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HBO Programme Screenshots!

Firstly, thanks to forum member UltraBeast for sending me the HBO AvP Special programme. The file itself is 30MB which I’m going to upload to FilePlanet after I’ve written this. It’s really good quality too but the first minute or so were missed off. Anyway, I’ve spent the last hour or so creating screen captures and you can find 125 images from the HBO Programme in the HBO Special Gallery.

20040808_02 HBO Programme Screenshots!

All I can say when I watched this is Wow. There’s a couple more shots on the next page but make sure you check out the Gallery for all 125. I will update the news when I’ve, hopefully, uploaded the video file to FilePlanet.

Update: Download HBO Special: Mirror 1 | Mirror 2 | Mirror 3 (27.3MB)

20040808_01 HBO Programme Screenshots!

20040808_02 HBO Programme Screenshots!

20040808_03 HBO Programme Screenshots!

20040808_04 HBO Programme Screenshots!

20040808_05 HBO Programme Screenshots!

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  1. Jack244
    Technically Scar even kills EVERY Alien (minus the Queen) because he detonates his bomb (after detaching it of course   8)   ) However even though Scar didn't actually deliver a death blow to the queen, he is quite responisble for her death, so yeah Scar IS the ultimate bad ass Pred  
  2. Jack244
    Mich, people like Scar better because he is more of a bad ass than Celtic.  
    Grid alien kills Celtic even after getting a serious beat down. Scar fights Grid twice and beats his ass both times. Also Scar happens to be the ONLY Predator out of the 5 to kill an Alien, let alone 3
  3. J
    Celtics the don   ;D   I suppose were all looking at how far the film pans out, seeing more of the Scar Pred. in action is hyping alot of people up, I LOVE 'EM BOTH!
  4. Jack244
    Guys you can see one of the unkown Preds in the trailer.... He's the one with the technology built in the mask shown in the featurettes. In the trailer it's the Predator getting held down by a couple of aliens and there is Green blood everywhere. You can see the technology part of his mask for a split second (1:55 seconds in) when his head turns and I know it's not Scar because of the missing middle armor plate. Scar Pred also has bones and skulls aroudn his neck while I don't see any one this one. It's also the same Predator that cuts the face hugger in half.
  5. mich
    okey i just want to get this straight scar predator is a pretty cool prdator but celtic will beat the shit out of him how come everybody on this website like scar more.We all now how scar predator dies he has a chest burster in him.
  6. J
    When it shows here in the UK , I going to go the late night showing, THE LATEST!!!     heh! heh! heh! THIS FILM IS GOING TO LITERALLY RAISE THE ROOF OFF ...   ... COM - PLET - E - LY!   ;D  
  7. El Demonio Cazador
    I already have my tickets for the Midnight show on Thursday!! I'm very excited!! The wait is over!!! the Cool thing is that on Saturday I'm going to Wizardworld Chicago and I'm sure it'll be loaded with AvP stuff!!  Saludos
  8. predguy22
    Well, I don't know - it's just my opinion. The way I see it, that's how it happens. You might see it a different way. In fact, in special, the shot where you see the 3 pods visibility isn't all that great to begin with. You might be right, but then again the only way we could be sure it's to watch the movie.  I still feel it's odd that Paul Anderson has said that there are going to be 5 preds, the novel says there are 5 and we've only seen 3. If there are more predators, I really want to see them.
  9. Cetanu
    Hey predguy, of course its logical man. I mean damn, the pods looked like they were dropped from very high altitude, almost upper atmosphere. So why then would the ship bother to do a fly-by, then climb back to that altitude again, dont make much sense. Guess you forgot that the book mentions five Preds huh. Nice try, but you didn't get very far with your theory either.
  10. G-Dog
    Man!!! I knew this site wouldn't let me down!!! Got to see the special afterall (no HBO). Anyway, AVP looks better and better with the new shit I see. Already bought the Predator's CE DVD this weekend and got my AVP ticket ready!! 5 more days man, 5 more days!!!  This movie is going to be the best movie of my life (up to now, we'll see AVP2!!!)
  11. predguy22
    All the shots with the 3 predators on the pyramid and the hordes of aliens are from the portions of the film that occur in the past, like Paul Anderson explained in the first featurette.
  12. Darth Garuda
    Where the hell did all the aliens come from?  There was only a small band of people seen going into the pyramid.  Are these the ones that overwhelmed the Predators in the past.  Effects look ok.  Hope it's good, I'll be going to see it either way.  Y'know just to seem them again.
  13. predguy22
    OberonQA, about the shot of the Predator mothership flying over the whaling station- First of all, Sebastian is already in the pyramid so I believe that guy is Quinn. Secondly, I doubt 2 predators would actually stay behind on the mothership while the others simply landed in pods. I don't find the logic in that. It's more than likely that the ship is just down a low flyby just before actually sending out the landing pods for Scar, Celtic and Gill. I believe this is also mentioned in the novel.
  14. Roadkill Xeno
    Here's what I think that scene with Lex going: "It's time to pick a side".  Lex: "It's time to pick a side"  Max: "Side?" <Max and Quinn locks and load> Max and Quinn: "Ours"
  15. OberonQA
