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AvP Face Off Video Clip

Oh yes, this is the kind of footage I’m looking forward to. have posted two Alien vs Predator clips – one of which is the Alien-Predator Fight we saw before but a new one entitled “Face Off“. Well, I think pictures speak louder than words so take a look at this image:

20040810_04 AvP Face Off Video Clip

While the Celtic Predator is busy fighting with Lex, Sebastian and Weyland, the Predator with the slits on its mask, goes after Lex and while cloaked, gets impaled with an Alien’s tail. There’s a couple more pictures on the next page but check out the Face Off Gallery for an additional 32 screenshots. Thanks to The Dead Knight for the news.

Update: Download: Face Off (7.4MB) | Alien Predator Fight (9MB)

20040810_01 AvP Face Off Video Clip

20040810_02 AvP Face Off Video Clip

20040810_03 AvP Face Off Video Clip

20040810_04 AvP Face Off Video Clip

20040810_05 AvP Face Off Video Clip

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  1. J
    Am glad you agree with me Baseman.  [bWE [/b] ( the audience) always needs to feel taken back, startled everytime. Of course am going to want the Preds rip open Alien cans all over but then I want the Aliens to show us why they are the most deadily spieces, thats what we've all come to expect, a grudge match up with both using their attributes to the max.   Paul Anderson seems to have known this so all we can have know is faith.
  2. Baseman
    Hey, I hope that the Gill pred already killed someone.  He has a trophy on his back if you notice it, a skull on a stick.  Crazy.  Hope he doesn't look bad-a$$ for nothing.  I agree with J saying that preds and the aliens should be equal.  I love the preds guys, but it kinda would have sucked if only aliens died. Then the movie should have been called Alien Killed by Predator.  Right.  So there needs to be somewhat of an equal playing field. The preds want a challenge.  So yeah, 2 days 2 go.  Damn.  I don't know what is up w/ the premiere cancellation though. I'll probably go to a movie theater some time later today to get movie tickets for Friday night, and I'll let you all know what I've heard about the time.  I may have said this before, but I will go.  O'YEah BTW, this face off cliff is right before the alien/celtic pred fight.  Celtic looks over cuz he heard something, and looks over to where his pred homie was, switches from scanning infrared, to whatever he sees the aliens w/, and see the alien.  Unlike the humans, when the pred sees the aliens, they appear green.  It looks cool. Than they throw-down. RARRR!!!!  O
    It's a nice clip but a predator getting killed by one Alien thats not right usually predators are killed by tons of Aliens and heres another thing is elder predator really dead I've seen predators survive tails through the chest
  4. newbie
    i'm new to this kind of forum thingy, but i must really thank whoever posted the links to the clips here. the clips were totally AWESOME! i used to be a moderate AVP fan, but right now it's gonna be different. it changed my entire view of these 2 races! paul anderson really knows how to make nice films to fancinate the AVP fans.    :)  
    Remember in Alien 3 were an aliens host was a dog and the alien had dog like figures, well maybe some aliens get a characterisic from their hosts.( i dont mean the aliens host has a larger dick.Lol) Maybe the alien got a tail bone characterisic from the host or the host had a large tail bone and that could be past down to the alien.(thats the bone inbetweeen your ass chicks, im not fag) lol. Or maybe that was grid and he has a longer tail than normal. These are my theaories.
  6. FJ
    From some early posts, why do people say the preds armour arent that strong? THe pred that gets impaled doesnt have armour through its abdomen area like scar, so basically the tail just went through normal pred flesh, and not armour. Other than that, both scenes are just.....flawless, love the bit when celtic hamemrs the alien and throws him LOL. Anyways go PREDS!!! (aliens are still cool) and may AVP be a success.
  7. J
    Paul Anderson should feel proud, I wouldn't blame him if   When the movie succeeds to say I TOLD YOUR ASSES SO!  THE GUY HAS SURELY GONE TO HELL AND BACK TRYING TO MAKE THIS MOVIE TO SATISFY ALL OF US, (especially with the time and money he had)   8)  
  8. King-Alien
    I saw the clip, and just loved it!!!! Sanaa Lathan looks hot and tough and so does the rest of the cast. I may not see the movie opening day, but I'll see it the following day. This movie is going to be da bomb!!!
  9. Galmorzu
