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New Website Poll For August

As a change, I’ll try and make a new poll every week for this month so for this week, I’m asking you if the PG13 rating has changed your opinion of AvP. Sure, Fox will get their profit from teenagers but what about the absence of spine-ripping and chestbursting that made Alien and Predator what they are today.

The results of the last poll:
AvP – PG13 or R Rating?
PG13 – 810 votes
R – 3554 votes
Total Votes: 4364

Still, that’s a lot of people who voted PG13 – perhaps even worrying. Also, when the film’s released on August 13th, I’m hoping a few people will write a detailed review of the film – good or bad, I don’t mind and then send it into me at the usual address so I can post it on the website. The AvP Movie pages have all been updated and I added a new page for the Paul Anderson Q&A from the Xtreme Desktop.

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  1. Little Psycho 303
    Ok to let every on 13 is just plan gay. you can name it any other way. It gets rid of the fun stuff that we like to see to let all the little retards that dont even know what an alien or predator is.   ???   And then Paul has to get rid of all the fun stuff like blood and heads getting ripped off so no one at the REVIEW Post office will give a bad review. Well listen up....NO ONE GIVES A CRAP!!!!! People who have wated for so long want to watch the movie for what it was ment to be!!! SO in the end i think it has to be rated R to let the aliens and Predators fight to there full bloody capacity. ...the end    Stay in the light......for demonds do waite for thouse who wonder.
  2. Variable
    First of all its good to have you back Real Pred. I was gone for a while and missed a bunch to but hear it goes. Its PG-13.    >:D   Sadly. More competions all for the U.S which isnt realy fair. We cont more concept art and movie stills that look very good. The running time is still a mystery. 1:27 has been floating around but we all highly doubt that. Weaver talks more on AVP and (suprise suprise) she is in no rush to see it. If you were gone longer than thta you will have to get someone else to fill you in.
  3. The Real Predator
    hello all, i am back at last, i have missed this site but ive been extremely busy. the movie is in excess of 2 hours, having said that, the movie i saw didnt nurture a PG-13 rating and so i wait to see if they have truely butchered the film. i live in hope however that they havent...   what is the other scandal can someone tell me as i have been away for quite some time. someone fill me in! lol  ill be back lateron tonight...  Forte Fortuna Adjuvat.....................-real pred
  4. HellAlien
    Well sentinel, this is nothing official yet, but we have to be prepared just in case ya know. It would be great if it was 2 hours, but it could be 1:30 mins as well so...  This wouldnt surprise me at all, with what fox has already done with this. Its all for money, shorter movie = more representation = more moneym = gettin to a sequel maybe. Its a kinda dumb move but its a dumb move that bring more cash in the vault for fox.   Anyway nothing is official yet but i just hope that they will do it 2 hours.
  5. Predgirl aka Lavon
    If the cinemark has the rating wrong then the time is wrong to. Don't worry I don't  believe those sties anyway.  batman are you sure your right about the time you heard.
  6. Variable
    God I hope not. The least it should be is an hour 45 minutes. I am hoping for a R dirctors cut. Saw two spots in two hours. One was the one everyone has seen. The second was one with the sound of a heart beat in the background with alot of new clips.
  7. philly193
    So what if ts' PG-13 even tough i've voted rated R don't boycott AVP it's is sitll going to be a box office hit and when it comes out on dvd they will have an R rated version
  8. batman
    plus, if anderson has dreamed of this movie for ten years, why wud he only make it 90 mins long? It don't make sense, and no matter how strict fox are they wud never restrict it to that short amount of time.
  9. batman
    paul anderson's films are known for having the thinnest characters ever and one of the alien/pred films great strengths is their great ensemble of characters.  A 90 min film is not long enough for character development for a film of this scale. I know the humans are relegated to third party in this but i would at least like to register a flicker of emotion when one of them kops it. I know i will for lance, just cos of aliens. For me, a 134 min film cud have a good hour of build up and character development then 60 mins of action. Plus for the Lex/Scar thing to work properly you would need at least 20-25 mins of film time dedicated to it, a bit like arnie's solo duel with the original predator.
  10. Bringer of Death
    134 mins , that aint to bad, i mean 2 hours and 14 min long flick is good for an alien or pred movie.Man aliens directors cut was like 145 mins so 134 isnt to to bad, but if they actualy made it an even 2 and a half hour film that would almost mike up for the pathetic rating.
  11. batman
    It can't be right. There's no way he cud fit in the entire story in 1 hr 27mins. Plus the book didn't even cover the flashback scenes. It's bollocks, probably the preview version.  I heard from a cinema projectionist that the booking sheets for august has AVP down at 134 minutes.
  12. batman
    It can't be right. There's no way he cud fit in the entire story in 1 hr 27mins. Plus the book didn't even cover the flashback scenes. It's bollocks, probably the preview version.  I heard from a cinema projectionist that the booking sheets for august has AVP down at 134 minutes.
  13. Cetanu
