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Lance Completes Full Circle

Lance Henriksen has been speaking to Sci-Fi Wire about Alien vs Predator and that his role in AvP completes the circle and brings a closure to the character:

“In the Alien films, Henriksen played two identical androids. In Alien vs. Predator, he plays the founder of the company that will eventually produce them. For Henriksen, being on the set of the new film, which was shot in Prague, felt very familiar. “When I walked on the set and saw the alien and the predator, I was back immediately,” he said. “I remember being in London shooting that thing. It was instantaneous.”

He goes onto say that fans of both franchises will be pleased with AvP and will meet people’s expectations. By the way, the programme on HBO is on tonight so if anybody watches it and finds any new info, send me an email.

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  1. OberonQA
    Thats a good question.  The simple fact of the matter is we (the audience) know next to nothing about Yutani.  AvP is the first movie to even bring some info about the Corporation (Weyland-Yutani) to light by revealing a bit about the Weyland Corporation.  One can only hope that any AvP sequel(s) reveal more as the timeline comes closer together with the first Alien film.
  2. J
    I\'ve got a   good question, who do you think could play the role for Weylands other pattern Yutani? the name sounds orinetal ,   HELL, IT COULD BE PLAYED BY A WOMAN!
  3. OberonQA
    again...  I find myself scratching my head...  that IESB site link that BKB posted contains a video interview with "Lance Henrickson".  The reason I am scratching my head is why is it that no other website rep was able to speak with Lance about AvP?  Surely PlanetAvP would have been at the Yu-Gi-Oh! premiere just on the off-chance that AvP cast/crew might be there.  Also... the cast have been pretty tight-lipped about the outcome of the movie (Lance and Saana side-stepped similiar questions at Comic-Con).  Why then is "Lance" stating that "we lose" when asked who wins in the movie?  I question the validity of this video interview....
  4. J
    Yeah, that would make sense Galmorzu, picking up from where Weyland left, the Companys on the brink of a   major fall and so Yutani throws in a major life line , rising it from the ashs, new, improved ...  ...   Weyland Yutani
  5. Galmorzu
    I used to think that Yutani would come into play much later one, sometime closer to the Alien movie tmeframe, but you know, if Weyland dies his company is going to take a *serious* blow financially.  A major robotics corporation on the brink of collapse would be ripe for the pickings to be bought out by another powerful and stable company, wouldn't it?  So there's a merge and thus we have Weyland-Yutani.  This sounds like a perfect explanation actually.
  6. J
    Now that Lance has finished his role for Weyland, I think we can safely say that he will indeed be remembered for the man who started the ' Company ' ...   ... now, how about introducing his other ' associate ', YUTANI, what you all think people?   ;D  
  7. DaveAVP
    I dont see how this completes the circle for Heinriksen.  AVP is modern day, Alien was set sometime in the future with Aliens 57 years after that (Bishop android) then Alien 3 sometime later on when Weyland arrives at the end, how old is this man, he must be early 50's in AVP.  The time scales are all wrong.
  8. Galmorzu
    Well most of it may be done, but I don't find it that unbelievable that edited and fx work isn't going to be finished until the real last minute before the release.  Aliens, and especially the mroe recent Lord of the Rings, were commonly said to have still been wet when the reels were sent to theaters.
  9. Baseman
    O.K. SO I just got back from fiestas in Santa Barbara, and I was kinda upset when I left to go out cuz...blah. blah blah, folks didn't like the the clip that I talked about from comic con, (that is not the whole clip, but some of it). but hardcore "nit pickers" such as AdamJZ (I'm not at all bashing on your criticizm) that like to be very anal on things (like I said, not a bad thing) like what they saw on HBO, then the more optimistic folks should be happy.  Yay.  And about the Godzilla Vs. Mothera remarks, what the hell do you guys expect, they are monsters.  It is not a Tyson or De La Hoya fight.  We will all see when the movie comes out.  Either ways, I'm happy with what i've seen so far and hopefully, this movie helps out PA and AVP in the end.
  10. J
    ITS GETTING CLOSER PEOPLE ...    (  for us its Ocober 22nd, sigh!), I wish I was there right now, Your all about to witness HISTORY in the making ...  ... place ya BLASTED best on this monster fest of a movie, who will win?????   ;D  
  11. Saint Sinner
    It shows a quick cut of (Quinn? I don't know their names.) stairing from the distance, and in front of "us" is the extended Predator blades dripping with human blood. I slo-mo'ed the entire tape about a half hour ago to catch some of the better shots.  Other notables that I can recall at the moment for those who didn't see it:  -The "ancient" Predator (from the concept art) holding the speared Alien head up in the sky declaring victory while the huge Predator spaceship looms overhead.  -The charging Alien Queen. This looks intense!  -The extended cut of "unmasked" Scar Predator doing the classic "roar" while showing off the new and improved facial articulation.  -Celtic dabbling with his wrist-computer (aka the time-bomb device) as a small, glowing red 3D projection of the pyramid pops up, similar to the "Red Queen" in Resident Evil.  -The new shot of the Alien horde running up the pyramid. The angle makes it look as if they're charging towards US and in the background you see smaller pyramidal structures, fires, and tons of Aliens toppling over eachother.   There's a lot more that I didn't list, like a (EXTREMELY QUICK) cut of Scar squatting over the Alien's corpse holding it's severed finger up to his head and some other random stuff. This is just what I found most interesting.
  12. Torch
    I just got through watching it, and man was it great.  The Preds definately got an upgrade especially their cloaking device.  Not many new features that we haven't seen yet but it was damn well worth a view.  I'm still waiting to see whether the bloodshed will be present but after watching the feature, my thirst for gore has gotten a little under control.  Thank God I recorded it because I'm gonna check it out again!  So excuse me while I go watch my HBO special again!!
  13. Saint Sinner
    I agree Galmorzu, and the Predator tackling the Alien into the pillar looked MUCH cooler. The quality of the Yahoo clip was bad enough, but knowing it wasn't the final edited version just added to its "suckage." The HBO special has definitely renewed my faith.

