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Alien/Predator Fight Sequence

There is an amazing one-minute fight sequence clip posted on Yahoo Movies where the Celtic Predator wrestles about with an Alien – getting his wristblades burnt off in the process but looks as if he’s completely destroying the Alien in melee combat.

20040805_03 Alien/Predator Fight Sequence

30 Pictures are on the next page. Meanwhile let me know if anyone finds a download link for this clip. Thanks to SaNdMaNxX for the news.

Update: Here it is – a download link for the Celtic Predator vs Alien Fight. Thanks to HopeOfTheFuture for sending me the streaming link as I’ve now uploaded it to FilePlanet. I also don’t know why people are complaining so much about it. I thought it was a great clip. Some things seemed a bit strange but overall, I was definitely pleased with it.

Download: Fight Clip (2.5MB) (Courtesy of FilePlanet)
Download: Fight Clip (2.5MB) (Courtesy of Aliens Online)

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  1. Puff
    Did anyone else catch the elephant sound that played when the alien was thrown through the wall? It made this crappy clip of this likely just as crappy movie hilarious. For the rest of the clip I kept imagening a american wrestler fighting a elephant in  a porn movie. That porn movie would probably be alot better than this movie will be
  2. J
    Exactly AngryHobo, exactly   ;D       Its good to see people really understanding the concepts of this movie, making their own minds on how the film is and creates, ITS GREAT    :)  
  3. AngryHobo
    Here is an idea of mine...     The melting wristblade issue, and the bitching surrounding it is getting a little old. If the blooded Preds wanted to send the "teen" Predators on a rites ceremony, would they make the hunt incredibly easy? I think that the Pred weapons were made so that "teen" Preds would have to adapt to the moment and use tactical and hunter intuition to defeat their foes. This method of "tough love" would be an excellent way to ensure not only the Pred's deservance of manhood but also as a method to make very effective and powerful hunters.   Just a thought tho...   ;D  
  4. J
      8)   no fighting from my end Reverend, hopefully soon will see some footage ourselves of some of these clips in the UK, I suppose will start seeing more snd more shots around September time, ( am just going to look out for film review programmes that will show bits here and there)    :)  
  5. The Reverend
    MUHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA I HAVE SEEN THE QUEEN, SHE IS SWEET    ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D    Hay J stop fighting with every one else, they are wrong they know it and we all know it.    :)     :)     :)     :)  
  6. Nidza
    Hm,just watched the fight in full screen, and,damn, it looks completely different,and than it really looked like on of those PA fast changing scenes in which you dont know whats happening.  It looked that way to me.
  7. superalex
    With regards to the predators lack of mobility why didnt the special effects people find a tall bloke that actually had a bodybuilders physique instead of using a lanky skinny basketball player and making him wear restrictive rubber muscles plus plates of separate armour
  8. scar pred
    mybe the part when the predator cuts of the tail the starts to fight with him on the floor which is in the trailer of them turn n each other
  9. J
    Well, thats fair enough Darth Garuda, if I sounded to steamed before then I aplogize, I just get feed up of people countlessily sending messages on this board and then trashing a movie BEFORE they'd seen it.  As mentioned before, I haven't seen the fight clip but from what most of the people say about it was quite decent PLUS what we saw WASN'T the final version, so will all see the final edition and what it looks and plays like.  With all the armor on AND costume weight the actor had to endure inside am suprised he was able to do HALF of the stuff that was required of him to do, could you picture him doing a backward flip in mid air with all that on??? pain city!  The Alien has always been quite strong. PA wanted to push the level of abilities required from these two creatures, their strengths. The Alien's armor has always been reowned for its toughness so maybe PA wanted to high light it to us in this way, its protective like casing.  That fight was kind of the introduction to what will all expect, once your in the cinema am sure all your negativeness torwards THAT clip will fade.   8)  
  10. Darth Garuda
    PG13 is 12A in the UK.  I am not ignorant.  I have seen Mortal Kombat before and that fight stinks of it.  The spinning the Alien bit was a ripp off of the the fight at the end of Blade II.  It doesn't have any of the style that the previous movies had.  Aliens have never brawled before, and this is how I imagined they'd do it.  Being thrown through walls?  The Alien crush like an egg shell in Aliens, why is this such a hardass.  The Predator is really small, chubby and that doesn't fight with there lifestyle.  They're suppose to be uninhibited so they have freedom to do aerobics we couldn't.  It wasn't very spectacular, I was expecting a giant fight, the one that has been hyped.
  11. Eternal Alien
    I'm goin' to pull a Neo,here goes:"Whoa".That clip was F****** awsome,and the way the Predator's blade flips around,very new and inventive,and to think we're still a Predator movie short,yet of course the clip is not going to hava the quality of the movies yet but to me was good enough,the Alienthough like I said the sound is nasty on the net,sounds way better than in ALIEN RESURRECTION.For those who were protesting on the melting of the blades,think about this,these Preds are young,and the are there for their coming of age rituals if they survive at any cost then they become real hunters and get their upgraded weaponry,also in one of the trailers I saw a Pred with an Alien tail as a spear tip,I can't wait to see the movie,and though I hate Amalgamated Dynamics for destroying the Alien's look on this clip it looks half desent.Still I'm a bit nerveous,but can wait to see movie,and in reality for all the years of waitin' it's better than nothing....for the time being.
  12. Cv1207
      >:D  hey excuse me but arent the blades and armor of the predator supposed to be acid proof?    >:D  why coudn't paul anderson make a good movie for once?!!! ud better hope that there will be no preds flying kicking an alien in slow motion in these movie! or even worse, vice versa!  we have been hoping for this movie to be made for a long long time now, and who gets to direct it? mr anderson...
  13. Saiyanz
    I think some of u guys r takin this small scene to seriously, u gota remember the guy who played the previous preditors is dead now, so the preditor is obviously gunna look diferent in this movie! plus they maybe toying with the concept that every preditor is different and have different personalitys and fighting styles? Another thing I noticed is that in most of the scene the action is slowed a bit, maybe to give us a longer look at the preditor and alien detail and could possibly be normal speed in movie!? I do admit I dont like the preditors action in that clip, but I'd wait to see the film b4 slaggin anything off    ???  
  14. Baseman
    That sucks dude.  Thank G-d Almighty, I'll watch it next week.  Hopefully it'll be cool.  I'm sure us US folks let the rest of the AVP world what we thought of the movie.  I can guarantee though, some people will love it, and some people will hate it.  We will see what all of us AVP fans think of it here in the US.
  15. Baseman
    J, I saw more of what happened before the fight than what happened afterwards.  The clip at Comic con ended with the alien being thrown by the celtic pred.  But this clip is edited b/c it is exactly one minute long.  I saw the whole 4 minute clip.  it was really cool.  If you haven't read my report, here is the link