    Heavy Metal SPike:  I don't know if it was intentional or not, but that does seem to be what is happening as a result.  The only problem with that way of thinking is that it only applies to internet fans like us.  The average person doesn't know about these awesome clips and only sees that the movie is in trouble of not meeting its release date, which means (in their eyes) that's it's going to be half-assed and incomplete.  Unfortunetly, the truth is far from this.
  10. J
    Thats a great point there Heavy Metal Spikes, a plan to rally us up - and then before you know it THEY GO IN FOR THE KILL ( release loads of information on the movie to entice us again) ...  ... FOX knows what their doing, their smiling at us ...   ... they know!!!  AICN are ashamed of themselves. They have no right to even open their mouths on the movie, bunch of sorry good for nothings!
  11. THE FAN
    Paul Anderson did us AVP fans JUSTICE!!   I loved ALIEN for over a decade,  but I want to see the preds win, cause there more honorable, majestic hulking warriors, and are intelligent. I think a good scene for the movie would be if ONe PRED took on like a DOzen ALIENS !!!!! and kicked ass, but then died in battle cause the pred was young, foolish, and hasn't seen much battle!  then they show the broken tusk fight and his moves are swift and elligant, and kick ass !!!!1 I would be in heaven...   I have an 8 foot alien 3 prop in my house that would have been perfect for the movie...
  12. Superscope
    Just after we see seb in pred vision,we see lex with pred and seb in the background, wire hanging sebastian off the ground.  Has absolutley no effect on the films final quality whatsoever tho, if it wernt for this dam frame by frame feature on quicktime nobody would ever notice.
  13. Heavy Metal Spike
    Damn- tried to post this earlier, but the crap-slow server et the blimmin’ thing!  Aneyhhooooooooooo ….. here I am at work trying to catch up on all the posts.  Don’t know if any of the rest of you had noticed, but most sites have picked up and acknowledged the new clips – with one notable exception – our often negative/sarcastic buddies over at “AintItCoolNews”!  Maybe they are sitting awestruck – or maybe it’s that they don’t want to admit how friggin’ AWESOME these clips are  Muhhaaahaaahaaaahaa  What with the cancellation of the premier and stuff, I can’t help thinking that this might not be down to Paul ‘tweaking’ at all – it could actually be the best marketing ploy EVER devised – let me elucidate eruditely (hey – try saying that with a mouthful of cornflakes!) ……  1) Allow negative comments to circulate well in advance of the release date, causing fans to be up in arms, creating lots of stink and leaving us desperate for ANY news that the thing stands half a chance of being decent. 2) Don’t explain the PG13 (ditto result). 3) Don’t explain the lack of press screenings or the preview being cancelled (ditto result). 4) Release 2 KILLER clips just 4 days before the opening – that show we don’t need to worry about the PG13 and that the thing looks friggin’ AWESOME - suddenly generating HUGE waves of positiveness about the movie. 5) Cut out the Eggbert & Ropetricks of this world (film critics) by not allowing them to savage the thing before its opening weekend. 6) Let the web community and the press work themselves into a tizzy with all the rumours and gossip, generating WAY more publicity than the normal route would do on it’s own.     I mean – dunno about you – but I’m WAY more psyched about this than I was a week ago – so it’s worked on me!  So – this COULD be a genius move that’ll cover their costs in bums-on-seats in the first week – but WTF do I know!!!  Watdya think? - Later dudes.     ;)  
  14. flonge
    I was really afraid of the lightning turning out to be a problem on this movie, but it seems to be one of it's big qualities. The lightning is perfect and it shows us the creatures exactly the way we want to see them.  I also still admire the type of action that Paul Anderson is doing on this movie, where the action scenes seems to progress the story, and not some pointless action as seen in spiderman, matrix reloaded and other movies lately.  I can't stop watching it either!   ;D  
  15. J
    I know you didn't Dogman, I was only playing.   I just keep watching that fight clip over and over, MAN gets sweeter and sweeter ( I can't wait to see the final clip)   The camera shaking up and down of the struggle between the two.  Close ups of certain perspectives highlighting the inbetween moments.  If these are things that we will see then let the good times roll!     :) 
  16. G-Dog