    Hrmmm... that's a good question, BigBilly.  I loaded up Alien and Aliens to observe the Alien movements (I ignored Alien3 and Alien Resurrection because we are focusing on non-genetically altered human-borne Aliens).  In Alien, the Alien was able to fit itself into a niche on the Narsisis (the lifeboat).  In Aliens, the aliens were able to lie down (once the chestburster is torched the movie shows a couple of aliens rising up from a prone position on the ground) as well as fitting into niche's in the walls of the hive.  I would say the dorsel horns (which is what the scientists in the novelization of Alien Resurrection referred to them as) are flexible and probably comprised of cartiledge (or the alien equivelent) and can bend to a certain extent without breaking.  In Aliens, there are a couple of shots with the camera behind an Alien (the alien that Vasquez shoots from the APC and gets acid-blood spilled on Drake and the alien that gets smashed by the APC while Ripley is driving the remnants of the team out of the Atmosphere Processor come immediately to mind.)  The Alien Resurrection novelization also reveals the dorsal horns are utilized by the Aliens as an alternate means of expelling airborne waste material (carbon monoxide for example) and were removed from the Ripley-clones because they were redundant and not utilzed (one of the preserved clones in the clone lab that had an Alien-like head had holes in it's back where the dorsal horns were removed.)  So... that said, draw away and don't let the dorsal horns be a problem for you.  ;-)
  16. BIgBilly
    just a question about aliens. with thos 4 tubes on their backs, how can they land on their back at all? im not saying this is a bad point im just curiouse because i draw alof of avp and i have done the aliens on their backs.
  17. J
    The fact that each room chanages and modifies into something else helps create a creep look to the crypt like pyramid, close and compact spaces ... thats what were've come to love from the Alien movies.
  18. Nidza
    Hey,some really nice stuff on this HBO special...  Go Preds Go!  Ehem,will anyone tell me whats a hooter? (example : Riply's hooters and Lex's hooters )
  19. AdamJZ
    good, I see that ass hole stoped impersonating me, any way, I just bought the Grid Alien, and Scar Predator figures, they are cool, but scar's 'wrist swords' are not removable, kinda stupid. but the grid alien is pretty cool. also I got a AVP pop corn bag when I went to see colateral today. dont worry guys, Ill post all the pictures of my trip that are related to AVP, that is if Darkness will post them. wnyway, good night guys, Ive got to get some sleep for universal tomorrow, and after that its AVP premiere!!! (i hope the roumer is not true) I'll see ya guys later.  also I saw AVP ad's on a cab and a bus too, fox sure isnt sparing any expence on the advertising.
  20. Cetanu
    Hey guys, I know that by virtue of all the footage shown a lot of your are starting to believe that there are only going to be three Preds instead of five. I know there will be five, and here's my reason why. Okay, a lot of you said that you could only see three drop ships hit the surface. Okay, Celtic, Gill, and Scar lets say are the Preds in those pods. Okay, if the pods were the only things that needed to be sent to Earth, then what's with Quinn seeing the mothership fly overhead. I say that Gill, Scar, and Celtic arrive inititally via the pods, and the other two take the luxury ride in on the mothership and show up a little late. How bout' that theory, that sound plausible?
  21. Little Psycho 303
    when does it come to Canada???? ANd what is with the break down play by play that everyone is winning about!!??     Stay in ht elight.....for demonds do weit for thouse who wonder.
  22. OberonQA
    Ur right Galmorzu!  <<feeling silly>>  Guess that shoots my idea out the window.  Ah well... nice idea though.  Besides, after some thought, I came up with a small problem with my idea.  The Predator in P1 and P2 had very plain masks.  If my idea was actually true, then that would mean the Predator in both of those movies was the equivilant of a foot soldier or something.  **lol**
  23. HellAlien
    OberonQA,  no the preds r using it too.  
    scar is killin an alien with it, .
    SO lex is weilding one and the preds too. But i dunno if they r discs in this. Would be cool tho. But i think that the shurikens r the only thing we r gonna c as far as lil round deadly objects r concerned.   ;D    But it will be coo anyway.  And for those masks, i came with a supposition, maybe that they r all from diff clans so to say. That they r all coming to the same place to have the right to be in their respective clans.  OR that their masks r different lookin and acting. That they r not all doin the same thing. But do ya think that the preds r able to control their helmet with their tusks ? i taught of that when i saw P1 and P2 the other day. Cuz sometimes, it really seems like the pred is activating things without even touching his gauntlet.
  24. OberonQA
    Think of the mask customizations as another way of individualizing each character.  Given the fact that the Predator is a warrior-race, the mask would be the only way for the individual Predator to be "unique" (for lack of a better term).  Customizing the mask would probably be the only acceptable thing an individual of that race could do to distinguish themselves.  I would also go out on a limb and say the more complex a mask is, the the more "status" or "rank" an individual has in a clan.  The mask that Scar wears is by far the most complex of the masks seen so far, so I would believe Scar may be the son of a reknown warrior in the clan.  This sort of stuff may not be revealed in the film, but may be hinted at in the novelization or sequel movies....
  25. OberonQA
    FAT - the masks are probably just a personal touch... individually customized by the Predator that wears it.  Sort of like in Aliens, each Colonial Marine had their own customized body armor.  The body armor customizations were cosmetic and didn't add to or detract from the functionality of the armor.  Same theory... different movie