    You know what, if this is really 1 hr 27 min do you have any idea the lack of action that will be in this!? 45 minutes in the words of Paul Anderson is devoted to just character development, not one Pred or Alien will be seen during this time. That leaves how much time for the title bout of the century? Quite frankly, not nearly enough. This is very harrowing indeed. What's really annoying me is how he hasn't answered a single question that the fans of truly wanted. Why the movie was rated so low, and what the freaking length is. He's hiding, that's what he's doing. He doesn't have the guts to fess up and say, yeah, I screwed up, the movie's way too short and the rating way too low, I only pray that Cameron, Scott, or Spielberg is on board to direct the sequel, granted that the AvP is a flop.
  14. HellAlien
    Lol i hope that is not true, cuz that would be another nail in tha coffin.  I dont care of 13, gore, the dialogs, but i do care of the running time.  I dont want a 1.27 mins, its a bit short for a movie this caliber, just like JP3.   Ah anyway i will c that movie so, let it be. If they made it short then fine, they will make more money on that dvd that will come out.
  15. -=Daishi=-
    if running time really is 1.27 , two options  1 they cut the shit out of it and you'l have to wait to see the full eyecandy[ dir. cut ]  2it really is as short as a stupid teenmovie and anderson has to go in hiding for the next millenia cause somebody will skin him alive
  16. topman
    saying that Aliens would be a pg-13 now is pretty stupid!!! you know why BECAUSE ITS OUT WITH THE ALIEN QUADRILAGY BOX SET AND ALL OF THE MOVIES IS STILL RATED R (18 IN ENGLAND)   >:D  
  17. Cetanu
    Guys, I'm afraid I have some disturbing news. You know how over at Yahoo it says that AvP is just 1 hr and 27 min, well now that same length has popped up over at, I hope to God that this is not the running time, its way too damn short.
  18. -=Daishi=-
    ratings are lame..their sole purpose is to annoy us.. and if it really is waterd down to offscreen killing and screaming in the distance saying O wooptiedoodle..then by god, i shall burn down anderson's house and bomb those bastards at fox for killing an awsome concept..
  19. El Demonio Cazador
    I think the real reason behind the PG13 deal is that we're gonna see a "light" version of preds and aliens, that means no Skull or backbone rippings no headbites and no humans skinned hanging from their sucks because our beloved monsters are all watered down to "Jurassic park" kind of "monsters.... I don't think it has that much to do with language... and if so, that's really lame...
  20. -=Daishi=-
    I'm 17 dude.. I'm from netherlands..Nobody cares about ratings here anyway..It's given a rating and you just ignore it after that. Point being, what is it with americans and f**k and shit..They're just words, they don't mean crap. Everybody says it like 20 times a day, personally i think it adds to the realism.. Somewone saying wooptiedoodle when they'res a pred aiming his shoulder cannon at his face isn't exactly nice to watch... I miss Hudson and his M41
  21. El Demonio Cazador
    Daishi Easy there buddy... in the end it's just a movie... I mean P.A. screwed it up with the PG-13 but it's just a one needs to be shot or slashed or nothing like that... by the way, how old r u?
  22. -=Daishi=-
    f**k's just a name but it's all f**ked up... who cares about it anyway..damn censureship... do they actually think people don't know the learn it when you're like ten..hypocrites..
  23. Variable
    Well if you take out all of Bill Paxtons mother F****** lines and all the times he yells f**k this, it may very well have been PG-13 today. Im not saying I want it to be but when you look at the violence its not that bad compared to the other alien movies. Saw the new tv spot. It f**king great man. Only a few days boys.
  24. Predgirl aka Lavon
    If anyone notices I had to do something to my name because someone now is using my name.  Whoever its is please stop.  So no one will be confused with the imposter or whatever.
  25. Torch
    Wait a minute, so if Aliens was released today with NOTHING trimmed down you guys still think it would get a pg-13?  Think again fellas.  An R rating of 1986 is NOT equivalent to a pg-13 of 2004.  Anyways, it's good to see some people are catching some new footage on the tv spots.  I'll be sure to check it out whenever I can.
  26. Cetanu
    Hey guys, all of you who have seen the new TV spot with the running Queen, can ya'll enlighten me as to how her new look has turned out. Does she look even better than she did in Aliens? Also, I've heard from other posters here that there's another new TV spot out with brand new footage, according to them it has a kneeling Predator surrounded by two Aliens, another Predator staring then backing up, in fear? If this is true, what channel are you seeing these new TV spots on?
  27. Somebody
    Yes, Paul did say that the Predators and Aliens will appear only like 45 minutes into the film, but according to the book, the predators and aliens appear in the very beginnig....
  28. Cetanu
    I applaud you on that flonge, well said buddy, well said. See guys, like I said before, a PG-13 rating in 2004 is the equivalent of an R in 1979 and 1986, so dont flip out. The only thing I really want confirmation of is AvP's length. I really expect this thing to be 2 hours, anything less than that is pushing it, cause if Paul is being honest when he says that we wont see the creatures until 45 min into the film, then there better be at least another hour and a half of edge of your seat monster bashing!
  29. BKB
    I voted for PG-13 since anyone with an Iota of common sense knows this film will be R Rated with a PG-13 Rating tacked on for obvious reasons non-comprehndible to most people here.. So what if it's PG-13?? So what??? It's merely a great marketing ploy from FOX to put more butts in the seats and who wouldn't want that??? I just saw another TV Spot for this and I just can't Believe how good looking it looks.. WOW!! 11 Days and counting!!
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