    About the alien's tail being too long...........same thing here like that complaining about the pred being weak because he has a freaking RAZOR sharp tail penetrating his body through his BACK and making him paralized...........the tail in that scene does look damn long, but then again, look at the alien in alien 3. If you got the Alien 3 figure from McFarlane's Movie Maniacs 6, you'll see that his tail is pretty damn long too, and knowing McFarlane, he does shit right. So, if you think about that, it seems right afterall. Now if they show the alien pop out with a shorter tail in the next scene with that same alien, then there's something they messed up on. Now the question here to all of you nit picking at this marvelous movie is: are you there to make sure they are 100% logical about every aspect of the alien and predator or are you there to see some ass kickings being passed around??? thank you....  And funny there J, I haven't dissed Paul on the movie quality itself, the only time I was really upset was about that rating deal or thinking that he let FOX f**k up the movie somehow.........if i remember right, i'm sure i've gone off the edge here and there, but above all, what have I been saying about AVP all along? hear that??..............*ding*..........dropped the dime on me dawg! LOL! its all good J.    8)    Vamp....LOL!!! thats messed up man, hope you kicked some ass, then again, if you're banned, why is this site still letting you post from your ip address deal? (don't know about computers much but I think you get what I am trying to say).
  17. HexPredator
    Truly awesome tidbit,however my only gripes is that cheezy squish sound when lex gets tossed towards that pillar and when Celtic bodychecks the alien(same cheezy squish). Oh and ya I think the Alien's tail is WAY to long.This movie is going to be sweet    ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D  
  18. Superscope
    f**king incredible.  I love everything about this clip except one thing, the wires holding sebastian off the ground.  Still this is the best piece of avp footage ive seen so far.  Im in love with this movie already :D
  19. J
    All this talk of Aliens suppose to be crap ... BULLSHIT!   I am a fan of Predators, yes BUT I love the Aliens just as well ( ok, I know I always badger the fans on it claiming the Preds are the best, but I both respect the spieces each)   I DON'T WANT THE PREDS TO GET AN EASY RIDE ON THIS, THEY HAVE TO WORK DAMN HARD TO   PROVE WHY THEY ARE THE BEST!  Aliens are strong, vicious, RAVENOUS,   INTELLIGENT beings that can never be fooled, I hate to admit it but they can be just as crafty as the Preds.   In the end I want THIS to be a GREAT match up, as with everyone else here, I DON'T WANT THE PREDS TO KILL EVERYSINGLE ALIEN AND NOT COME OFF SCARED THEMSELVES, it would take away the competitiveness out of it ...  ... THATS WHAT  WE'VE ALL COME TO LOVE AND RESPECT the grudge match where it can go right or wrong for each spiecies, I want this combatants to be equally as good as each other, highlighting both their weakness + strengths when coming to blows   ;D    thats all me got ta say,  ( Dogman, what, NO TICKET FOR ME, AWWWW MAN, you suck!!   ;D   peace bro)
  20. G-Dog
    To those that wondered why the pred didn't do anything before he got killed off, and seem to complain that the scene made the pred look weak....ever stop to think that the alien tail paralyzed his ass?? I mean, it went through his back, I think the tail got some spine or some shit. That, and NO the pred does not have the shoulder cannon so it couldn't use that either. YES the pred had the sword looking thing but couldn't move because of what i just mentioned......
  21. Cookies
    I also agree theres no way an alien can take out a pred.  And no way it can even sneak up on one.  Pred is perfect hunter, it sees and hears everything,.
  22. G-Dog
    aaawwww man, you got to be kidding me? blew? I thought it was geat, although more levels would of been better. Anyway.........WHY THE f**k ISN'T AVP ON MY THEATER'S MOVIE LIST FOR AUG 12 OR 13 ALL THE WAY UP TO THE 15TH!!!!!!!!!????????????? #(*^$)(*^*&@$_@*#^$_(*@#^)(@#^ fuljfkjfnasojkh8q73250u !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  whats the deal with the world premier today? is it still good or what!!!?????? anyone????? info???? did the movie really get delayed????
  23. G-Dog
    hmmmmm, now that I pay attention to those skulls on that pole that he has on his back, doesn't that kind of remind you of the preds in the Aliens vs Predator Extinction game with those skulls sticking out from the back of the preds???     ???   Pretty cool I think.....
  24. inkedspawn
    its a skull on his shoulder.

