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Is The AvP-Movie Poll Fixed?

Ever wonder if the Poll is fixed? Jeff, the avp movie insider, explains all about the AvP Movie Poll…

“It looks like a predator fan has written a bot to vote for Predator automatically. We’ve detected a spike in Predator voting last night and we’ve tracked it down to a singular IP and found a voting program he put together and uploaded on his site. This hacker’s programmed a bot to continuously vote for Predator.”

20040807_26 Is The AvP-Movie Poll Fixed?

Now that is a loyal predator fan. Jeff goes onto say that Fox is allowing the bot to continue boosting up predator votes and maybe, an alien fan will come up with his own bot… It doesn’t seem to matter because Alien is winning by about 350,000 votes.

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Comments: 38
  1. AL
    Now that is downright clever, and cool. It may be cheating, but hey...programmers will be programmers. I would like to see the source code for this bot.
  2. Lamone
    Funny how they dont give a shit about the hack being there doing that, not that its doing anything bad, but its still considered a computer crime or whatever?   Anyway, back to AvP I suppose.
  3. SigmaXcel
    Wow is this guy had a bot vote for Predator that's really sad. Alot of people must want Alien to win =(  I still have faith in the Pred's
  4. Dachande663
    You can program a bot like that in Visual basic it's dead simple. Look on the Microsoft Developed Network and you should be able to make one yourslef.
  5. Melmac
    Who gives a flying F**K about a poll?  Anyone with a brain know that the Preds can wipe out the whole Alien race without breaking a sweat.  I mean the Preds hunt Aliens for sport!(FOR SPORT!!)  Preds can kill a large group of humans in like 30 secs.  An Alien takes the same amount of time to kill just one.  Preds are harder to kill.  Remember in Aliens when Vasquez(The FEMALE Marine)killed an Alien with her bare hands with a little help from her handgun(A F***king handgun?)  When Danny Glover in Predator 2 shot the Pred with like 12 SHOTGUN shells, that tough Motha F**ka still got up and kicked ass  It's plain and simple.  Preds are the superior race.  So suck on that Alien fans   8)  
  6. Spectra
    It must be the same with the Aliens since for long time the Preds were far in advance in the results votes and now it's the Aliens. Someone must have made a bot for the Aliens too. :(
  7. antman
    All i know is that the humans better not win....i know the catch phrase says who ever wins...we lose....but if we do win, ill be pissed....if it were up to me all the humans would be killed, except for bishop..(he's cool.)
  8. Hello Kitty
    people are weird these days cmon think about it they think since their is more votes on alien or pred they think the one with the more votes it gonna win that is totally weird.   ???  
  9. pred fan
    If u watch the fight clip of the pred and alien, the pred kicks the aliens ass, he throws his ass around like a punk! and in all of the trailers the pred is always winnin! GO PREDATORS!!   ;D  
  10. Baseman
    Thomas: No worries, I have seen the Pro-Alien footage  (spoiler) I seen him kill a pred, pick him up with his tail, head bite him, and toss him aside like a 250lb rag doll (sorry dunno how much that is in metric units). The alien is awesome, but I think pred is just Kick ass. RARRR! D====
  11. uhhhhh
    yeah, 2-3 months ago preds were always ahead by like, 100k votes maximal, now the aliens are taking the lead.  doesnt really matter to me, IMHO, they are both capable of victory, and both deserve votes
  12. Saint Sinner
    lol doesn't matter now, especially since they probably reduced the Predator's numbers after finding this out. You could tell 3 months ago that there were more people voting for the Predator.
  13. Heavy Metal Spike
    Using a BOT to kick alien BUTT luuuurrrvee it!!!  MuuuuhaMuhaaahaaahaaaaa  PS: Has anyone else noticed if Kerry's face gets any thinner he'll be looking like the dog-alien off #3? Still - never liked shrubs mahself!
  14. ShinCrisis
    lol.  People are more concerned with Aliens and Predators than our own presidential election.  WHOEVER WINS... WE LOSE.  JOHN KERRY & GEORGE BUSH
  15. Thomas
    People underestimate the Alien. I think people must forget that this creature is capable of wiping out entire crews of people without even being seen. So far from all the clips we've seen, the Alien always seems to come off as weaker and a less able competitor. He's had his tale chopped, been thrown around like a ragdoll, puched through walls, the chestburster is caught mid-air in a preds hand, the queen is chained up like a measely pet and a facehugger is sliced in half. Where's all the pro-Alien footage? As for the preds, one got his mask scratched. Big wow!   ???   More kick ass Alien footage needed!!!    ;D  
  16. Zach Wachob
    In the games it is easy to defeat a bunch of aliens as a predator but really difficult to take out a single predator which is why I feel the predator would win. I always vote for the predator and find it hard to believe that so many people think the aliens have an advantedge
  17. J
    But good Reverend,   NEVER COUNT THAT 1 OUT   O whats that?   Is that a    ;D     ;D     ;D   bomb I hear ticking??  the Predator has the LAST word!  HA! and I do so believe HA! again   ;D  
  18. The Reverend
    ALIENS SHALL RULE WITH AN IRON CLAW MUHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH besides they totally out number the preds like 100:1    ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D  
  19. Neocharge
    Can't believe some guy would do that. I, like cookies, thought that Preds were in the lead. I'm a fan of both species but I'm a bigger fan of aliens.
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