    Sorry, stupid link didn't work, here is just what happens before: --SPOILER-- The Celtic Predator was walking down one of the rooms in the temple heading towards the humans.  Alexa gets in his way, and he bitch slaps her out of the way, then Bishop Weyland gets in the way, bitchslaped to the other side. Then the Italian guy (I'm pretty sure he is italian) tries to hit the Celtic Pred, and the pred picks his ass up by the throat.   Alexa, now on the floor, looks around and finds a gun or some shit on the floor and starts crawling towards until until BAM, while on all fours, she gets kicked in the gut and flys smack into a wall. Another Pred in Camoflauge comes out (he was the pred that kicked her), walks up to her and holds his spear to her face. Then, slowly creeping from the background, you see something decending from behind the predator (the camouflauged pred, not the celtic pred). SHANK! The PRED gets an Alien tail right through him just like the queen did to Bishop in Aliens. The Alien (not a queen) picks up the pred w/ its tail, Turns him so they are face to face. Shot of the Preds mask (who is no longer camoflauged) and you can see a reflection of the Alien in the Mask, then a camera shot to the alien, it makes a head shot to the alien and then pred blood spills on the floor. It is a cut away shot. The Celtic pred hears some drama, turns to look, his view changes from IR to alien mode and he sees the alien killing his buddy. Drops the human and goes to f**k up the alien.   THat is when this clip starts.   However, there is some stuff cut out as I mentioned before because the humans are missing from the clip.
  16. J
    Baseman, did you see ALL the clip, or as much as you could see? Do you know what happens after the pred. chucks the alien ?? man you have me to curious!!   ;D  
  17. Baseman
    Hey Gdog, take it easy man.  Yeah, I think it could get out of control w/ too many vs. in it.  It should just be AVP, i just wanted everyone to check out the clip.  It is pretty cool!