    HellAlien - yea... ur probably right about not seeing too much caster/cloak action.  I would hope to see the spear and disc make the occasional appearance though (along with the shurikan that we've seen a pred throw).  Although... after looking at the storyboards and concept images (I refuse to look at the novelization until after I see the movie), I have reason to believe most of the spear action we'll see will be while Lex is wielding it....
  26. HellAlien
    yea i got ya there, but to c the ship is one thing, but to c the preds is another. i dont really think that the preds cares about the human seing the ship. Since its high enough not to be attacked and all. But on the ground is another thing. And yes it would be fun to c that charger in tha movie. But i doubt we will since the preds r almost not using the casters and the cloaking. Its all melee baby.
  27. Fresh Alien Terds
    Hey anyone else besides me hoping that they actually show what each of the different pred masks do in the movie.  The book does a great job of NOT explaining it.  Having different styles of masks and nothing to show for it would be stupid.
  28. OberonQA
    I agree with ya... except in that HBO special, there is a quick clip of one of the Pred dropships flying over the whaling station and a human (I think it was Sebastian) looks up and sees it (the camera is on the ground at Sebastian's feet looking up towards the sky).  So it's entirely possible the preds don't know about the humans until everyone is locked up inside the pyramid.  As for the energy source(s) that power Pred technology... who knows.  I for one will be laughing my ass off if I see a Pred pull out a plasmacharger (recharging item that fires off electricity into the Pred and recharges the "battery" in the AvP games).  BTW:  Laughing in a good sense...  ;-)
  29. HellAlien
    Well something i taught about that cloaking thing is that the preds are arriving to the pyramid cloaked right. But like sebastian said, its a trap, so the preds were knowing that there could be humans outside. So the cloaking thing. But they know that aliens r still able to c them even if cloaked so why being cloaked inside exep if its to kill the humans. When they saw that there were more humans than expected, they began killing them so that the aliens wouldnt had time to forge an army that would crush the preds. But then no need to cloak. And we dunno if the energy source for the cloaking is the same as the caster. I dont think so, that woul be dumb from the preds, they were better doin 2 seperate batteries.   But anyway, we will have the answer soon my friends.
  30. OberonQA
    It would make sense for the preds to not utilize their cloak while hunting the Aliens... if for no other reason to conserve energy for other uses (the plasma cannon comes immediately to mind).  In the AvP games, running cloak slowly depleted the energy reserve... so you wouldn't utilize it if the only thing you were hunting is something that could see through the cloak effect.  Of course, from a purely cinematic perspective, how interesting would it be if the preds kept their cloak on for the majority of the film?
  31. Nik
    Fresh Alien Terds calm down aliens can sense dont have eyes and can sense the preds even when cloaked so why do it and u dont seem to be a fan of the movie so why visit the website
  32. OberonQA
    That sort of ending would please a lot of us, Variable.  Then again... I'm of the opinion that any ending that doesn't just STOP is a good ending (one of my biggest gripes with the LotR trilogy is the way FotR and TT ended).
  33. OberonQA
    As far as the whole Pyramid concept goes, this can go back to some of the ideas Ridley Scott and H.R. Giger were throwing around during the pre-production of Alien.  A couple of concept images Giger did before doing the Derelict was of an Egg Silo that housed the Alien eggs (owners of the Alien Quadrilogy can view the Silo concept images as well as listen to Ridley discuss the idea on the commentary and Giger discuss it on the 2-hour featurette disc).  This idea was obviously scraped in favor of the Derelict, but I believe the Silo idea was fleshed out in the shooting script,  This may be part of the 40 pages of unshot script material that PA integrated into his movie.