    Oh, and anyone know if this is going to repeat? I didn't get a chance to tape it. D'oh!     :-\ 
  14. Galmorzu
    Proof that the clip on Yahoo wasn't the final version/wasn't done being edited, the HBO special showed parts of that brawl and just before the alien slashes Celtic's mask it drives its inner jaws at his face (which he barely avoids).
  15. AdamJZ
    once, agian guys, Im heading to california for the premiere tomorrow, so I will see you all next thursday, the day before AVP is released, This is it guys, I cant believe its fianally here, I AM SO EXCITED!!!!! THIS IS IT!!!!!!!!
  16. Saint Sinner
    And I loved the shots of Scar unmasked, showing the facial articulation and what not. That was just perfect to me. Also, the newer scene of the Alien horde running up the pyramid, from an angle like they're running at YOU. Loved it. It also showed the "flashback" part from the concept art of the Predator holding the Alien head on the spear declaring victory. Woooo!
  17. Saint Sinner
    The HBO special has once AGAIN completely changed whatever negativity I had. That showed some AWESOME new scenes which puts the others in perspective. When they say we haven't seen shit watching the trailers, they mean it.
  18. Aliens Rule!
    Are the ancient people that are getting facehugged in the sacraficial chamber drugged or tied down?  How did they get the hosts to stay on the slabs?
  19. AdamJZ
    well, about that Real Fan, I was defending AVP, saying that the clip was flawless, when really I knew it was avarage, but I am not lying with this HBO thing, I was screaming about the whole thing, it really makes me think now that AVP actually has a slim shot of being the best film of all the alien and predator films.
  20. avpmaster132004
    Enter Text
    I wonder why PA had weyland killed by a predator instead of an alien? Its only fit for him to be killed by an alien?
  21. Me
    Hmm. Not sure if this has been established but I just bought an issue of CFQ magazine and it mentions how the ship was designed and how they saw the "3" pods that drop the "3" predators off. I thought there was 5........
  22. Real Fan
    QuoteAfter I saw the Yahoo clip, I was discouraged, but now, I have no doubts that this film will please all.
    AdamJZ...all your previous posts claimed how awesome you thought the fight scene clip was.  Then you bashed others for knocking it.  Now you say this!  What the hell!?
  23. Cetanu
    Hey guys, Adam JZ said new footage from the Celtic fight was shown, could anyone tell if the sound effects of the Alien and Pred were fixed?
  24. AdamJZ
    OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that AVP HBO thing was the coolest thing I have ever seen!!!!!!!!!!!!! all of my doubts about this movie have been smashed to ruble. new things...  -Ice Breaker ship shots, tons of new ones looks really great.  -TONS of new facehugger shots, some taking place thousands of years ago in the pyramid sacrificial chamber, you saw a poor little lass slowly getting face hugged, she was wearing an ornamental dress.  the funny thing is...she was caucasion, oh well, cool none the less.  -new shots of the new predators, tons of new footage of the ship, and the cloaking looks AMAZING, makes how it looked in the trailers like crap, also that celtic VS. Alien fight, the Yahoo version had some stuff cut out, because there were some way cool new shots of that fight.  -Alexa Climbing, it showed sebastion pushing lex into a  closing door, the makes it by far, but sebastion barley makes it, the predator throws a disk through the door but it gets smashed by the door just in time.  -Sanna's acting was great, the look on her face when the alien was about to kill her, beats segorny's acting by FAR.    After I saw the Yahoo clip, I was discouraged, but now, I have no doubts that this film will please all.
  25. Predgirl aka Lavon