    This is part of the clip I saw at comic con. It was even more awesome when I saw it: 1)because I saw it in a somewhat of a movie theater setting, with loud music.  Awesome, 2) You guys haven't seen what lead up to this fight. It is awesome and it catches you by surprise. (spoiler) The Alien was up there in the shadows when he crept up on the other pred (the gill pred).  Then the Celtic pred drops sebastian and walks over to the alien, and that is when the scene starts.  (But now that I think about it, the alien just killed a pred, and he doesn't have any pred blood on him).  Dunno.   There is still parts cut out from this scene.  If you notice, there are no humans around.  In the scene, i saw, the humans were trying to get out as the pred and alien fought.  You can see lex, sebastian and weyland looking at the alien and pred fight.  So I do think this footage was edited for some promo stuff.
  18. MoBiUG
    ... I'm starting to agree with the people saying this is a rough cut. If you watch the full trailer, flipped shots aside, there's actually more to the celtic alien fight. For instance, in the clip we see here, the alien scratches Celtic's mask before being kicked through a pillar. That's the only point of the fight we see them wreslte on the ground. In the trailer we see a shot of celtic, with scratched mask, rolling over so he's on top of the alien. It also looks alot cleaner with better colour balance.
  19. GeeViouS
    I would like to say that for everyone that thinks the celtic predator is big and bulky. Well if you would look at the AVP 2/PH games. There were light predators, regular predators and heavy predators. Light preds were agile minus some power, the regular ones were in the middle and the heavy ones were slow and very strong. Plus we haven't seen the rest of the predator's fight so there is no telling yet.   Another thing, the whole "wrestling moves" take. How else to you expect a big guy to fight? I'm sure paul has pleanty of respect enough for the movies NOT to put in actual "wrestling" moves into this movie and not follow into the foot steps of other directors that have done that with their movie(s). Granted the predator is not human. He could have all these mystical powers and is more agile than that but its not. This is paul's take on how things should go. He didn't look at it like... Oh the predator should use wrestling moves, oh the predators should be fast even though he has so much weight on him and so forth. He looked at it from his basic judgement and knowledge from the games, comics, novels, movies and other things. He figured a big humanoid'ish-alien going against a tiger like-alien would be none other than what it is. It's like putting Arnold Schwarzenegger or some other big goon against Jackie chan or someone very agile on their feet. Come on think of the physics here people.   To those of you that I've seen comment on this stuff have got it all wrong. You just want to hate the movie cause of the director. Not cause of the movie itself which you have yet to even see.   One last thing to keep in mind. This could or could not be a finished clip. It could be from the final cut or not. So don't go dissin it before you see the actual thing.
  20. OberonQA
    LyricalPharaoh - Umm... yea... keep thinking that.  I've seen Pred and Pred 2 about as many times as I've seen the Alien movies (which is quite a lot).  So don't be making assumptions about people.....
  21. J
    Darth Garuda, don't be so DAMN ignorant?   >:D    1. The Predator is wearing FULL body armor, OBIVOUSILY he'll be bigger than before ... when a stunt man puts on a suit ( and that suit must have weighed ALOT, movement isn't going to exactly be very easy is it??  2.I haven't seen the fight so I can't judge properly or give MY opinion on it.  3.AGAIN!! AGAIN!!! and AGAIN!!!!! JUST BECAUSE THEY HAVE RATED THIS MOVIE PG-13 ( 15 in UK) WHAT THE HELL MAKES YOU THINK THAT IT WON'T BE VIOLENT??? Predator blood may be excepted beacuse it isn't human blood, human deaths occur probably less. FOX possibly rated the movie PG-13 because THEY know that THIS movie would be a major draw attraction. SO JUST GET OVER IT YEAH??   >:D    I don't know whether YOU said those remarks just to piss fans off but I really can't stand people like that,  Critisms good, no matter good or bad , but just to come out with BULL like that and give no explanation or reasons why, well ...   ...^$
