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New AvP Preview On EBay

A new AvP Preview clip has been located on the AvP Ebay Website including some very cool new footage. Lex starts the preview off by saying “It is my job to keep you alive on the expedition. No-one goes anywhere alone. Unexpected things are going to happen. When they do, no-one tries to be a hero.” And the clip finishes off with a great shot of an Alien clawing its way onto the screen.

20040807_40 New AvP Preview On EBay

The point of the website is that registered users can skin an auction in either an alien or a predator theme. 15 More screenshots are on the next page and let me know if anybody manages to ‘extract’ this clip from its present location. Thanks to Gr8Kabuki for the news.

Update: Download: AvP Preview Clip

20040807_27 New AvP Preview On EBay

20040807_28 New AvP Preview On EBay

20040807_29 New AvP Preview On EBay

20040807_30 New AvP Preview On EBay

20040807_31 New AvP Preview On EBay

20040807_32 New AvP Preview On EBay

20040807_33 New AvP Preview On EBay

20040807_34 New AvP Preview On EBay

20040807_35 New AvP Preview On EBay

20040807_36 New AvP Preview On EBay

20040807_37 New AvP Preview On EBay

20040807_38 New AvP Preview On EBay

20040807_39 New AvP Preview On EBay

20040807_40 New AvP Preview On EBay

20040807_41 New AvP Preview On EBay

20040807_42 New AvP Preview On EBay


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Comments: 30
  1. J
    Hey Good Reverend, am no hater to the Aliens, really! and I'm definately not one to diss the Queen, I love them both equally but and thats a   but I've got to root for the ' hero ', its tradition.   It will be a good fight no matter what   ;D  
  2. The Reverend
    your very welcome   and J as for you "Her majesty, o yes, that is her or right   ;D  " and yet you dis the aliens in the other comment section. SHAME ON YOU, *wrath* *wrath*  he he he    :)  
  3. HellAlien
    That was an awsome clip, and ues the thing at the end is the queen, no doubt about it. Wowo that was huge for 1 min. Now if you compile everything we saw so far of the movie, i think that it would be approx 5-7 mins of spoilers so far eh ? its so great.
  4. The Reverend
    343 if you saved it dont open it up directly from the program you what to run it in. opean up the compresed zip file in your folder then click on it to opean it. should work then    ;)  
  5. El Diablo
    I can't get the damn page to work. The flash animation is just moving at a fast speed and I can't click on any of the links. Anyone got a direct link to the tv spot?
  6. El Demonio Cazador
    Has anybody noticed the 9th Snapshot, the Triumphant pred with spear that  appears below the Pred Ship ?  Interesting isn't it?  Saludos!
  7. pred-maniac
    damn i cdant see it every time i try to go there it keeps flashing then restaring its pissing me off it driving me craxy i wanna see it
    man that queen is pretty sweet       the tendons on the jaw with the translucent teeth is just like the queen from aliens  probly the best part of this movie will be this new queen          its awesome
  9. The longest screen name in the world has jus ...
    At first, I thought that was a regular Alien at the end of the clip because the arms look shorter.  Then at a closer look, it's actually the Queen.  She seems to be looking into something....hmmmm.
  10. El Demonio Cazador
    Darkness!! Thats the clip I saw on tv where you can see the  Predator ship from underneath!! And what I thought was an alien opening some sort of door at the end!! its actually the Queen right?  This is great!! hehe, I've benn skeptical but hopefully the movie is gonna rock! hehehehe only a week to go!
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