    ye just looked. near his right shoulder is a skull, the left side is where they keep the medical stuff.the thing thats stickin out.
  25. G-Dog
    As for the alien tail, its good to know that I am not the only one that thought that the alien tail was a bit long. It was a 10+ for me still, but I am no cookies, that guy just can't be pleased no matter what. No matter how much I see, it ain't gonna ruin it for me!!!!! So far, these two fight clips, although the first fight scene wasn't finished, was better than I imagined. In regards to the first fight clip, you want to know why it wasn't a final cut for real? when the alien jumps in the air and sticks his tail in the gorund and after the pred cuts his tail and looks at his blades (while the alien still on top of him), the next cut shows the alien infornt of the predator again to continue fighting. How did the alien get off of the pred? didn't show. I don't know, I may have all this wrong, but that tells me that Its not the final cut of that fight scene.
  26. inkedspawn
    also i kinda like gills mask the best. scars classic one is still cool but sometimes i see a shots of celtics mask and i think i dont liek it, then i see one and think its looks real creepy and cool.
  27. JFDAddison5456
    It's a great clip, and I think this predator has two retractable swords, and his writs blades as well.  As he is bign turned around to face the Alien, does he have his plasma cannon attached to his shoulder, or is it a trophy dangling down his right shoulder blade.
  28. inkedspawn
    fish gill hasnt got a cannon, ***Spolier*** In the book it says the preds take lesser weapons, ie blades and spears. they only high tec weapon is that scar takes an net shooter which clips onto his arm, well it may not be scar but they dont actaully take the burners unless they change it 4the movie.One of the reasons they go after the humans is that they find they cannons they are allowed to use in the pyramid, its ment to be that they aint allowed to use them until the 1st alien kill *** Spoiler over***
  29. G-Dog
    Nope, I don't think so, they wouldn't be showing these "gory" clips if they weren't in. I don't think FOX is that stupid, that would really piss people off... read the rating again, it states: gory, violance etc etc. Pretty much everything we saw in those two clips. Nothing to be worried about like I've been saying forever now. R or PG-13, its still going to be the best Alien and Predator movie to date!!!
  30. sexualpredator
    who cares bout the tail bein a little long. the scene was really perfect and elegant. awesome colors too. i dont wanna see any more now until the movie cuz its gonna ruin it
  31. Ermac
    Back to the topic: I think that while Fish Gill is still alive dangling on the Alien tail, he should use this cannon on it. Doesn't matter if he gets acid on him cus he's dead anyway.
  32. Winston
    Who said that the pred has a sword? look closely, see it yet? you can see that it is his wrist blades but he only has one ejected you can see the tip of the other side
  33. Darth Garuda
    There is no chance of a human chestburster, maybe a Predator chestburster.  We'll see the people fitting then it'll pan then you'll only hear the burst and the bambi aliens screams.  We might finally get to see a Predalien.
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