  22. Richie
    Im not sure why every body is getting so pissed at this fight clip i think it was well put together. Yes, there where some wierd sound effects and some other little mistakes but other than that it was great. every one thinks it's so easy to make a fight with a man in a rubber suit playing a pred and the same for the alien and at times its CG and others the alien is controled by robotics. There are so many thing that play in a film like this and i know for a fact that 99% of you could not even do better even if you wanted to so why dont you lay off anderson and let him do his job and you do yours and just shut up and enjoy.
  23. G-Dog
    Predgirl aka Lavon:  I think you got me wrong on the predator, I didn't mean that I hoped the preds looked the same like in 1 and 2, I was just using them as exmples about the armor and big deal though. I know the preds aren't going to be the same the preds in AVP look kick ass, but what I would of like to see was the preds using different styles of armor, exampe: like the preds that appeared at the end of pred2 you know? have a little mix in there. and the aliens gave you nightmares huh? LOL! thats funny, its all good though. I can't make up my mind about the two, i like both of them the same i guess. I'm wondering if some fight scenes are with a group of preds fighting aliens at the same time, besides that pyramid flash back, I hope they didnt do a pred and alien fighiting one on one for all the battles. I know that the queen chases them along with her horde, but actual fighting like we saw in the clip....that would be great to see, 1 on 1 through out the movie.....still great, but kind of crazy if they didn't do the group thing you know?
  24. Darth Garuda
    That Predator looks fat and heavy, the fight was useless no style at all.  If the rest of the fights are as bad as that this will be a major disappoinment.    Shit story, shit fights, PG and a crap movie.
  25. admiral max
    exellent clip ive watched it like 20 times in half an hour on repeat  the only thing i dint like waqs the alien noses and the strainge colour of the alien blood it looked orange weird   ???    my hopes are up for this film being realy good cant wait to see the alien queen but the clip was still exellent i liked it when the alien jumped onto the pred at the start of the clip   :D     8)  
  26. Nidza
    It looks good even if it's "beta" .  It looks that PA isnt doing those actions scenes in which you dont know whats happening - for which he is so famous about.    :)    And Lyrical : Man cant you see this is raw footage with some added sound and CGI. C Pred's moves are kinda slow,but well he is kinda big,even for a Pred    ;)  
  27. C4RN4G3
    LyricalPharaoh: It's obvious you're a hater, don't judge the film by this rough cut, come'on that's just lame man.  As I said last time this clip is cool, too bad I couldn't watch the special on HBo, since I don't have HBO.  Oh and btw, The Reverend: what's the point of all those smilies?
  28. DaveAVP
    Although its good to see the fight scene i agree that it looks a little rough.   It looks like we are only seeing the start and end of the scene and there will be more action in the middle with better editing.  My hopes are still very high as i have been waiting for over 10 years for this.
  29. The Real Predator
    ADAM_JZ- are you impervious to intelligence??? i clearly stated and caught out the imposter that claimed to be me when they said this was an alien / predator hybrid. dont you hate when people dont read things and make stupid comments- doesnt bother me too much, mainly because your a f**king idiot who no-one likes on this because you always have something to complain about. your going to california?- STAY THERE you impotent filth munger  @saint sinner- what are you talking about you judgemental freak of nature? "aka mr fibber" whats that about, ive only ever divulged information that is true from my knowing... when you really "prove me wrong" ill salute you, but your going to have a problem there....  take care all...  Forte Fortuna Adjuvat..........-real pred

