vs Predator can be found on Moviefone which shows a minute of footage with Thomas and Adele Rousseau in the Sacrificial Chamber. After their entrance is blocked off, Alien Eggs rise onto the circular placeholders and a few seconds later, a Facehugger leaps out of an Egg straight onto Adele.

The footage is essentially what we’ve seen before but they’re all pieced together now. Thanks to “Somebody” for the news.

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  1. Rusty Nails
    I can't get it to work.. :/  -Rusty Nails

    Well I can get the player up, but the screen won't load, I'm having a broadband connection so I chose that first, didn't work, then I choosed dial-up and that didn't work either.  Any ideas?    :-\    -Rusty Nails
    The movie is going to be great if Paul Anderson wasn't directing it, but this could be a turning point for his career. Let's who that there is a showdown with Scar vs Grid.
  3. Somebody
    Every upcoming movie has some clips, right? I mean it's not just AvP with released clips. Look at "Collateral", it has like 7 clips.......    ??? 
  4. J
    I think the reason that we feel that we've seen too much is because most of us have read the book. We all know whats going to happen its just how it pans out justcompared to the novel.   but what we've all seen is perhaps 10 -20% of the film, THEY'LL BE TONS MORE am sure.  Dogman, the link must be playing havok with our minds ... now thats creepness on a whole new level, WWWOOOOOAAAAAAHHH!    :)  
  5. Zoidberg
    Doesn't work. Duration says 00:00, AOL logo on the screen and nothing happens, stop is highlighted, pressing the other buttons changes nothing. Help...
  6. sexualpredator
    thats what im worried about. that we've seen about a little of everything in it now. the cgi does look kinda shitty right when it hits her face. may jus be the quality of the clip tho
  7. G-Dog
    At 87 minutes, we've pretty much seen the whole movie then in these clips!!    >:D 

    damn J, you thought the same as me! I didn't even see your post.........crazy.....   ;D 
  8. J
    I tell ya, by the amount of clips we've seen you could piece the whole film together Darkness,   ;D      October the 22nd ... feels like years away.
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