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The Creature Effects of ADI

The company selling the “AVP: The Creature Effects of ADI” book, Design Studio Press, has now started accepting orders for it. The cost differs between $19.95 and $49.95 depending if you want a paperback, hardcover or signed hardcover version of the book.

20040810_06 The Creature Effects of ADI

“The book is full of design drawings, sculptures, artist bios and much more that provide a wonderful case study of what went on behind the scenes within one of Hollywood’s top creature effects houses. You see the subtle changes and understand the reasons behind the evolution of the Alien over five feature films. You witness the extensive animatronics engineered to make the monsters move. And because Tom Woodruff, Jr. not only designs and builds the Predator…he plays him…he has an individual perspective on making creatures come alive.”

There’s a total of 322 colour images spanning 128 pages.
Thanks to Agent Glenn for the news.

20040810_07 The Creature Effects of ADI

20040810_08 The Creature Effects of ADI

20040810_09 The Creature Effects of ADI

20040810_10 The Creature Effects of ADI

20040810_11 The Creature Effects of ADI

20040810_12 The Creature Effects of ADI

20040810_13 The Creature Effects of ADI

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Comments: 38
  1. predalienstrike.
    can someone also scan the ISBN Number please? so i can order it here. I dont live in America so i hope that I can order it over here.
  2. Variable
    O this is great. Thats what Im talking about YEA! This is the next book on my list. Please magnify the pics. They seem real interesting. The Predator CE is out. Its badass man.
  3. Saint Sinner
    Yeah, he does play it on close-ups. A picture of a "small" Scar Predator can be seen inside the AVP novel. Woodruff is good with the character movement and what not in the last couple of Alien movies, so there's no reason to doubt he'd do this for the Predator.
  4. AngryHobo
    Tom Woodruff Jr. plays the Pred in close ups?  hmmm....I think the Pred comment is a typo, as we all know that TW plays the Alien. I seriously doubt that they would use a shorter person for close ups...Just stick with the main actor. That would more than likely save some money anyway.
  5. Centurion
    Yes there is 5!  Fishgill Predator Scar Predator Celtic Predator Visor Predator ( One which has no "eyes" in his mask )  And the Elder Predator!  Look at the bottom picture containing 4 Predators! Now look at the picture ( Frame above it , the one with Scar ) The Predator with the weird Visor masks stands next to Scar! So yes my friends ... there's 5!
    hey any of you guys who areo outside the usa      it has the selection of ordering and having it delivered usps international       so yall outside the us are okay
  7. J
    The last picture, if you notice on the left hand side of the page a Predator is holding on to a chain of some kind ...    ... gezzz! I wonder what or who is on the other end???   ;D  
  8. Saint Sinner
    wtf tom does not play the predator, hes too small.
     He plays him on close-up shots -- hence the reason the full image of Tom in the Scar Predator suit ( which can be seen inside the AVP novel) makes the Predator look like a midget.
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