    by the way....AMEN HELLALIEN  keep the faith in this movie people, and if it does actually suck, THEN start your bitching. but until then, chins UP.  There are plenty of fights in the movie and the climax is quite good.  Forte Fortuna Adjuvat..................-real pred
  30. ShinCrisis
    I'm pretty sure this isn't the final cut.  Looks really, bland.  But, it'll look pretty on the big screen.  >_>;  I wasn't impressed. Nor was a I disappointed.  Well, maybe a little impressed... But, I wasn't like... "Whoa!"  All the clips from this fight in the trailers were like... Better looking.  Lighting and in quality.  You know?  So, I'm not too worried about it.
  31. J
    Thanks for the info Dogman, hey people, did anyone watch the special on HBO? I don't have Sky or Cable, so tell me was it the lick? ( thats ' good ' by the way)   ;D 

    Reverend good man, been having problems downloading it, I don't have the reguirements avaible, not to worry man, from the majority reactions to this clip ....   ... MINDBLOWING!!   ;D     ;D 
  32. OberonQA
    In regards to the sound quality and overall camera work, I gotta say this isn't a clip from the final movie.  The sound is in mono, which should be a very good indication of the origin of the clip.  You can't compare the sound quality in this clip to the final movie.  As for the sound effects, if the Aliens in the movie sound like squealing pigs, so be it.  It's close enough to be credible.  While I prefer the classic hissing in Aliens and Alien3, I'm not going to flame AvP for not utilizing the same sound scheme.  As for the Celtic Predator moving slowly... that goes with the size of the character.  The Celtic Predator is big.  Add to that the size/weight of the gear it's wearing and it's not inconcievable to move slowly.  If Celtic Predator moved with extreme agility and grace, it wouldn't look realistic.  The other Predators come in a variety of sizes, so I wouldn't worry too much.  In regards to the camera angles and other visual issues, this was probably a clip done specifically for a presskit versus an actual clip from the final cut of the film.  The decision to do this is probably to keep interest in the film high without divulding too much of whats going on.  I fully expect the fight scene in the final cut to utilize different camera angles than what we have here in this clip.  So keep an open mind people...
  33. Vekin
    That clip was pretty sick. Though I didn't expect the Pred to fight an alien the way he did. Overall it looked pretty good but different from the previous movies which didn't have any slow motion shots during fight scenes. On an of note I watched the HBO's first look which explains a lot about the movie but doesn't show that many new scenes.
  34. The Reverend
    Gboy- lol the AVP2 IS MINE MUHAHAHAHAHAH same with predator 3 and the next 3 alien movies MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAA   ;D     ;D     ;D     ;D     :)     :)     :)     :)     :)     :)     8)     8)  
  35. Mecha-hellboy
    man this is'nt looking to hot. it kinda looked dodgey (bad). kinda corney. like the alien movements look cool. but the pred is kinda lame. that boy is on horse sterioids or something. i wanna know why the acid splashed on the wall but none on the actual pred. and the way he stands up looks fake. i hope this is just a press release. cause man there gunna have to edit it way better. the pred looks like its drunk when its slashing at the alien. and melting claws i thought pred would have invented acid proof metal they have been fighting the alien for thousands of years. and the way how the pred looked at his wrist blades like "that was'nt supposed to happen". i so hope they fix this sceen up and the other fights are better. you can so tell the pred costumes fake.
  36. LyricalPharaoh
    LION GROWLS and PIG SQUEALS. im CONVINCED this movie is gonna suck. this clip was porno quality. the editing is very poor, shots are too long, the transition between CG and REAL alien is awful so much excessive movement.  THE PREDATOR does not move like a PREDATOR, predators are cool headed and agile, and they should stay that way even with bulky armor.   this clip was awful, if this is some of the best that AvP has to offer it will flop.
  37. hunterkiller
    You guys seriously need to stop being so firiggin' stubborn and open yourselves to new things. Its not Aliens and its not Predator. Its AVP and its going to kick so much ass there wont be any left to kick. I agree with AdamJZ. He knows what he's talkin' about.
  38. Predgirl aka Lavon
    Well G-Dog for my comment I ment is if its like in the book.  About seeing Alien its been years since I've seen it.  I mostly like the second one and sometimes see the other two only on TV.  Also, about the Predator there are different types of Predators and maybe Aliens just like us Humans everyone is different in shape, size, and form.  The Predators are not supposed to be the same as from 1&2 .  If anyone notices even though the same actor played both parts, but the two Predators were different in their own way.  In the first one that Predator just did what he had to for the hunt.  Then when Arnie was a challenge to beat then decides to fight him to hand to hand combat like warriors do.  The second one was going for the hunt until he saw Danny's character doing a warrior's way of defeating his enemy in the begin of the film.  So that Predator studied him to figure a way to fight him for a challenge.  By this he kills the people who are close to Danny's character except for the lady who was having the baby.  Which is dishonorable for killing an innocent.  So I thought to give an example about the Predators and yes I'm more of a Pred fan than Alien.  Don't get me wrong Aliens are cool, but maybe because I use to have nightmares when I was young.  This is just my thoughts because many people are comparing these young Predators to those of 1&2 which are totally different.
  39. HellAlien
    If ya guys that dont have the thing and that want to c it, just give me ya address, ill try to send it to ya.  Or ya can contact me on msn if ya have it. Its in windows format but its good quality.  Thanx to sandman for that.   So if ya guys r interested, let me know.
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