  34. Variable
    Thank you for your welcomes. I just saw a Predator CE trailer. Something new. Im sure an AVP soundtrack will be released but who knows when. Im sure the movie doesnt end with a preds skin moving around. It will probably burst and give that little chestburster screech we have come know and then the screen will go black. That would satisfy me.
  35. HellAlien
    Its sure that the novel is not the movie galmorzu, they would never do this right. They dont want to spoil the entire thing. When i was reading the novel, and that they were talkin of the alpha grid and all, and then when we saw the thing in the clip, that was suppos to be grid, and as we all saw it is not different from a normal alien.   So im sure that the end is gonna be different from what we have read .  And cookies, the thing is that PA said that he wanted to do this one on earth cuz when he saw the thing with A3, that it was suppos to be on earth and all.Then it finished to not be on earth, and he really wanted to bring the aliens on earth. The the only thing he had to do is to do a good story for it, he then saw sketches of a guy with the preds being treated as gods and voila. And the thing of the aliens ( real aliens not the aliens, lol) having built the pyramids and all. It was all logical for PA. So its not a so dumb idea and i think that your the only one complaining about it. I mean didnt you wanted to c aliens on earth too? ANd to put the fight in space wouldnt have been bad either, that is mostly what will happen later in the sequels. Hopefully.
  36. OberonQA
    That is entirely possible Galmorzu and not entirely unrealistic.  Given the hype machine this movie has, Fox (and PA) would have just cause to try to keep the ending of the movie a secret... even if that means leaking shooting scripts with alternate endings onto the internet or changing the novelization somewhat.  Although, on the reverse side of the coin, remember this is Fox we're dealing with here.  <SPOILER>  The same company that authorized the release of the soundtrack to Star Wars Episode 1 and had the titles "Qui-Gon's Noble End" and "Qui-Gon's Funeral" listed on the track listing on the back of the jewelcase </SPOILER>  So...  who knows...
  37. Galmorzu
    I was just thinking guys, but does anyone else get the feeling that the end of the AvP novel might have purposely been written different from the movie so that whatever happens in the movie suprises us?  It wouldn't be the first time something like this has happened (the novel of Independence Day is a good example of different endings).
  38. Pvt Hudson
    hey cookies u want an answer to your question of    1. WHY the HELL did the preds wanna hold their retual on earth!?? Why hold the aliens on earth? that is SO stupid of an idea just to get humans involved in this movie.   well think of it this way! why the hell would ur parents wanna f**k each other? that is such a stupid of an idea to get u to be born?    its just because!
  39. J
    WHY NOT ON EARTH ? it would be to much of a complex story to try and have the match up in space, at least having it on Earth makes for a good meeting ground. The Predators use the human beings as host for the Alien as its hunting ground, all this will be explained in the movie   :)    Boy Cookie, anyone would think that you've seen this movie already, just watch the movie aleast, yeah?  ATHOUGH, saying that perhaps for the next movie ( or 3rd    ;D  ) they could just have it with   only the Aliens and the Predators,   No humans   No dialogue WHATS SO EVER ( it would just be left up to us to guess the events that are taking place just by their actions) oh, and one more thing ...   No Earth what so ever.  So I guess Cookie you would be right, damn!   ???  
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