    Well I just watch the special and it was dawm cool.  I was like a kid sitting infront of the tv watching it.  Some of stuff we already seen and showed some extra new footage OH YEAH!!! So I hope who ever saw it doesn't complain much because it looks awesome people. Also if you look very closely there was a shot of the Queen running it looked sweet.  Some of the stuff was pretty interesting to see and wish for those who don't have HBO could of saw it.
  26. Galmorzu
    Okay, it's over.  It really showed a lot.  Some of it wasn't too hot, but most of what I did see was really pretty good.  Facehugger nastiness was just upped a buttload with one scene in particular though...eeeeech.  The special went over most of the things that the existing featurettes already have, only much more expanded and with finished footage to accompany it all.  There were also added "featurettes" including things like CGI.  One thing  didn't like too much was the scene of a pred throwing the star and cutting a jumping facehugger in half, only it just falls into two halves and plops to the ground, not a drop of blood to be seen.  I'm guessing they haven't put the blood in yet, though.  A lot of time was spent on the set design, which was really quite spectacular.  And the acting all seemed really notable, so no worries there.  Some of the alien CGI was iffy, but for the most part, they all looked great.  There's a creepy shot just before that classic trailer end-shot of the alien leaping at the camera.  It shows the alien hidden in shadows crawling along the wall slowly, and you can barely see it until it leaps out of the darkness right at the camera.  Pretty nice.     :)    Overally, it made a very good impression.  And it looks like the other Preds are much less bulky than Celtic, so fear not, it really does seem to be a matter of him just being the giant brute of the pack.
  27. HellAlien
    I lost my f*ckin satellite signal before it began !!!!! Im so pissed right now f*ck !!!!!! I cant believe this !! " The signal will be back in a moment , please stand by " That is what i have in my tv right now. Damn it. F*ckin satellite.  Anyway i hope ya guys that saw it enjoyed it.
  28. Bringer of Death
    They most likely produse the androids eventualy in his honor to resemble the founder of there company Charles Weyland , now i was just thinking about the Yutani part, now we all noe Ash from Alien was mmade by this company.But I was thinking that mabey Ash is a replica of the Yutani person since the Bishop androids look exactly like Weyland the why not make the Ash androids look like \'Ash\' Yutani?. Just an idea but may make sence if you think about it.
  29. thinkugotachance
    "he plays the founder of the company that will eventually produce them"  which means he doesnt make them himself, his company does to continue the legacy he was trying to make by making this piramid his find
  30. Galmorzu
    Nik:  Because his company still exists.  It'll be taken over by some board of corporate heads that, now that the generally okay Charles Weyland is gone, begin plotting on what they can do to increase company profits to survive the financial blow Weyland's death is going to deal to it.  Besides maybe looking for Pred technology or Alien specimens, they'll probably begin producing actual robots (to later become androids) to bring in the $$$.
  31. thinkugotachance
    lmao, well, see ya later adamjz, it has been a damn good time waitin for this piece....youll most likely see it before me! lucky bastard. good hunting, and ill be waitin on that review, kid
  32. Galmorzu
    lol, actually I reare ever do go on that.  I prolly should, though.  BTW, just so everyone knows, there's ANOTHER AvP preview special on E! next Thursday (12th) at 5:30pm.  Then that night, as everyone knows, the Fox special is on at 8pm.  And the HBO special is coming on constantly between now and then, just do a search for it at
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